A/N: Okay so I finally got my idea for this story. It hit me when I was looking at a picture from the movie and I just typed this up. Hope ya like it.

Stupid Billy. You didn't listen to me. I told you that my company would kill you.

"I told you."

You said that you wouldn't leave. That you wouldn't leave me alone. Wouldn't leave me to die. Leave me to suffer. I'm gone now.

"I told you."

I'm going where they won't find me. I can't do it. He'll lock me away in the tower. It's your fault Billy. All your fault. You never should've come into the shop. You cursed yourself that day.

And Alcock. I'll take him with me. I won't be all alone. I'll live. You wait and see Billy. I won't die. Well, then you won't see, will you?

I need a drink. So I'll get a drink and then I'm gone. Off to the slums. I'll be a doctor or something like that.

Screw the king. He only wants to fuck me over for his own use. Be his Shakespeare. I gave him a work of pure genius and what did he give me? Piss. That's what he gave me. Absolute bollocks. Interrupted my play and insulted me.

And you tried to save me Billy. You got me out of there. Lit it all of fire and took me away. Saved my neck probably. You're dead now though. It doesn't matter. I can't bring you back. No one can bring you back.

Why didn't you listen? You didn't listen to me when I said that you would die. You should have stayed away from me. I'm no good for anybody. I was good for Elizabeth. At one time.

I wish I was good for Lizzy. I'd make her my wife if I could. And maybe the king is right. Maybe I should finally do something for something. Maybe I can't be against everything.

But I'm not against everything. I liked you Billy. I would've stood up for you. And for Lizzy. She really is a great actress.

Look at me. Drunk and talking to a dead man. That's all you are now Billy. A dead man. Dead. And I was there. I saw it happen.

And I told you.

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