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"Come on Mum, you said you would tell me after we got back from Diagon and we are back." Said the 11 year old putting away her Hogwarts supplies. Looking back at her mother with a look that clearly said 'I'm just like my father, you know I'll get it out of you at some point.' "Alright, I'll tell you, but I just have to say it may take a bit." Said the woman sitting down pulling her long brunette hair away from her face. She realized she was sitting in her husbands' favorite chair ' It's been five months since he's been gone.' She shook her head to get rid of those thoughts. "Okay, come over here and sit down." She said motioning her child over and lifting her to her lap. "Now Ra, you have to realize that it was dark times for the wizarding world. Your father was a major asset in the was and helped me, Uncle Harry, Ron, Nev, and Draco get ready for when we would have to go against the worst of the worst, or best of the best depending on how you look at it. There had been many battles after your Uncles, Aunts and my Seventh year and were finally getting out and being a part of the war we had been growing up in." She paused to take a breath and a sip of her cream soda (some muggle habits just wouldn't die) "You father and I had known each other for a few years and Ron had hated him for longer than I had liked him. Harry though not exactly thrilled about it learned all he had to teach. After a year of training under some of the best witches and wizards, Voldemort made his move."

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