Changing the Past
by: veggie_5

Disclaimer: I don't own any of them... blah blah woof woof... (ha.. i don't even own that phrase) pathetic, isn't it? :)

Summary: Dark Angel/Roswell crossover. Logan's dying. Max goes to Roswell for help but ends up somewhere she never expected.

Category: m/l (x2) That means... max/logan and max/liz (note: it's not the same max) :)

Feedback: i'd love to hear what you think. i had a little trouble trying to put these two shows together since there's a gap in the timeline and the whole "pulse" thing... so hopefully it'll all work out and won't totally suck.. :)

Spoilers: I'm not exactly sure when this takes place for DA but it definitely happens after the End of the World for Roswell to some extent. I've messed around with the plot lines so don't freak on me. So i'm just warning you.

A/N: Okey, to make this less confusing i'll put the Roswell Max as MAX and DA's Max will just be Max... make sense? hopefully i'll remember that as i'm writing this.. :) Maybe we'll just call MAX "Evans" instead... hmm.. don't know... maybe i should use Maxie (does that sound weird?)

A/N2: Ack... i just checked and someone just posted a story similar to my idea... i, in no way mean to copy the idea... stink... should've posted this earlier... again... apologies to claudia.


Max dragged herself back in the Jam Pony. She was so tired just coming back from another hot run and was totally exhausted. She walked to her locker and rested her head on it. Sighing deeply.

"Hey, how's my Boo?" Original Cindy asked.

"You know what? I'm ready to just go back to the apartment and just collapse on my bed and lie there all night."

"No date with rich boyfriend?" Original Cindy raised her eyebrows.

"He's not..." Max started to say.

"Yah yah... whatever." Max just glared at her. "Look, Boo, you can say whatever you want. It still ain't gonna change the truth."

Max opened her mouth to reply when she heard her pager go off. "Gotta blaze."

Original Cindy just laughed as she watched Max run out of the Jam Pony. **When's that girl gonna admit it? She's got it bad for ol' rich boy.**


Max ran to the payphone and dialed the number that she knew by heart.

After 3 rings it finally picked up. "Look Logan, I'm really tired and stuff, so could this possibly wait till tomorrow cuz I'm ready to head back and just sleep the day away..."

"Max." The voice was soft and shaky.

"Bling? Where's Logan?" She could feel her whole body tense up. Max knew that something was wrong.

"Logan..." Bling couldn't continue. It hurt too much.

"I'm on my way. Hold on." She rushed towards her baby and practically flew to Logan's. The cold wind was cutting her skin but her only thoughts were that Logan was in trouble and she needed to be there for him.


When she swung the door opened she saw Bling hovering over Logan who was slumped over in his wheelchair by his desk. She ran to his side.

"What's wrong with him?" Her voice was trembling. She looked at the computer screen that was still on. It was an address of a doctor in Roswell, New Mexico. What on earth was he thinking? What could possibly be in Roswell? Logan started to mumble. "Logan." She whispered. "Please speak to me. What's in Roswell?"

"Max. Help me." His brow was covered in sweat and his face was flushed. Suddenly his eyes rolled back and his head fell to his side.

That did it! She had to help him. She couldn't stand the thought of losing the only man she loved. Yes. She loved him. But there was no time to think about the consequences of that. She had to save him before it was too late. She turned to Bling who was standing there helplessly.

"Bling, I gotta get him to Roswell."