... She probably would have continued to stare at him until he broke the silence.

"You're not human?"


"Like you are?" Max scoffed. Already back to being her defensive self. "Can you explain what on earth just happened?"

"What did you see?" MAX asked worriedly.

"Images. A little girl, a gun being fired... Look. I'd love to sit and chit chat but that's not the reason I came. My friend. He needs your help. He was researching your medical practices on the internet. You can save him. I know you can!"

"How can you be so sure?" MAX asked puzzled.

"Because. You're his only hope..." She pleaded.

This stranger, and a stranger who helped save their lives, had seemingly way too much confidence in his abilities. He was scared that he wouldn't be able to save her friend. "Where's your friend? Let's see what's wrong?"

"No!" Max screamed. "I know what's wrong already!"

Now MAX was confused but decided against voicing his thoughts.

"Logan recently had a blood transfusion. But his body is rejecting it. Please. There's no time for another transfusion..."

"Show me where he is." Max was up in an instant and rushing to the Aztec where Logan was slumped over in the passenger seat. Logan's face was deathly pale and he was unconscious. MAX took one look at him and knew that the only way he could save him was to use his powers. For a split second, MAX debated whether to reveal his 'gift' to a complete stranger. But after considering the fact that she had saved Liz and not to mention himself and the others he knew that it was the right thing to do. "Help me get him out of there!"

They transferred Logan gently to the ground. And without another thought, MAX placed his hand over Logan's heart. Max's eyes widened as she saw a strange glow from MAX'S hand.



Short chapter but the next chappie is the final chapter to this fic...