Bluff and Love

A/N: I decided to take this story to a different direction. It wouldn't be dependent on the plot of the Koreanovela 'My Girl.' I would just take a few ideas from it but most of what is written in here would be mine.

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Summary: Lying could be a piece of cake if you are already used into doing it. But, lying to someone that you love is another thing. It makes the situation harder to deal with. Care too see how Ms. Haruno Sakura pulls it off/ brings everything into ruins! SxS

Chapter 1: Introduction

There are two people who are completely unaware of each other's existence. These people are none other Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. They remained obliviously that both of them existed in this world until one day… Fate will bring them together.

And now everyone, this is where the story unfolds….

Uchiha Sasuke. Age 25. President of the Fyro Corporation. A certified heartthrob and a heartbreaker as well.

Well , this are some of the descriptions on how to describe Uchiha Sasuke in general.

At the age of 20, his parents, Uchiha Fugaku and Mikoto, made him president of the clan's corporation. Since then, he had been so busy managing the family business. He has been known as a certified workaholic and strict boss. He always wanted everything in apple pie order. His 3 main priorities in life are: First, his work. Second, himself. Lastly, his so called family.

By the way that it sounds, people could assume that he always have hind hands full and he doesn't have time for a love affair. Well, that is where people got it all wrong. He had once had a steady relationship with the tennis superstar Miku Miyazaki. Both of them came from well-to-do and respectable families. They seemed to be perfect with each other yet one thing always keep them apart: their careers. Miku was very much dedicated with her sport while Sasuke was stuck with his job. Neither of them are willing to give up whatever career they have for the sake of their relationship. In the end, they decided to end their 5-year long relationship.

After his failed relationship with Ms. Miyazaki, it was rumored that Uchiha Sasuke resorted to settle for an arranged marriage. This information was yet to be confirmed. Until then, people are to be left speculating about the matter.

Sasuke enters his office and he was being followed by his assistant. He sits on his chair before starting to listen to his assistant about today's schedule.

"You have a meeting with..." Mr. Tachibana begins to enumerate his important appointments.

Sasuke continues to listen and he tries to remember as much as he could.

Haruno Sakura. Age 23. A poor young girl with a full of debt man for a father. Her life mainly depended on her skills. That said skills are lying and running. She considered lying as her best form of offense while she thought of running away from trouble as her best offense.

"Aaaah!" Sakura screamed as she dashed away from her dad's creditors. " Leave me alone!" she shouted to them.

"Not a chance!" the multitude of people replied in unison.

Uh-oh. It looks like Sakura was in big trouble again. The creditors don't seem to be planning to give up on their chase. They wanted to find her father. They needed their money back. Even if it meant to chase the culprit's daughter around, they are willing to do so. All that they are concerned of was to get back what was borrowed from them.

The wild goose chase took longer than expected. Today, it took Sakura an hour and a half to get rid of these people. She was compelled to run at top speed; evade the people around her; dock when she came across some men that are carrying a couch and turn from one block to another in order for her to lose them.

Once Sakura made sure that the coast was clear, it was only then did she decided to take a break. She leaned her left hand on the elctrical post while she tried to catch her breath. After she had stabilized her body, it was only then did she began to go on her way. The difference this time was that she took pleasure of walking (instead of running) to her father's hiding place.

It was already dark when she reached her destination. As she drew near to the place, her eyes widened as she witnessed the scenery in front of her.

"Dad!" she screamed.

To be continued...

A/N: Cliffhanger! I decided to take this story to a different direction. I was able to devise my plot out of nowhere. I already know how to end it. I'm just wondering if I'll resort to an alternative ending in which you people are to decide.

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