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clap clap clap

The sound of sneakers on linoleum floor.

boom boom boom

Went Ponyboy's heart, beating loudly through his chest as he made his way down the main hall to the principal's office. He tried to put on a Greaser air of coolness, the I-don't-give-a-shit-about-going-to-the-principal's-office look, but he was sure everyone could hear his heart.

He had been told by his homeroom teacher that morning to go see Mr. Hanigan, aka Principal Hanigan, after school. For what reason he did not know.

Before he knew it, Ponyboy was standing in front of the principals door, already have been told by the secretary to "Go on in, the principal knows you're coming". He loooked at the door, looked at the handle, and slowly went to turn it.


The sound of a door with sticky hinges opening and throwing a 14 year old to his doom.

"You wanted to see me Mr. Hanigan?" Ponyboy didn't have to have a greaser attitude toward teachers...just other students.

"Yes, take a seat please."

Ponyboy took a seat in the office style chair across the desk from the Principal and waited. The seconds seemed to trickle by as the man across from him seemed to be studying a file of some kind. Ponyboy looked around the room. In contrast to the gray chair that that he was sitting on, Mr. Hanigan seemed to have a little bit of a taste in color. The walls of the office were a deep cherry red and the trim a midnight blue. The desk of course was brown...actually sort of mahogony. On the desk was a picture of a little girl playing with a puppy and another of a smiling woman with brown curly hair. Ponyboy guessed her to be his wife.

tick tick tick

Went a clock on the wall.

"Well Mr. Curtis...I called you here today because we need to talk."

Ponyboy looked up, surprised at the sudden declaration of the man's purpose. The principal went on.

"Your teachers tell me that you have been very sullen and quiet in classes lately. That you have been barely scrapping by with a B on homework and assignments, not your usual standard, and that you even skipped class last week."

Ponyboy went to speak but Mr. Hanigan held up his hand to pause him.

"Now I understand that you friend Mr. Cade died recently, that's why I haven't said anything to your brother Darry about it. I felt that soon you would get back on track but appearantly this is not so. So...starting tommorow I want you to start seeing the guidance counsler Ms. Johnston after school."

Damn Damn Damn

Went Ponyboy's brain.

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