The Truth About Goblin Kings and Jedi

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Chapter 8

"I suppose," Jareth stated as he put the sigel back around his neck, "that you would like to know just why those two were attacking me." "Hoggle told us." Luke replied. Mara nodded. "He said that overgrown worm was a bit jealous of your power and wanted to take over the kingdom," she added. Jareth shook his head. "There's more to it than that. Much more. I'm afraid that Hoggle only knows the basics. Sit down. This may be a long story."

The Goblin King and the two Jedi sat, Jareth on his throne, Luke and Mara on seats he had made appear with magic. "It all started a long time ago," Jareth started, "before you were born, Mara. That Sith witch's real name is Sardanna, and she is your mother's cousin. When Marissa and I married, Sardanna became very jealous of her cousin's new, much higher position as a queen, even if it is just of the goblins.

Sardanna was also Force sensitive. However, from her envy, hatred developed, and she was lead down the path of the dark side. She studied with my brother, though after he took on an apprentice of his own that wasn't her, she began studying in private. Over the years, she has grown more powerful, even at 63 years of age. Finally, about a year ago, she met up with Willum. He was Force sensitive, as well, and very angry with me. He wasn't just jealous of my power. Many generations ago, it was his family ruling the Labyrinth, not mine.

Last night, Sardanna managed to steal my sigel. She gave it to Willum, who had become Darth Wormy, and he used it to grow to the size he was when the two of you arrived." Jareth looked at his daughter and son-in-law as he finished, waiting for response. "Was it Sardanna that killed Mother?" Mara asked. Jareth nodded. "She did so shortly after you were born, hoping to get Samuel to notice her so she could take over Darth Vader's place as his second in command."


The week after the defeat of Sardanna and Willum was filled with celebration, partially because the kingdom had been saved, and partially for the coronation and official recognition throughout the courts of Mara as Jareth's daughter and princess and heir to the goblin throne.

Jareth continued to rule for many years, which allowed Mara and Luke to be free enough to face other enemies and defeat them, as well as to care for their son, Ben, who was born during the Yuzhan-Vong attack.

Jareth finally married Sarah shortly after Ben's birth, and while Mara had difficulty bonding with her step-mother, who was younger than she was, Ben took to Sarah as his grandmother immediately. Jareth and Sarah even had another daughter, Donnatella, Donna for short, and Mara doted heavily upon her baby sister.

Shortly after the war with the Vong, however, Jareth was hit with iron while he and Sarah were visiting Mara and Luke on Coruscant with baby Donna. He died, soon after, and Mara and Luke became the new King and Queen of the Goblins, alternatively ruling the Labyrinth and running the Praxeum on Yavin IV for the rest of their lives.

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