Destiny of a Shinobi

By: Lord Myst

Chapter 1

The Escape

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto; I only own any original characters

Summary: AU, Kyuubi contacts Naruto when he is still young, but what if Naruto saw the means for a better life on his own, and took it? Naruto/Kin No Yaoi.

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'Demon Thoughts'

A/N: Welcome to my second fic. It should be interesting for you all and I have some cool plot-twists up my sleeve and hopefully an improved writing style. This time around, it will be much more planned out, but probably slower updates due to making the chapters as bets as I can do. I hope you enjoy the fic. The pairings in this fic, are quite honestly, up in the air. It will be Het though, no matter what someone may say. Now, on with the story!

Today was a sunny day in Konoha. The birds were singing and the clouds were just right, milky white with a bit of fluff to them. Well, Shikamaru would claim that the clouds are not plentiful enough to cloud gaze, he found this troublesome. Civilians were out doing errands, gathering the dinner for the day and picking up their children from the day care conveniently located in the market district.

Ninja were out doing missions, or if an unlucky Genin named Iruka, doing boring D ranked missions that involved catching cats, gardening and other meaningless tasks. A certain Chuunin named Kurenai had just completed her first B ranked mission with utmost success. She was currently celebrating at the local dance club.

It was late in the afternoon or early evening as some would say. Others would say it's around dinner time, and one small boy is complementing on what happened today and what he should do. This boy was at the average height for his age, as he was 6 years old as of today. The date is October 10th, and it is this little boy's birthday. His blonde hair glistening in the sun, and his big blue eyes, showing happiness and giddiness are his main features. His whisker marks, a rather unique trait, is something he is easily identified by. The orange jumpsuit he was wearing although it left much to be desired for.

Naruto, as the boy was called, was thinking to himself 'what should I do with this cool and yet useful information?' 'Its so terrifying I can't even begin to imagine.' His thoughts shuddered at when he recalled what happened earlier today.


Naruto was walking along the crowded streets of Konoha. Today was his birthday and he knew it. He was out to celebrate, maybe get himself a nice toy. He also knew that today was the day that the Kyuubi was killed. For some reason, the citizens seemed to hate him a lot. He did not know why, but he knew that he would never submit to their hate. Showing emotions is a weakness that he learned to control and keep under tight raps.

Naruto spent time browsing shops, going unnoticed thanks to the scarf he decided to wear today. Luckily, today was a chilly day and required somewhat warmer cloths like a scarf. The scarf hid his whisker marks, which the leaf-nins used to identify Naruto. It was around lunch time and Naruto was eating some rice balls. 'Food tastes great, I love food, and it's the best' he was thinking to himself.

He looked back at his worn watch on his wrist and noticed the time was fifteen minutes past one. He decided to head out and get some new clothes. Luckily the Hokage had given him tons of money for him to spend for his birthday. He headed out to a store that was called Shinobi Style. He walked inside the shop and went up the nearest salesman.

"Sir," Naruto asked the man at the counter with a grin on his face. The unknown man looked at him. "I would like some clothes mister. I need them. My mommy gave me this money to use. I plan on being the best ninja ever!"

The salesmen eyed him for a moment, as if trying to figure out of this was genuine or not. He nodded and told Naruto, "My, that is a nice goal to work for young man." "Alright young sir, I will take you to the children's section. Right this way please." Naruto followed the man through isles and isles of clothes. He noticed all the colors and styles such as, fish-nets, cargos, mesh, and cotton as well as leather jackets were available. He noticed an entire wall dedicated to the standard Chuunin and Jounin vests. Most of the colors he saw were black. He decided that he would get mostly black clothes with some blues and reds.

They stopped at a sign titled Children's Section. "Young sir," began the salesmen. "This is the Children's Section," stated the salesmen. 'Well duh, it says that you baka-salesman, I can read you know.' thought Naruto to himself, as if it were the obvious. "Please select the clothing you would like to buy and bring them to me. I will then tell you the price, if you can afford it of course."

Naruto got a tad excited at this and went diving in the racks and isles of clothing. He literally swam around them like some little fish in the big blue pond. After doing that for around five minutes because of the annoyed look on the salesman, he decided to get to the picking of his clothing. He walked over to the racks and began to pluck cloths from them. He picked out three pairs of blue cargo pants, a black vest that was like the Chuunin ones and he also picked out picked out various undershirts in greens, blacks, blues and reds. 'One can never have enough colors, as long as they are dark.'

Naruto then noticed a small section with masks in them. 'With my whisker marks, I could definitely use one of those.' Naruto ran over to the masks, with his clothes being dragged across the ground. He picked out five black masks, just incase they got ripped or something.

Naruto waddled over to the salesmen and said, "Here's my choices sir, it was not very hard to pick them out in that fun pile of clothing!" The salesmen eyed the clothing for a second as if he was judging Naruto right this minute. "Alright then, this will cost you exactly 600 ryu. Because of your purchase, we will throw in two free black wrist guards." Said the salesmen, in a ridiculously over used business voice. "Yatta! I get free stuff, free stuff is always awesome!" The entire shop heard that particular statement.

Naruto took his clothing and headed out back into the Market District. He walked along the well beaten path until he arrived at his house, Apartment 2C, which was located on the second floor in the Poverty District. The said apartment building looked run down and in need of much repairs. Boards were used to cover up holes and graffiti was everywhere along the walls and fences. Guard dogs are a common thing to have in this ghetto like area. Luckily for Naruto, he was the only tenant in his humble abode.

He pulled out his key from his pocket and unlocked the door. Walking inside, he set his new clothes on the floor and went to his closest. The horror inside was the abnormal amount of orange jumpsuits. He immediately took all the orange jumpsuits, took them to his furnace and proceeded to throw them in there. 'Kami-sama, I hated those things. Why in the world did I even get them? They will do a better job providing heat for the next few days.'

Naruto put on his new clothing and looked in the mirror. 'Damn I look cool! I can't wait show off to the kids at the play ground. It is going to make me better than Sasuke for sure!' Naruto headed for the door and walked outside. He locked his door and proceeded down the road, unknowing that his life will be changed for ever.

-End Flashback-

The boy was swinging on a swing, thinking about what happened next. 'That certainly was the most exciting part of the day. I will never forget this birthday ever in my life. It is certainly the best I have ever had, even if I am only six years old. What happened after that though is something I never would have imagined.'


Naruto decided that now was a good time to prepare dinner, as his stomach begged him to do so with obnoxious growling sounds. So he walked out of his house, while looking the door and went down the stairs onto the empty, cruddy dirt road. He headed towards the Market District again looking for a nice restaurant to spoil himself in. He came along a well established place named Ichiraku Ramen.'Ramen sounds like a good idea, even though I have never had the stuff before.' He popped inside and went up to the counter. "Hey old man, I'd like an order of ramen please." "Alright young man, your order is coming up." Naruto sat around for about three minutes. When his ramen was done he began to eat it. 'Mm, this tastes good, but I like Rice balls better, plus I need to eat healthy to be a kick ass shinobi.'

After Naruto was done eating he left the building while thanking the old man and his daughter. What he saw outside was a sight that made him snicker at the foolishness of the civilians. They were pissed drunk. The party was getting quite big and out of control now as the entire town was celebrating the defeat of the dreaded demon, Kyuubi. People were also rude and down right mean to, thoroughly drunk from the copious amounts of sake that they have consumed. Naruto walked along the path dodging out of the way of two drunken young men. He assumed that they were in their 20's. One of the drunken fools noticed Naruto and stumbled on over to them.

"Hey kid," The drunk spoke in a very hoarse, drunken like voice. "You ever heard of a kid named Uzumaki Naruto?" At hearing this Naruto's mind went into overdrive. 'Should I tell him that that is me? Or should I not tell him? Decisions, how I hate to make tough decisions I think I will not to tell him it is me he is talking to, I might learn something cool.' "Yea, I have heard of him. Seems like a brat from what I have heard," Answered Naruto in a quite believing voice.

"You have? Good. You should avoid that brat for he carries something evil. It is being more evil then Hell and Satan himself." Spat out the drunk, like it was some sort of disease. "Oh? What does he carry old man." "He carries a great demon fox. It was said to be killed young man, but it was a lie." Told the drunk, in what was supposedly the best story telling voice he could come up with. "He carries the Kyuubi! Avoid him, despise him, for that makes him the demon, but do not speak of it, the Hokage forbids it. He loves the child, we the villagers and the ninja hate him. Monsters should not be allowed to be kept alive, they should be put down like the bastards that they are."

Naruto widen his eyes at this but recovered as quick as a 6 year old could, which is a tad slow. He put on the most believable scared look he could and answered back at the man with "He really does? That's so scary! Mommy will protect me, yes she will!" The drunk giggled stupidly at this and asked, "She will eh? Is she cute?" That got the drunken punched in the face by a 6 year old, which knocked him out. Said drunk when he woke up swore to never piss off a 6 year old ever again.

'I have the Kyuubi inside of me. Holy shit. This must be the reason why the villagers hate me. Hate is not a good place for me to grow up in. I need to leave, but how?' Naruto thought to himself for a moment, while walking to the park. The park offers peace and quiet for people to think, including Naruto. He walked up the swing and started to think on what happened today.

-End Flashback-

Naruto lightly pushed the swing to start a small swinging motion. 'What should I do now? I have reviewed everything that has happened of importance today.' Naruto put his fingers on his chin and rubbed it. This was a famous thinking position that he saw pothers using but he rarely used it himself. 'I wonder if I can contact the infamous Kyuubi inside of me. Is he even awake? I wonder what I could do to meet him.'

Naruto slowly got off the swing and headed back home. While walking, he thought about what he could do to meet the Kyuubi and he was hit with inspiration. 'The Kyuubi is inside of me, maybe I could meditate and enter my mind sort of speak. I could then maybe find the Kyuubi!' At this thought Naruto ran home as fast as he could.

Upon arriving at his door, he quickly unlocked his door with an odd afterthought. 'Why do we have locks in a village full of ninja? Kinda dumb thing to have if you ask me. It wouldn't be hard to sneak into someone's' house as a shinobi…baka-shinobis' He quickly went into the small living room and sat down on the rug on the old and quite moldy floor. He got into the lotus position and began to meditate in what he assumed was the correct mediation style.

He began to drift into a tranquil state, well he could have been falling asleep he mused, but he hoped it was a tranquil state. Eventually he found himself in a sewer. 'What the hell? A sewer? I do not have a sewer in my house damn it!' He mused for a second about this and came to a conclusion. 'Maybe I reached my mind, I should explore, although I should make my mind more pretty next time, a sewer… geesh.'

Naruto walked along the sewers, noting the dripping water and ugly interior. He planned to make this better if he could. He sincerely hoped he could, it was in bad need of an extreme makeover. He climbed down some stairs until came upon a giant cage with a piece of paper with the kanji for "seal" attached to it. 'This must be were the Kyuubi is.' He approached the gate and yelled out, "Hey furball! Get your furry red ass out here; I need to talk with you!"

"Who dares disturb my eternal slumber? Speak now you insignificant mortal! I don't have all damn day to talk with flesh bags." the load voice roared out. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto, and this flesh bag is going to need your help." Naruto watched as large fox appeared. He had nine tails with big blood red eyes; in fact everything about him was red. 'Damn, this fox really is obsessed with red. He needs to get some blues in him.'

The Kyuubi looked thoughtful for a moment and replied, "My jailor eh? So the flesh bag, you need my help? Why in Satan's name should I help a punitive monkey like you?"

"Because, if I die, you die, and I know you would hate to die. We both know I won't grow strong in this village. I need to leave. If I do not grow strong, than I will surly die on a mission, a pathetically easy one to." Naruto looked thoughtful for a minute. "We can't have that, can we?"

"Damn it flesh bag, you have a good point, even if I despise being blackmailed by the spawn of a bigger flesh bag," grumbled out the Kyuubi. "I guess I should help you in my survival and my survival depends on you." "I will grant you slightly increased eyesight and ears. It will be enough that you can see farther than others and ear about as good as those smelly ass dog people, the Inuzuka's." The Kyuubi thought for a second, as if he wished what he said was not true. "It will not cause you any pain unfortunately. I will be training you; I can't have MY flesh bag being killed by other retarded flesh bags. Plus I get to cause as much pain to use as I possible can. This is going to be so much fun, for me to watch that is."

"Sweet, I am going to be trained by the legendary Kyuubi no Kitsune, already known as the Furball, the fox with no opposable thumbs!" pointed out Naruto in such a childish yet intelligent remark. Kyuubi looked at his paws for a second, realized he was right with only having four fingers. "Curse you miniature flesh bag! I will not tolerate being insulted. For every insult you do, I will MAKE you run around this pathetic village twice." Naruto shuddered inside his mind at the thought of this as well as the empathized word, make.

"Well flesh bag, I decided to call you kit." Naruto looked up in confusion while asking, "Why should I be called kit? I'm not exactly a fox you know, you like to remain of that with the flesh bag jab." "Because kit, you are a little one and I protect you, even if it is reluctantly. Thus you are technically my kit. Every other human though is still a flesh bag in my giant book of hates." Naruto snickered at the thought of anyone trying to read the Kyuubi's giant book of hates.

"Now that is out of the way, training will start tomorrow, so get your ass out of here and get ready for the big day tomorrow." Naruto was immediately shoved out of his mind and back into reality.

'Well that was interesting. I should get some rest, big day tomorrow. I wonder what the Kyuubi has up his sleeve.' With that thought in mind, Naruto crawled into bed, while setting his alarm for 5 am. He went under the covers and fell asleep, thinking of the idea of getting out of this wretched village.

Naruto was the Kage of the village he founded, being loved by all with lots of chibi Narutos running around. His wife was just about to kiss him when…. BEEP.

"Bah, I was having such a good dream to, damn alarm clock. I won't miss that," Naruto grumbled out, while reaching to turn it off. Naruto walked over to his closest and pulled out his outfit. He proceeded to put it on when he realized that he had no idea how the Kyuubi was going to train him. 'Hah, it seems furball won't be able train me after all, what a lying son of a…' 'Baka, I can hear you.' Naruto was startled by the sudden appearance of Kyuubi's voice. 'If you keep thinking that I am a furball, I will make you run laps, remember? It'll be fun, so keep calling me that,' growled out the Kyuubi in the most sadistic voice that Naruto had ever heard.

'Uh… what I meant to say was… I mean…' stuttered out Naruto in weak voice. 'I do not want to hear your excuses that one of your monkeys made up.' 'Get your ass out to a training field, particularly one that is far away from the village. Find one that is in a forest,' ordered out the Kyuubi in the best drill sergeant voice he could muster, which was in Naruto's opinion, very damn good.

Naruto quickly got finished getting dressed and headed out the door. He locked the door on his way out and jumped over the ledge. Landing on his feet, he sprinted out to the nearest training ground he could think of. Arriving at the training ground, he was glad that no one was there. He sat down on a log and waited for the Kyuubi to tell him what he needs to do.

'Good, you are finally here, what took you so long kit?' Naruto grumbled at being chastised because he wasn't fast yet. 'Anyways, I assume the flesh bags have taught you all the hand seals already, right?' At seeing Naruto's nod, he started speaking again. 'Good, because you are going to practice them until I think your sealing speed is proficient.'

'What! How am I going to get my sealing speed fast? Stand here and go through them all repeatedly?' 'No, you are going to run around Konoha going through them repeatedly.' At hearing this, Naruto bugged his eyes out. "NANI! That is not fun!' 'I am also going to add some weight to your entire body. It is going to feel like everything is double what you currently weigh. So have fun kit and check back when you're done, I've got a surprise for you.'

"What the hell? This is not cool. I don't want the extra… umphff…" Naruto suddenly stopped speaking due to the fact that Kyuubi had just added the extra weight. This caused Naruto to drop to the ground as gravity forced him so. "Damn it. Mr. Furball of the Underworld here just couldn't make the weights a bit lighter." Naruto complained for about a minute until he finally was able to get up. "Alrighty than, I better head towards the wall and start running."

Naruto trudged towards the wall, eventually getting used to the weights. He greeted the Chuunin guard, who looked a bit drunk. 'Tsk, idiot Chuunin is gonna get in major trouble today.' Naruto began to run while practicing his seals. 'Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Serpent, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Bird, Dog, Boar.' He repeated this mantra for hours in his head, running as fast as he could around Konoha. On his 10th lap, he started to tire out. On his 12th, he was completely worn out and collapsed on the wall. Panting, Naruto began to stumble down the stairs and back towards the training area. He lazily checked his watch and noticed it was only 7 am.

'Nani! I thought I had been running way longer than that.' Little did he know that his alarm on his clock was broken and he actually woke up at 4 a.m. Once Naruto arrived at the training area, he tried to contact the Kyuubi. 'Right, how do I contact furballs? I looked in the phone book, but his number was not listed.' 'Baka-kit, all you need do, is direct a thought at me. I am really going to have to up your IQ while you sleep. That is a bonus you will be getting. When you go to bed tonight I will work on increasing your IQ, so you are at least much smarter then the average flesh bag.' Kyuubi said this in an interesting evil like voice.

'Well, that sounds like a good deal, but what else, I can hear the evil laughter in your voice,' pointed out Naruto, while making a funny face as if it would offend Kyuubi. 'Oh but you see, I do, I want you to repeat this sequence of seals and say Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Kitsune.' 'Why should I do that?' Naruto was a bit suspicious but did not voice out his opinion. 'Just do it you pile of meat, otherwise I will eat your children!'

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, did the correct hand seals and called out, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Kitsune." A puff of smoke appeared a quite small one in fact. When the smoke cleared, a small fox was present there. Naruto blinked, and blinked again.

"What the hell is this? This thing, it's so small, what is the point of it," complained Naruto loudly, not aware the fox looked up at him. "Foolish mortal, it is I the great Kyuubi no Kitsune!" yipped the fox, with a small childish voice, trying to be evil. Naruto just stared, sweat-dropped and started to laugh real hard. "Holy hell, you're tiny! HAHAHAHA. This just made my day. This is the great Kyuubi no Kitsune, the tiny ass puffball of cuteness and love."

"I am not cute, nor am I cuddly and loveable. I am the great demon of lore, killing everything in my path!" The Kyuubi paused, realizing that his voice did not sound evil. "I never said you were cuddly. I just outsmarted you, baka-kitsune." Naruto went into a fit of laughed and pointed at the Kyuubi, calling him chibi.

"Enough! Stop laughing now kit or you will never make it out of this village." Naruto immediately stopped laughing at this, straightened his shoulders and looked down at the fox. "Let me explain. I am a summon creature, and I will disappear when I run out a chakra, which won't happen until dinner time. This is sadly my permanent form; I won't grow any bigger so I can kill more bags of meat with flesh attached to them.

"Good, your goal, is to basically, beat me at hide-n-seek. You hide and I try and find you. Your goal is to get to this tree, without being caught." The Kyuubi looked at Naruto like a ravage animal. "Good Luck, have fun, do die." The Kyuubi turned around and began counting. Naruto sprinted into the forest and hid inside a hollow tree. "Ready or not, here I come, kukuku." Naruto kept his eyes and ears peeled, waiting for the Kyuubi to find him. He gradually leapt from tree to tree, trying to keep himself from being caught in the winds direction. He kept himself in the dark, minimized movement as much as he could.

He was nearing the clearing, almost slipping on a few branches, when suddenly; he was tackled to the ground by Kyuubi. "Heh, you will have to do better then that kit."

This kind of game continued for one week. Naruto also practiced kunai and shuriken throwing. Kyuubi would force him to practice this at night. He kept ranting that the kunai could be used to end fights quickly, without have to waste energy. He would run in the morning, practicing his hand seals. He also learned how to climb trees using chakra. This caused for some laughs to the Kyuubi because he got to watch Naruto fall on his ass the first time he tried to walk up the tree. Kyuubi only taught him one jutsu, which was Ninpou: Kajou Chouin (Ninja Arts, Item Sealing). This jutsu would seal items inside a scroll, so Naruto could travel much easier. Naruto saw the usefulness in this jutsu for going on trips and missions. To release the items, all he had to do was form the hand seals and say Kai.

He played hide-n-seek with Kyuubi everyday, and did not win until the last day, October 17th. This was a small victory for Naruto and a good thing because he now knew that he was increasing in strength, stealth and speed. Today was the day when the merchants were getting ready to leave from the Kyuubi festival.

Naruto was walking home from the store after picking up some kunai and shuriken when he heard some merchants talking. "Hey Kenji, we will be eating out on our little caravan in 4 hours to Kirigakure, we need to get the supplies ready." "Yea, I know Hikuijin. The grunts of our little business are currently getting them. We set out at noon." Naruto heard all he needed to. 'This is your chance to leave, take it now. You will be better of in another ninja village,' replied the Kyuubi in an order issuing voice. Naruto nodded his head and rushed on home to pack his bag with belongings. He was going to become a stowaway. Once he finished packing his cloths, some food and water as well as ninja supplies. He grabbed a piece of paper and began to write to the Hokage

Dear Hokage-sama,

I am going away, and I will not be coming back. Hopefully the village will be happier without me. I am leaving on my own, I think it is for the best that I do. Good luck in the future old-man and come chuunin exams, you may see me again.

Uzumaki Naruto

Satisfied with the letter, he headed back to where the caravan was. Once he arrived, he went under the only Genjutsu that he knew, Henge (Transform). He changed himself into an innocence looking bystander. He snuck into the caravan, which had boxes and crates littered about. He stuck his pack into an empty crate and changed into a crate himself. The caravan started to move and Naruto heard the gates of Konoha open. He felt the jerk of a small speed increase and the closing of the gates. His lost thought before he left Konoha was 'I wonder where I will end up; I hope it is a great place, this is the beginning of my new and improved life.'

Once the gates were closed, Naruto canceled the henge. He deemed it safe to be this why while the caravan was moving. Knowing that this trip was most likely going to be a bit boring, he actually brought some books with him. 'I can't believe I am actually going to read books, urrgh what in the world got over me?'Naruto mused this to himself for a while but finally cracked open the book. The book was titled Shinobi Wars, and it was a recap of all the wars recording in shinobi history as well as tactics one can use during war time. Naruto flipped the page to number and read:

Dear Reader,

Thank you for purchasing this book. I may suggest although that you practice the games of Go or Chess with a friend before reading this book. Those games help the mind develop fast and slow decision making skills, which are needed to understand this book.


Nara Shiurma

Naruto pondered this for a whole five seconds, he knew exactly who he was going to challenge in Go. 'Oh furball, come out come out wherever you are.' 'We are going to play some Go in our mind, won't this be fun?' 'Why does Kami-sama hate me so… oh yea forgot, I'm a demon.' Kyuubi thought to him self for a second, now realizing that his trip won't be so boring after all. 'Alright kid, we will play Go, but be afraid, very afraid, for I will kick your ass at this.' Naruto looked a bit riffled at someone actually saying that his as is going to be so called kicked. 'Hah! I know I'm smarter than you are. You are just like a teddy bear, ready to be cuddled by a 4 year old girl, who slobbers all over you. I'm going to beat the crap outta you!' Naruto looked proud out this insult, thinking it's the best thing ever. "Kit, that was pathetic. Try using this line, "why don't you go blow your brains out, you've got nothing to lose." That kit is the proper way to insult someone, remember that and remember it well."

Much bickering went on when these two played Go. Kyuubi pretty much kicked Naruto's ass, constantly. Naruto though, knew he was improving. At first he was getting his behind handed to him in two minutes, but eventually it grew to five minutes then even ten minutes. 'Kit, you suck at this game. I am going to beat strategy into your brain if it's the last thing I do.' 'Feh, well I will get better, gonna need it as a shinobi.'

Naruto felt the caravan suddenly stop. Quickly forming the hand seals for henge, he changed back into the crate in the far corner. While as a crate he thought to himself. 'It has not even been a day yet, why would we be stopping any time soon.' That's when Naruto heard a roaring sound, as a battle cry. He quickly de-henged and looked outside. What he saw, was not a site a six year old should be seeing.

Bodies were scattered everywhere. He looked up and saw bandits attacking the guards to this caravan and sadly they were winning. He watched as their fists met in fury, defending each others life.

Naruto watched as the green haired man went for an uppercut on the bandit. The bandit dodged rapidly, with dust flying everywhere. He then unsheathed his black katana and swiftly went in for a low chop for the legs. The trader jumped, kicked the bandit in the face which sent that particular bandit to the ground to eat dust. Unfortunately for that trader, another bandit snuck up behind him. Using the axe in his hand, he went for a deadly strike horizontally. The trader did not even notice, as his torso was detached from his body. Blood splattered everywhere as the man screamed in agony for a second, and he died instantly.

Naruto was scared, and he knew it. He just witnessed his first murder and he had no idea what to do. He was trembling inside, afraid of being caught. Sadly for Naruto, the bandit turned around and saw him. With bloodlust evident in the eyes of the bandit, he charged at the kid. Naruto's eyes widen, he was frozen in fear. He knew he was going to die. He just about closed his eyes when the Kyuubi yelled in his mind. 'KIT! Snap out of it! Get your ass to your kunai pouch and kill that bandit. You are going to die if you don't, and you can't die now!'

Kyuubi's voice snapped Naruto out of the frozen fear. Naruto got into his fighting stance at a quick pace, faster than the poor bandit could see. He quickly went for a kunai and brought it out like a pro. The bandit was closing in and quite fast, not realizing the kid had a weapon. Without even thinking of the repercussions, Naruto threw the kunai with deadly accuracy. He silently thanked the Kyuubi for ruthlessly training him in kunai and shuriken throwing.

The kunai whizzed through the air with high speeds and lodged itself in the bandit's throat. This caused blood to spew from his throat and the bandit clutched his throat. Blood went everywhere, sprawling all over the ground and getting on Narutos face. He fell over on the ground and slowly died a painful and gruesome death.

Naruto just stared at the dead body. The dead body… the death of a human, caused by him. At age six, Uzumaki Naruto had taken his first life. 'W-w-what have I done! I've killed, this… isn't good. I can't kill yet, it is just not right, it's not human.' 'Damn it kit! Get your ass out from angsty-lane. This is no time to pout and cry because of your first kill. You gotta get out of here and fast. You can angst all you when you get to the destination.' 'You're…' Naruto paused for a moment. 'Right as usual…' Naruto sniffed up his tears of sadness and wiped off the blood spatter on his face. Naruto jumped back into the wagon he was riding to gather his things.

When he jumped back into the wagon, the bandits started setting fire to the wagons ahead of the one Naruto was in. The carnage of the dead bodies of the traders and merchants were littered everywhere. Blood was all over the place; making it seem like a blood bath. The bandits were burning the bodies by gathering them up and tossing them into the abyss that is fire. This caused the horses that pulled Naruto's wagon to scare. They bolted off into the southwest direction, to avoid the burning and the slaughter of themselves.

At the sudden jolt of movement, Naruto fell backwards, hit his head, which knocked him unconscious.

When Naruto woke up, the first thing he noticed was the heat, and the second thing he noticed was that he was not moving... 'Holy hell, it's freakin hot.' 'Kit, Hell is not holy, it is most certainly unholy. I have been there I would know.' Naruto disregarded the sarcasm comming from Kyuubi. He poked his head out of the wagon. Momentarily blinded by the brightness, he rubbed his eyes. Once the eyes got used to the light the first thing he noticed was sand. A lot of sand. Sand in every direction he could look.

"This does not seem like Kirigakure and the Water country to me," said Naruto to himself. 'No shit Sherlock, which was easily the most obvious thing in the world.' 'Shut your pie hole Kyuubi, we need to find a village and fast.' Naruto turned around behind and he noticed a wall. This was a very big wall, with a gate attached to it. 'How the hell did I not see this!' Naruto sighed to himself. He realized that this was only an escape gate and not one he could enter in.

He went back inside the wagon and took everything he could. He found a crate full of yen, which he planned to use to rent out an apartment in this village. He also found a crate full of clothing. He decided to take these two things. He took out some scrolls and placed them on the ground. Naruto did some hand seals, and called out Ninpou: Kajou Chouin (Ninja Arts, Item Sealing). This caused the items to be sealed inside the scrolls. This is something Kyuubi taught him, earlier this week.

Naruto bagged the scrolls and walked outside. He noted that the horses were both dead. 'A shame, I was hoping to ride one.' The Kyuubi had different thoughts although. 'A shame, I was hoping to eat one.' 'Damn it furball, that is disgusting, how can you eat horse!' 'Because it tastes good brat. You pile of flesh bags don't understand the tastiness of a horse, you monkeys should try them. They are good.' 'That is disturbing. Just disturbing.' Naruto sweat dropped and the thoughts Kyuubi had on eating horses.

Naruto headed along the wall, noting the smell of water. 'This seems like a port city, which is a good thing. Gonna need fresh water.' Naruto walked along the wall, until he reached the main gate. It had an obvious path going right up to it. Naruto decided to use the scared child routine to get in. Naruto walked up the guard at the gate.

"Sir, I would like to enter this village. I need a home. Mine got burned down by bandits, please help me," whimpered Naruto in a fake voice, hoping to get in. The guard looked down at the young boy. The guard looked thoughtful for a moment, but he realized the strong chakra signature around the boy. 'Mm, he could grow up to be strong. I should let him in. Strong shinobi are in dire need here.' "Alright kid, you can go on. I will escort you to Kazekage-sama right away to get you registered as a citizin, and enter you into the Ninja Academy." The guard, stopped for a moment, and looked back at the kid. He added in an after thought. "Welcome to Sunagakure, kid."

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