Destiny of a Shinobi

By: Lord Myst

Chapter 4


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Naruto was a happy person. He had just gotten his team photo taken and it was currently placed in the picture frame on his nightstand. Genma was standing in the back with a big grin on his face. He had put his hand on Gaara and ruffled his hair. Gaara looked fairly annoyed and just a small twitch of the lips to show any emotion. He had his arms crossed across his chest.

Yasumi was on the right side of the photo, with a small shy smile. She had her finger pointing at her headband though, showing she was proud that she had become a shinobi. In the middle of the photo was himself. He had as wide as grin as sensei had. He was giving the camera a thumb up sign to it.

Naruto smiled to himself while looking at the picture. His first group of real friends. While in Konoha, he had no friends. Everyone hated him. He never really understood why until that day, his birthday at age 6. A few tears fell onto the bed that he was sitting on.

In Suna, he had only made one friend, Gaara. The people here hated and feared Gaara, thus they hated him for being near him. Ninja did not hate him as ninja were a lot more sensible than that of the villagers.

Naruto put on a brief smile, before falling into a deep sleep, dreaming about tomorrow and his new carrier as a shinobi.

Early in the morning, Naruto had wandered over to training area 8. He wanted to be early. Naruto jumped up a tree in the oddly green training area. He always wondered why there was an oasis this close to the sea.

Naruto waited for about 5 minutes before his first teammate showed up. Yasumi was walking down the road, humming some sort of a tune to her self. 'Completely oblivious to her surroundings is a not a good thing' thought Naruto. 'Oblivious things are so much easier to kill, but much less fun.' 'Do you enjoy killing fuzzy?' 'No shit. It's the best thing in the world. Killing is like sex, only better!' Naruto immediately tuned out the fox, not wanting to hear about the fox's sexual encounters.

Naruto jumped down from the tree to greet Yasumi. What this actually caused was Yasumi shrieking at Naruto's sudden appearance. Naruto just started at her with a look that clearly read: Are you a ninja or not?

Yasumi yelled at Naruto, "Why the hell did you scare me like that! That was mean!" This just caused Naruto to sweat drop and say, "You are a ninja. Surprises should not scare you. Be prepared for anything."

Yasumi looked at him kinda funny, as if Naruto was the odd one for being so paranoid. Naruto walked away, waiting for Gaara to show up. He hoped he could spar him today. He was getting sick and tired of getting his ass handed to him by Gaara.

Right when he thought this, Gaara had shown up. Gaara had teleported in using sand, making it swirl all around him. "Oi Gaara, how come you can do that cool jutsu and I can't?" asked Naruto. Gaara looked straight at Naruto and said, "You're not sandy enough." Naruto just got a confused on his face. This only lasted for second though, because a dozen kunai had been thrown at him and his teammates.

Naruto had brought out his sword and deflected all of the kunai. He silently waited for the next sign of danger while eying his teammates. Gaara had just simply stood there like an idiot that some would say, but sand had automatically been summoned up and blocked the kunai in their projected paths.

Yasumi on the other hand was having some trouble. She pulled out a kunai, ready to try and deflect them when Gaara had burst his sand ahead and blocked the kunai for her. She turned around and looked at the stone faced kid and listen as he said, "What are teammates for?" Yasumi smiled slightly at him.

Naruto sighed in relief that Gaara had blocked thus kunai for her. She was not skilled enough to attempt to block them her own. Naruto turned around and looked at the tree. He spoke to the tree and said, "Genma-sensei, come on out. I know your there."

At this, Genma jumped out of the tree and landed in front of his sensei. He looked down at his team and said, "Good job with the teamwork Gaara. Always depend on your teammates. Remember, teammates first, then the mission. Always put the safety of your teammates before the success of the mission."

Once the three genin soaked this up he then spoke again, "Now its time to have some fun! We are going to learn a new jutsu today. Everybody loves new jutsus, don't they?" Naruto grinned at him, eager to learn another jutsu. Gaara just smirked at sensei, while Yasumi shrieked at finally learning something useful.

"Alright kids, the jutsu is called Suna Bunshin no Jutsu. This jutsu creates clones of the caster of the jutsu from sand. This clone is capable of attacking. However, when it is attacked and hit, it doesn't disappear. This makes it one of the most powerful and advanced types of the Bunshin. But it's useless as a decoy because it takes on the appearance and color of sand," he explained to the genin.

Gaara just looked at the man for a second and simply said, "Suna Bunshin no Jutsu" while raising his hand into a seal. This caused around ten sand clones to appear around Gaara and they just stared at Genma.

Genma was startled that he had gotten this jutsu so fast. He didn't even use the proper hand seals. "Hey kid, how did you do that jutsu without the proper hand seals?" Gaara continued to look at him and said, "I don't need the proper hand seals to do any jutsu that requires sand." Genma just started at him, he had never heard of that before.

Slightly coughing at the hard jutsu being mastered so quickly, he turned and looked at Naruto and Yasumi. "Alrighty then, the hand seals for this are simply ram, monkey and snake. Please attempt the jutsu."

Yasumi went through the hand seals and called out, "Suna Bunshin no Jutsu." This caused for a single clone to materialize in front of her. "YAY! I did it! I did a new jutsu!"

Genma looked over at her and said, "What the hell? Only one clone? Do you do any chakra training exercises?" Yasumi looked ashamed at this. "We will address this later."

Genma looked over at Naruto and wondered why he did not have a clone. Naruto did the seals and called out, "Suna Bunshin no Jutsu." Nothing happened. "God damn it! Why is this awesome jutsu not working!" 'Hey kid, you can't do sand jutsus either. I should have told you this earlier. But since Shukaku over there is the sand nut, it made me unable to do anything sand related. That has sadly transferred to you.' 'Damn it, this is not cool. Bah. Does he have any weaknesses like this?' 'Yeah, the fat ass raccoon can't perform fire jutsus, water jutsu or earth jutsus. He's stuck doing the other, wimpy ones. Since I have the cool jutsus.'

Naruto just sweat dropped at the Kyuubi's insane ego. Naruto looked over at his sensei and said, "Err, sensei I am unable to do sand jutsus. Could you perhaps give me another Bunshin jutsu for me to do?" Genma looked at him kinda funny, wondering why in the seven's hells that he could not do sand jutsus sand said, "Uh… sure kid. How about the Mizu Bunshin…" "No not that one!"

Genma sweat dropped when he got interrupted. He thought for a second and came up with the perfect clone jutsu for him. "Alright kid, I got the most useful Bunshin for someone like you. You seem to favor the using a sword and using ninjutsu. So I am going to give you one of Suna's Kinjutsu." Naruto widen his eyes at the thought of getting a forbidden jutsu.

"The reason that this jutsu is forbidden is because the amount of chakra needed to make them are way too much for even the average jounin. You are lucky that your chakra reserves are basically Kage level. I am going to write it down on a scroll for you," said Genma. Genma toke out a scroll and began scratching on it. After 20 seconds he handed it over to Naruto.

Naruto eagerly opened it up and read, "Kaze Bunshin no Jutsu (Wind Clone Technique). This jutsus creates a clone that is literally made out of air. This causes the clone to be around twenty-five percent faster than a shadow clone from Konoha, but half as strong. They take a lot of chakra to create because it requires the user to compress air inside a body. Once the Bunshin is hit, the clone will vanish. The seals for this jutsu are monkey, ram and dog."

Naruto burned the scroll right away with a small fire jutsu and said, "Kaze Bunshin no Jutsu." A massive spike of chakra blasted around the area and around 30 clones were all around Naruto. Naruto grinned from ear to ear and made 5 of his clones get into hiding positions while the other clones ran circles around their sensei.

Genma had turned around to talk with Yasumi and Gaara when he noticed a crap load of blurs circling him. He turned around and looked at Naruto saying, "Well done kid. Now dispel these clones, its time to learn about all of your individual training routines."

Naruto dispelled the clones running circles around his sensei. He walked over to his teammates and sat down with them, around a circle.

"Alright kids, I think its time to understand what you guys do for training." Genma-sensei looked over at Gaara and said, "Now Gaara, tell me, what do you do for your training?"

Gaara looked thoughtful and said, "I go to my father to find a ninja who is not busy to throw weapons at me. I then block them with my sand. I go out in the desert and increase my speed on using sand as my offense and defense. As for genjutsu and taijutsu, I do not use them. If someone can break through my shield, I use my impressive speed that I have trained running many laps around the city. I do not have many jutsus though."

Genma looked thoughtful and said, "Well then, I will give you a scroll with a few jutsus for you to master in a couple of minutes. Also Gaara, try and have some fun with your teammates to. Fun is important." Gaara nodded and caught the scroll that his sensei threw at him. He then asked, "What is fun?" All three ninja sweat dropped. "Just be with your friends Gaara that is fun," said Genma.

"Now Naruto, what do you do?" asked Genma-sensei. Naruto looked his sensei and said, "I wake up and practice my taijutsu and its katas as well as my kenjutsu. After this I run laps on the wall of the village. I have no idea how many laps I run. After this I go to a training area and maybe learn a new jutsu. If not, I just practice and perfect my old ones. Once this is done I go into the village and have some fun with the locals. Eating food and just chatting with others at the non-alcoholic tavern."

"Good Naruto, I am going to give you a scroll on chakra control and a single new jutsu. I see that you have a hard time with chakra control. As with the 30 clones that you created with that new jutsu." At seeing the quizzical look on his student's face and replied, "Yes I saw the 5 bunshins you have hidden in the surrounded area to spy. Good idea, just work on your hiding skills," replied Genma. Naruto had the decency to blush.

"Now Yasumi, what do you do to train?" Yasumi looked a bit startled at the fact that her two teammates trained like nutters. She looked at her sensei and said, "Well I just run in the mornings and work on my hand sealing speed. Other than that, nothing." Genma sweat dropped at this.

"Well Yasumi, since I gave the other two scrolls I am going to teach you personally." Both Naruto and Gaara glared at their sensei for the obvious favoritism going on. Genma noticed the looks and said, "Look she is way behind you guys. That is why I need to train her personally. Okay?" Both Naruto and Gaara accepted this reason. "Also you guys, double your training routines. I know you two are using weights. Double everything up." Naruto just give him a complete wide eyed stare while Gaara released a bit of killer intent to show his annoyance.

"Is there anything in particular that you want to learn Yasumi?" asked Genma. Yasumi looked thoughtful for a moment and answered, "Well It would be cool to fight with a weapon that is different from Naruto. Using puppets might be cool, and well I have always had a thing for water jutsus."

Genma shivered internally at the thought of having her learn how to fight with puppets. "Well then, I have an idea on what weapon to teach you. My good friend uses this weapon and it's a Suna specialty. As for puppets, I only know the basics which I can teach you. Never rely on puppets totally. As for water jutsus, later today I shall teach you one or two." Genma paused for a moment to let her take it all in. He then began to speak again, "Is this okay?"

Yasumi looked happy at finally learning something and said quite loudly, "YES! I would love that! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Genma smiled and told his team, "We will get a mission soon, until tomorrow. Team dismissed! Yasumi stay behind." Yasumi and Genma watched both Naruto and Gaara running away to the east side of the village.

"Now, it is time to train young one."

Gaara had gone to the western gate carrying the scroll that Genma-sensei had given him. Approaching the gate, he pulled out his pass to leave Sunagakure when ever he felt like training. He showed his pass to the guards and took off on full blast to find his training spot.

While running, he had a talk with the Shukaku. 'Shukaku, when will I be able to use your chakra?' 'Never! Hehe. You get my sand controlling power. You can only get my eyes when pissed off. My eyes don't do anything except scare people. Now that I gave you this information, build me a sand castle! Or I will take away my sand powers!'

Gaara widen his eyes slightly. Once arriving at his training spot, this consisted of a large canyon with a scorpion nest inside. He usually trained right above it. He sat on the sand and actually built a small sand castle, in fear of losing his fighting ability. Inside his mind, the Shukaku laughed with glee and mirth.

Once Gaara was done with that embarrassing moment, he opened up the scroll and proceeded to read it.

Gaara, these jutsus are for you:

Suna no Yoroi (Armor of Sand): This jutsu creates a thin layer of hard, protective sand that encloses around the entire body with the use of chakra. This technique uses up a lot of chakra. This sand armor can be shattered though. The hand seals for this are not needed, as it is activated by chakra manipulation.

I figured this would be a good jutsu to start with Gaara because of your tenant. He would be able to supply the constant chakra flow to the sand to help keep it up.

Gaara slightly smiled at his sensei's remark and read the next jutsu.

Suna Shuriken: This jutsu creates shuriken made of sand and fires at the enemy. The hand seals for this jutsu are Ox, Snake and Ram.

You should like this jutsus Gaara; it's not even a jutsu I could use. It requires sand control like of the variety that you have. Have fun learning these techniques.

Gaara smirked to himself and pointed his hands down. Calling up the sand he started to focus it around his body. Once the required amount was there, he called out, "Suna no Yoroi!" This caused the Sand to immediately tighten around him and take his appearance. The two vulnerable spots were his eyes and mouth.

Gaara opened his eyes and began to walk around, to get used to this armor. 'This… feels weird. I can feel the sand on me. I hope I get used to it soon, it freakin itches!' 'Quit complaining and go make more sand castles!' 'Shut up, Shukaku, SHUT UP!' 'Humph, fine!'

After around twenty minutes of walking and running around, he got used to armor of sand. Walking back over to the canyon, he jumped down the side of wall and went to the bottom. What this caused was hundreds of scorpions to charge out to find the thing that disturbed their home.

Finding Gaara, they charged at them with oddly fast speed. Gaara just stood there. He raised his arm and said, "Suna Shuriken!" Around a dozen shuriken formed charged at the enemy. Gaara watched in interest as a couple dozen scorpions were cut in various places, causing instant death to the scorpions.

Gaara smirked in success that he had managed to complete this jutsu so fast. Gaara eyed the scorpions charged in at blinding speeds. He waved his hands around in circles and brought sand up to protect him. 'I really need to find something to carry sand with me to attack, luckily the shield is automatic. It summons sand.'

The scorpions charged into to attack but the only thing they met was sand automatically protection them. Gaara looked thoughtful and actually started doing hand seals. Once this was complete, he called out, "Suna Shigure (Sand Drizzle)." This caused sand to rain from the sky and dropping itself on the hard rock of the canyon, covering it with sand.

Again, Gaara went through another large set of hand seals and called out, "Ryusa Bakuryu (Quicksand in the Style of a Waterfall)." This caused a humongous wave of sand to wash over all the scorpions, drowning them beneath it. Gaara knew that they would get out though; they are not desert creatures for nothing.

Jumping up the canyon with amazing height, he landed on his feet and took a speedy sprint back towards Sunagakure. It only took him 20 minutes to return back. Once near his home, he went inside and saw his sister eating dinner. "Temari, Welcome home. How was your mission?" Temari looked over at her little brother saying, "Well little bro, it was a blast! I got to use my awesome fan to blow the enemies away that tried to attack the caravan I was guarding." Gaara just stared at his sister, slightly twitching at her obsession over fans.

"That's good Temari, I am going to bed, and have a nice day." He walked towards his room and looked back at his sister, "Please greet Kankuro for me if he comes back from his first mission as a chuunin. Cocky bastard probably has something to brag about." His sister nodded with a slight smirk and then watched him walk into his room.

Naruto had made a mad dash for the nearest training area. He sat down on a log near by and opened up his scroll. To his dismay, he only found one jutsu listed there.

Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu (Fire Style: Dragon Fire Technique): This jutsu creates a powerful technique which will surround the user by flames. Out of those flames comes a very powerful beam of fire. The hand seals for this just are ox, ram, snake, monkey, and tiger.

I hope you have fun learning this jutsu Naruto. It is an A rank jutsu that is extremely difficult to learn but quite powerful.

Naruto smiled at what his sensei wrote. He quickly read the other stuff about chakra control and decided to practice this at a different time. Naruto began to practice the jutsu he just read about over the pond. Forming the correct hand seals at a fast pace, he called out, "Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu!" To his dismay, only a tiny bit of fire blasted out from his mouth. 'HAHA! Kid that was really pathetic. You can to better than that. Every time you mess up, I will increase the weight on you by 5 pounds. Have fun!' The Kyuubi went cackling back into his the depths of Naruto's mind while Naruto had a very sacred look on his face.

Naruto attempted to do the jutsu again, only to fail. He felt more weight being added. 'Kuso, this is not good! I must complete this jutsu. I WILL complete this jutsu!'

Forming the hand seals again, he forced so much chakra into his mouth that it backfired and burned his mouth. Naruto was shocked for a second, realized the pain and screamed, "HOLY SHIT! THAT HURTS!" Inside his mind, he could hear the Kyuubi roaring with laughter. 'Shut up fuzz ball and heal me damn it!'

The Kyuubi grudgingly complied and healed Naruto's burnt mouth. Naruto sighed in relief at having his mouth fixed and tried the jutsu for the fourth time. Focusing his chakra in his mouth and keeping under control, he called out, "Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu!"

In front of Naruto, a giant blast of fire zoomed out over the pond and literally evaporated the whole thing. Naruto just stared there in shock at the power of this jutsu. 'Wow, this jutsu owns, but what should I do about the now none existent pond? I can't use any Suiton jutsu.' 'Just leave it kit; I am sure someone will fill it back up.'

Naruto internally nodded to himself and decided that today was enough training and went home. On his way home he saw a boy who was a bit shorter than him stumbling around the village. Recognizing him as the Hyrojuga boy, he went over and asked, "Hey kid, are you alright?"

Kouya was a bit shocked that someone spoke to him and stuttered out, "sure… I'm fine, I'm going home… see ya later."

Naruto just watched on quizzically as the boy stumbled home, battered and bruised.

Yasumi and Genma had traveled to the Living District part of Sunagakure. She was amazed at the quality of these houses and could not wait to move out of poverty. They arrived at some sort of building and Genma-sensei had knocked on the door. She watched the door get opened at noticed an older guy answer the door.

"Genma, What are you doing here? It has been a while, hasn't it?" asked the old man. "Yes it has Hikaru-sensei. I need you to help train this new student of mine in your weapon specialty. Is this okay?" The man known as Hikaru nodded and said, "Your first set of students eh?" Genma nodded.

Hikaru looked down at the girl and said, "What is your name young one?" Yasumi looked a bit startled that she was spoken to. She quickly answered, "Yasumi." Getting brave quickly, she asked, "What kinda weapon do you use Hikaru-san?"

Hikaru chuckled at the girls question and answer, "I use and mastered the style of using the naginata. Come child, we shall go out back into my yard and train. Genma, you can return for her after dinner. Bring her hear every morning before you guys do team training."

Genma nodded and watch the two go inside his old sensei's house.

Yasumi and Hikaru went into the backyard. In the backyard she saw racks of weapons with large poles with a curved blade at the end. She figured that these weapons were naginatas.

"Now Yasumi, we are first going to practice with wooden naginatas. To wield these weapons, you need to place one hand near the hand and another near the top. You can do jabs and slashes with them. You can also do powerful spin attacks. Watch and learn."

Yasumi nodded and watch Hikaru pick up a wooden naginata. He swirled it around his hands while doing quick and fats jabs with it. He also made many slashes and uppercuts with the weapon. Yasumi was in awe at the weapons power and she showed it with her eyes widening and jaw dropping.

Once Hikaru was done he tossed Yasumi a wooden naginata. "The best way to learn is to literally fight. Your goal is hit me once. I will give you a real naginata until you can hit me. Ready? Begin!"

Hikaru charged at Yasumi and she tired to block the weapon, but failed. She got whacked in the face and fell to the ground. "Get up girl and try again." Determined to hit him she got up and attacked. Doing quick jabs she attempted to hit her naginata sensei but failed every time as she dodged the hits swiftly. Swirling his naginata, Hikaru hit Yasumi in the stomach and the back.

Falling to the ground, while eating up some dirt, Yasumi coughed. She got up again and decided to do something that she just had thought up. When Hikaru went into the attack, she charged at him with equal speed and brought up her naginata. She then used it to pole vault over the man and brought it with her. She lightly tabbed him in the head with the back end of the naginata and landed on her feet, smirking.

Hikaru was god smacked. She had managed to hit him on the first day, an amazing feat. "Wow kid, you are good at this. As promised here is your first real naginata. Use it well." He threw over a naginata at Yasumi

Yasumi smiled at the praise and caught the weapon. She noticed that the pole was red with a spiked tip at the end. The blade was long and sharp, forming an arc of sorts. The color of the blade was a shiny silver color. She attached the naginata to her back for easy drawing.

She left the naginata master and went to find her sensei. She found him waiting for her at training area 8.

"Welcome back Yasumi. It is time to learn a few water jutsus. Now watch me do the hand seals and perform it. Do note that you need a water source to use most of this jutsus, unless you get really good at them," said Genma-sensei.

Genma walked over to the pond and performed the hand seals slowly so that Yasumi could see them. He then called out, "Suiton: Kaihodan (Water Style: Pressure Cannon)." This caused a strong jet stream of water is blasted out of Genma's mouth. Both Genma and Yasumi watched the blast hit a tree and tore it to tiny pieces.

"This jutsu is fairly powerful and it can be performed without a water source around, give it a shot," said Genma-sensei. Yasumi nodded and did the hand seals that she noticed him do. She then called out, "Suiton: Kaihodan!" A smaller jet stream of water burst from her mouth and hit the tree se was aiming at. It only blasted a medium sized hole in the tree.

Yasumi frowned a little but quickly turned into a smile when she heard her sensei say, "Good job Yasumi that was a nice shot for a first try." "Now watch me do this other water jutsu that requires no water source. This just takes the water molecules in the air and converts them to water."

Yasumi watched him do hand seals and heard him call out, "Suiton: Suijinheki! (Water Element: Water Barrier Wall)" She watched as water materialized out of no where and created a shield around her sensei. She threw some kunai at it and watch the shield block and actually deflect the kunai.

Genma dispelled the jutsu and said, "Now you try it." Yasumi nodded and did the hand seals she saw her sensei use. She then cried out, "Suiton: Suijinheki!" The same thing happened as with Genma-sensei and watched as a water barrier surrounded her. Genma threw a few shuriken and watch the water block them, although feebly.

"Good job Yasumi, we will work on the strength of it tomorrow. Be ready for the team meeting tomorrow, dismissed!"

Yasumi jumped up in joy at learning new jutsus and receiving a weapon like Naruto-kun. 'Why did I just call him Naruto-kun! I do NOT like him!' She slightly blushed as she walked away.

The next day, the three genins met in training area 8. All three were awaiting their sensei to arrive so they struck up some conversation.

"So…" said Yasumi quietly, looking at her two teammates, "Do you two have any family?" Naruto slightly cringed at the question and gave her a glare while giving off some killer intent. Yasumi immediately knew that she had asked the wrong question, judging from the amount of fear she was feeling.

Gaara seemed to ignore his friend's slight killer intent and answered the question, "My mother died giving birth to me. My father is the Kazekage as you may know. I have tow siblings named Temari and Kankuro who are both chuunins."

Yasumi was startled out of the fear she was getting and looked at Gaara with a hint of surprise. "You are the Kazekage's son? No wonder you are so powerful and rookie of the year. I am the exact opposite. I come from poverty and mother is home sick with a disease that I have no money to get the cure for."

Gaara just looked at her, showing no emotion but Naruto had calmed down after hearing that explanation. He looked towards the ground, hesitantly answering her question, "I am originally from Konohagakure. I left at age 6 because the villagers hate me like they fear Gaara here. I was an orphan, as both of my parents are dead. I have no clue who in the hell my parents are!" Naruto walked away after saying that. He headed for a tree to be away from people. The thought of wondering who his parents were, struck a chord with him.

Yasumi looked shocked at his reaction and was about to chase after him when she felt that she couldn't move. Gaara was equally shocked as well. Six years as friends and he never knew that about his friend, but he knew he needed to grieve. Gaara summoned sand to attach to Yasumi's legs when he noticed she was about to run away.

She looked down at her legs and noticed that there was sand covering them. She looked over at Gaara. He simply shook his head, signifying no. He also added on in words, "Naruto rarely cries. I have never known of this either and we have been friends for a while. Give him some time; he'll be back to his own self." Yasumi nodded but still planned to help him.

Naruto had walked behind a tree with a few tears coming down his cheeks. He sat behind the tree, relishing in the shade. He looked up at the sky and spoke to himself, "Who are my parents? Are they really dead? Do they hate me? I want to know."

'Kit' No reaction came from the boy who kept getting lost in his own pondering. 'Kit!' The Kyuubi was annoyed that there was still no response. 'GOD DAMN IT KIT, STOP CRYING!' This caused for Naruto to jump in surprise at such a loud voice. He looked around for a second, but realized it was only Kyuubi.

'Kyuubi, do you know who my parents are?' 'Kit, I am an unholy demon. How in the flying heavens would I know who your parents are? I don't know!' Naruto looked a little bit depressed but was quickly shaken out of his mini depression when he was tackled to the ground be a big ball of purple.

'Wait a second a big ball of purple?' He looked at the thing that tackled him and realized that the thing was Yasumi, she was crying and saying, "I'm sorry, so sorry for asking that. Please forgive me. I hope you find out who they are. Please… Please forgive…" Naruto cut her off and said, "Its okay Yasumi, I just got a little upset because I haven't really thought about it in a long time, its okay. I forgive you."

Yasumi stopped sobbing while sniffling a little and said, "Promise? Promise you won't get angry again?" Naruto looked sullen and said, "I promise that I will not get angry at you anymore Yasumi-chan."

Yasumi looked shocked that he called her Yasumi-chan. 'Does he like me? Do I like him? I… don't know.'

Naruto on the other hand noticed his slip and blushed, with the Kyuubi cackling like a maniac in his mind. When Yasumi noticed Naruto blush, she blushed as well.

Genma was running a bit late. He teleported to the training area and saw that Gaara practicing with his sand. Genma yelled, "Hey Gaara!" Gaara looked over at his sensei. "Where are the other two?" Gaara merely pointed towards the trees.

Genma-sensei nodded and jumped towards the trees. He decided to sneak up on them and walked in on Naruto and Yasumi, together, in each others arms blushing. He decided to be a bit evil and say, "Well well well, what do we have here? A couple of love birds eh?"

Both Yasumi and Naruto looked over at Genma, quickly jumped apart and turned completely red. Genma just laughed at their embarrassment, but stopped when Naruto and Yasumi directed a lot of killing intent at him.

Genma coughed slightly, hopping to get out of this unscathed. He quickly brought up something they both wanted to hear. "Good news kids, I got our first D ranked mission. Ready to have fun?" Both kids were oblivious to their sensei's slightly sadistic grin.

"YAY. About damn time sensei, what is the mission?" asked Yasumi. Naruto just gave his sensei the thumbs up and give him an animalistic grin.

"Well come on, I will show you what the mission is. Follow me." Gaara, who had shown up not 20 seconds after Genma arrived, followed his sensei while Naruto and Yasumi trailed behind.

Genma was reading a book and was watching his students do the D rank mission. Mostly they were complaining though. "God damn it sensei, this sucks. I don't want to weed this old mans garden! Why are you reading? You should help!" complained Naruto. Naruto looked at the book he was holding and said, "That better not be Icha Icha Paradise. I hate perverts."

Genma just chuckled to him self as Naruto complained about the D ranked mission. "Isn't this fun?" All three genin sweat dropped and yelled at him, "NO!" Genma just continued to chuckle. "Eh, Naruto it is not that book, I'm no pervert I promise!" Naruto just looked at him as if he was a liar.

Around half way through the mission, Naruto got an idea. Naruto did some hand seals and said, "Kaze Bunshin no Jutsu." A single wind clone appeared next to Naruto and he ordered it to do the mission for him. Both Yasumi and Gaara saw what Naruto had done and both of them called out, "Suna Bunshin no Jutsu." They sent their sand clones to work and joined Genma at leaning against the fence.

Genma looked away from his book and noticed his genin leaning on the fence. "Why aren't you guys working?" The three of them just lazily pointed at the garden. Genma looked over and noticed 3 clones working the garden. Genma just sighed and let out a simple, "oh."

He left his own bunshin there to act like they were there. He told his team-mates to follow him back to the training field to get another D mission.

This continued for around two weeks. They would get D ranked missions and just leave Bunshins there to work for them. They took that time to train and learn new jutsus as well as brush up on fighting style.

The civilians could see Team 8 walking to the Kazekage tower. They walked inside and met with the Kazekage to receive a mission.

Before Genma could speak Naruto spoke first and said, "Kazekage! Give us a C ranked mission, I think we are ready!" Genma just sighed and looked at his other two students. They were both nodding their heads.

Kazekage just chuckled threw them a mission from the C pile. "Sure kids, your first C ranked mission is to wipe out a group of samurai terrorizing a small village north of here, near the forest between Wind and Rock country."

Naruto gave the Kazekage a victory sign and jumped in the air. Yasumi screamed out, "Kick Ass!" and Gaara simply said, "thank you father." The Kazekage smiled and dismissed the team.

Once outside Genma told his students, "Go pack up and be at the northern gate in a half hour. Dismissed!" He watched as his students jumped away at fairly fast speeds.

"Alright you are all here. That is good. We will be there in less than a day," said Genma. All three genin listened to him intently. "Alrighty kids, follow me!" The gate opened and the burst along with their sensei heading towards the jungle.

During the travel, Naruto and Kyuubi took up a conversation. 'Hey Kyuubi, can I use the fighting style I know that's from you? I'd love to use those jutsus.' 'No brat. Save it as a trump card. You may need them against a powerful opponent.' 'You're no fun! I wanna have fun damn it. Bah. Anyways, can you teach me a jutsu? Please? 'No.' 'Pretty Please?' 'No!' 'Pretty please with sugar on top?' 'I SAID NO KIT! SHUT UP!' Naruto silently laughed to himself at successfully pissing off the Kyuubi.

Naruto turned to his other teammates and watched them speak. It was rather one sided although.

"Hey Gaara, you think this mission is going to be fun?" asked Yasumi. Gaara just simply looked at her as if she asked a stupid question. "Well? asked Yasumi. Gaara mumbled out, "Yea sure, it will be… exciting." Yasumi seemed satisfied with his answer and asked a question, "Gaara, why are you so quiet? Are you gay?" she asked.

Gaara just stared at disbelief that she asked that question. 'Of course I am not gay, hell I think Yasumi is cute. Wait a second. Did I just think that? Argh!' 'Haha! Panda Boy has a crush! I thought I'd never see the day. Maybe she would like sand castles?' Gaara just ignored the Shukaku and answered her question with a small blush, "No, I am not gay. I like girls." Yasumi nodded, but then asked, "Still, why are you so quiet?"

Gaara just plainly said, "I will tell you someday in the future." Yasumi twitched her eyebrow and went to talk with Naruto.

After around five hours of travel, they had made it to the town that was being terrorized by the samurai. The town mayor eyed the ninja and spoke, "Just north of here, before the forest, you will find them. I wish you all good luck."

The ninja nodded and headed towards the area that he had pointed to. It was dusk and nearly night time. Just before the camp, they decided to go with stealth.

Creeping close, they noticed around a dozen samurai sitting around the campfire chatting and eating. Genma looked at his teammates and said, "Any plans?"

Gaara eyed him and said, "Only Yasumi and Naruto have the fighting styles for stealth kills. I am a more defensive and upfront battler. I may be stealthy when it comes to hiding but my jutsus are certainly a bit flashy. Send them in with their weapons." Genma nodded and said, "Alright Naruto, Yasumi. I want you guys to go in there and kill all of the samurai." Genma then noticed Yasumi shuddering and added on, "Yes I said kill Yasumi." "Gaara, I want you to go back and set up camp, got it?"

Naruto nodded and prepared for the assault, Yasumi was a bit shaken about having to kill them but kept reassuring herself that it was part of the job. Naruto looked over at the girl and said, "I will get the left side, you will take the right. Ready?" Yasumi nodded and drew her naginata. Naruto eyed her and said, "On the count of three. One." Yasumi gulped and tightened her grip on the weapon.

"Two." Yasumi got ready to go as fast as she could. "Three." Yasumi rushed over at the samurai and blazing speed at the same time as Naruto. She took her naginata and quickly slashed right through the heads of the samurai. Each samurai had a surprised look as they got beheaded. What Yasumi did not notice was that she only killed five samurai and not six.

Naruto dashed forward and whispered out one of his special sword jutsus, "Hitofuki Boufuu (Gust Storm)." Instantly swords made of wind had formed around his own sword as he cut through each victim.

What this did was it created a sword of wind to be left behind in the victim as Naruto charged through them like butter. He would not even have to cut the victim him self as the wind blade would follow behind him and strike the target he had whizzed by. Each samurai got up and drew their swords, only to gag for breath as blood spewed out of their mouth and dropped dead lifeless, with windy swords in their guts.

Naruto was pleased with his work and looked over at Yasumi. She was sobbing to herself about killing people. He walked over and gave her a hug. "Shhh, it is okay. Killing is bound to happen. It is part of a shinobi's job. Don't lose your self to pleasure of killing." Naruto soothed to her. "Remember to never enjoy killing? Okay?" asked Naruto. Yasumi kept crying and embraced Naruto's hold.

This heart warming scene was interrupted with a sharp piercing scream. Both ninja looked over at the source and gasped at what they saw.

Their sensei was being held captive and they watched as he was knocked out by a ninja. Naruto charged forward with his sword but was easily knocked back by the ninja.

"Pathetic genin. You killed my minions. All 11 of them! I was the one that stupid girl missed. My name is Ishurso Akito. I am an A class missing-nin from Iwagakure," Akito bragged as if he were the most feared man in the world. Naruto had gotten up by now and glared at this rock-nin while Yasumi was scared in shock at such a high ranking missing-nin here.

This rock-nin had a large body. His brown hair was dwarfed by the sheer sized of his body. He was easily six and a half feet tall. The rock-nin wielded a very huge axe that was twice the size of Naruto.

"I hope you guys love knowing that you led to the downfall of your precious sensei. Hahaha," crackled Akito as he vanished from view.

Naruto kicked the ground and looked over at Yasumi. "We should get Gaara and go searching for him," replied Naruto. Naruto thought for a moment and added, "He's probably going to head north into rock country, maybe a cave near by. Follow me," said Naruto.

Yasumi followed him and looked at the sky and noticed a shooting star in the black sky. She wished to herself, "I hope you are alright sensei."

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Naruto knows these Jutsus:

The 3 Academy Jutsus

Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu

Ninpou: Kajou Chouin (Item Sealing)

Katon: Housenka no Jutsu

Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu

Fuuton: Hitofuki Tama (Gust Bullet)

8 Unknown Jutsus, yet to be revealed

Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu

Hitofuki Ashari (Gust Storm)

Kaze Bunshin no Jutsu (Wind Clone)

Gaara knows these Jutsus:

The 3 Academy Jutsu

Suna no Yoroi

Sabaku SouSou

Suna no Tate

Suna Shuriken

Suna Bunshin no Jutsu

Suna Shigure (Sand Drizzle)

Ryusa Bakuryu (Quicksand in the Style of a Waterfall).

Yasumi knows these jutsus:

The 3 Academy Jutsu

Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Element: Water Barrier)

Suiton: Kaihodan (Water Element: Pressure Cannon)

Suna Bunshin no Jutsu

5 Unknown Jutsus, yet to be revealed