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Naruto's thoughts

Alternate universe

"Naruto! NARUTO!" Naruto jolted up from his sleep and ran downstairs to see who was screaming his name. He went to his living room and saw Sakura standing there looking furious.

"Hello Sakura-chan," Naruto said rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"What are you doing still sleeping? We have a mission today!"

"Really?" Naruto questioned getting a little bit excited.

"Yeah, can you please get dressed first and put on some pants first?" Sakura questioned looking away. Naruto looked down and noticed that he was only in his boxers. He ran upstairs and came back downstairs already dressed.

"That was quick," Sakura muttered under her breath. Naruto smiled not bothering to get anything to eat and walked out the door with Sakura. Why is Sakura being so nice to me? Whatever there MUST be something going on with her.

Sakura and Naruto rounded the corner and up to the bridge. They both saw Sasuke on the bridge and Sakura immediately brightened when she saw him. She ran up to him and Naruto rolled his eyes from the "routine" they went through all day.

Sakura pounces on Sasuke, Sasuke pushes Sakura off, Sakura pouts and Kakashi appears.

They all knew the routine. So as the routine went on Kakashi appeared a few minutes later smiling behind his mask. Sakura looked at Kakashi and started ranting about how he was late again. Kakashi paid no mind to her and motioned to Naruto for him to join the group. Naruto walked over and stood next to Sasuke who was leaning on a nearby tree.

"So what's our mission Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto questioned excitedly.

"Well our mission today is that we have to go to the fire region and retrieve a scroll,"

"That sounds easy enough," Sasuke said.

"A scroll that just so happens to be guarded heavily around the clock by about 10 guards who are all trained in the most dangerous of jutsus,"

"This just got harder," Sakura said gulping.

"When do we leave?" Naruto questioned not caring about all the risks of the mission.

"Now," Kakashi said as he disappeared. All of team 7 knew that meant to meet him at the village gates. They all disappeared and met Kakashi up. When they got there he was reading his perverted book and Sakura rolled her eyes. Kakashi looked up and saw all of his genins.

"What took you so long?" Kakashi questioned smiling behind his mask.

"You shouldn't be talking," Sakura mumbled. Sakura walked up with Kakashi while Naruto and Sasuke trailed behind.

"What do you think of this mission?" Naruto questioned Sasuke trying not to sound weird.

"We should be back in about a week, maybe less if we're good enough," Sasuke said uncaring.

"Oh, well I guess that's cool,"

"Are you okay? You seem a bit uneasy and you're NEVER uneasy," Sasuke said looking at Naruto who just avoided his gaze. Naruto had figured out 3 years ago that he had feelings for Sasuke but he never did anything about it because he was scared of what Sasuke and the whole village would think. So for 3 years he kept it to himself.

"No… I'm fine… I guess I'm just a little nervous about this mission… ya know?" Naruto said giving a nervous laugh. Sasuke this time shoved Naruto against a tree and looked directly into his eyes looking for an answer.

"That's bullshit because you never get nervous over a mission. Especially when the mission is this heavily guarded like this. What is the real reason you're so uneasy?"

"It's nothing! Really, Sasuke I'm just not feeling to well I guess. Seriously everything is fine," Naruto said smiling nervously. Sasuke gave him a final look into the eyes and let go of him not really moving his stance though.

God damn it Sasuke. Please leave my face right now before I just jump you and take your right here! As if Sasuke was reading Naruto's minds he backed up away from him and continued walking. Naruto inhaled sharply and watched as Sasuke walked. He walked up towards Sasuke but didn't get to close.

Why does this have to be so hard? Why can't it be normal? Naruto walked up a bit more so he wasn't left behind.

Kakashi crouched down in the bushes as Sakura did the same. Sasuke and Naruto were both in the trees above head watching for any aerial attacks. Kakashi moved slightly and caught the attention of one of the guards.

The guard walked toward the sound and Kakashi moved again but in another place. The guard followed the second noise farther away from the group was. Sakura did the same and got another guard out of the way.

Naruto and Sasuke moved up in the trees right above head two more guards. Sasuke smirked and jumped down onto one's heads and Naruto did the same. They cupped both of the guard's mouths and snapped their heads to the side and let them drop to the floor dead.

Naruto and Sasuke grinned at each other and looked at the door that was blocking their entrance. Sasuke moved towards the door and put his ear to it. Kakashi came from the bushes and walked towards the door. Sakura followed him and Kakashi pulled Sasuke out of the way to look at the door.

"It might be locked ya know," Sakura said annoyed.

"Don't you think I know that?" Kakashi said as he pulled a kunai from his pocket. He stuck it in the corner of the door and shoved it to one side. The door opened a little bit but it was still locked. He took the kunai out one more time and stuck it in the door once again. This time the door opened a crack.

You could see Kakashi smirking behind his mask as Sakura rolled her eyes. Sasuke and Naruto walked in after then trailing behind ready at any moment. Kakashi backed up into a wall and put a finger to his lips and motioned for them to be quiet.

Sakura looked around the corner and saw 2 guards guarding a scroll. She was about to say something but Kakashi covered her mouth and pulled her to one side. Naruto and Sasuke followed him as he led them away.

"Okay, we have to make sure that we take these guys without setting off any alarms. So far we've done good. We just need a plan… Sakura?" Kakashi said looking at the pink haired girl. She looked at everyone and smiled.

"Okay… I think I know what we have to do…."

Naruto and Sasuke walked over to the five guards that were guarding the scroll and laughed at the first two. The first two guards gave a sign to the other three and motioned that they would take care of Naruto and Sasuke.

"Wow… Naruto can you believe these guys?" Sasuke questioned laughing.

"Seriously, talk about idiots!" Naruto said laughing as he looked up at them. The two guards gripped their swords that they had at their sides and were still laughing.

"I have a question Sasuke,"

"What is it Naruto?"

"How many guards does it take to guard a scroll?"

"How many?"

"Just 2. One to actually guard it and then another to just get paid! HA HA HA!" Naruto laughed. One guard charged at Naruto and Naruto smiled as he did. Naruto jumped over his head and gripped his shoulders as he slammed him into the floor. The guard got back up and glared at Naruto.

"Come on! I mean don't tell me you can't beat a little kid!" Naruto said laughing. The guard got angry and charged at him again taking his sword out. He was about to slash Naruto with it in his stomach and Naruto avoided it almost instantly.

"Come on now! You wouldn't hurt a kid! YOU COULDN'T HURT A KID!" Naruto said laughing. Sasuke laughed at the guard and then the other guard looked at him and laughed.

"Are you just like him?" the guard questioned laughing.

"I don't need to be… but that doesn't mean you go easy on me! SHARINGAN!" Sasuke screamed. He charged at the guard and lunged at him with a kunai. The guard avoided it easily and Sasuke immediately saw his next attack. He avoided the sword that was coming towards him. Sasuke grabbed it on the opposite blade and shoved inside the guard himself.

The guard fell to the floor blood soaking his shirt. Sasuke smirked as he saw the scene and looked over at Naruto.

"And Kakashi said these guys were excellent ninjas!" Sasuke said laughing.

Sasuke grabbed the sword from the fallen ninja and ran towards the one that was near Naruto. The guard avoided Sasuke's attack. But he wasn't ready for Naruto's.

"KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" Naruto screamed. Then 10 more of Naruto popped up. The guard's eyes widened and he looked at all the Naruto's.

"If you're such a wonderful ninja you should know this jutsu!" Sasuke screamed as he was about to lunge the sword inside him but the guard ended up disintegrating into a log and Naruto's eyes widened.

SHIT! The substitution jutsu! Where is he? Naruto looked up and then saw the guard killing all his clones until there was only the original. The guard landed in front of Sasuke.

"SASUKE!" Naruto screamed. He ran towards Sasuke and stood in front of him as the sword was sent through his stomach. Naruto grabbed his stomach in pain and the guard just smirked.

"You shouldn't talk all that trash little boy if you can't defend it!" the guard said laughing. Naruto looked up at him and then fell to the floor as the sword was pulled out of him. Sasuke looked at Naruto in horror and then glared at the guard as he clenched his fists.

"You seriously should NOT have done that," Sasuke said as he grabbed the sword that was in his hand and attempted to stick it through his stomach but instead faked him out and slashed his throat.

"Because you SERIOUSLY DON'T WANT TO PISS ME OFF!" Sasuke screamed. The guard fell to the floor blood seeping from his throat.

Sasuke dropped the sword and walked over to Naruto. He held his head in his hands and looked at him horrified.

"Na… Naruto! Are you okay?" Sasuke questioned. Naruto gave him a look and Sasuke laughed, " Sorry standard question,"

" NARUTO!" Sakura screamed. Kakashi and Sakura came running out as Kakashi grabbed the scroll Sakura ran over to Naruto.

"Oh my god! Sasuke what happened!" Sakura screamed.

"One of these damn guards stabbed him! He's lost a lot of blood!" Sasuke screamed.

"We have to hurry up and get him to the hospital!" Sakura screamed as she tried her best to bandage the wound in his stomach.

"Sas… Sasuke," Naruto whispered before everything went dark.

"Is he going to be okay?" Sakura questioned as she looked down at Naruto who was still knocked out from their mission.

"He should wake up in a few hours… hopefully," the nurse said. Sakura shook her head and Sasuke walked towards the door and ran his hands through his hair.

"Thank you," Sakura said as she walked out the room with the nurse. Kakashi had already visited Naruto and wanted to let the kids have a moment for themselves.

"Naruto," Sasuke said as he ran his hands through Naruto's blonde hair.

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