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Naruto's thoughts

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Alternate Universe

"SASUKE!" Sakura screamed. Sasuke ran into the room looking at Sakura who was practically in tears. He looked at Naruto's hospital bed and his eyes widened in disbelief.

"Na…Naruto," Sasuke dropped to the floor near his bed trying to hold everything in. He couldn't believe that after SO long it finally happened…Naruto was… dead.

"HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!" Sakura screamed. Sasuke stood up cautiously and looked at Sakura wanting to answer her but he was just as baffled as she was.

"Sakura…" Sasuke said in a low tone. But Sakura didn't hear him and just kept screaming.

"SAKURA!" that's when Sakura looked at him. Sasuke was gripping the edge of the hospital bed trying to keep his balance. He didn't understand what had happened but he was still in shock from it.

"Sasuke," she said as she walked over to him and helped him over to a chair. Sasuke looked down and then back up at her.

"What did we expect from him? He kept fading in and out… what did we expect?" Sasuke questioned on the verge of tears.

"He could come back," Sakura said.

"Who are you trying to convince… me or yourself?" Sasuke stopped as he said that line. He was experiencing MAJOR déjà vu. He couldn't place where exactly he had said that.

"Sasuke what's wrong?" Sakura questioned, as she looked at him a bit concerned. Sasuke said nothing as he got up from the chair and went over to Naruto's bed. He couldn't understand how this had happened. Naruto was fine one minute and then the next he was… gone!



"Is it possible that somebody can experience something again but… they don't remember how exactly they experienced it? If that makes any sense whatsoever,"

"Well, I guess it's possible but, what are you getting at Sasuke?"

"Nothing… just wondering,"


"Shit!" Sasuke said as he looked down at Naruto. The thing is that it worked but… Naruto was unconscious.

"How the HELL am I supposed to get him in THAT thing before it closes?" Sasuke questioned himself. Because the thing was that Naruto looked like a hologram at the moment and whenever Sasuke tried to touch him his hands went right through him.


Back in Konoha Hospital:

"Sasuke there is no way that could even happen!" Sakura said as she pulled Sasuke away from Naruto's hospital bed.

"Why doubt something you haven't even tried?" Sasuke questioned as he looked down at Naruto.

"That's insane Sasuke!"

"Then you really don't know who you're talking to!"

"WHY! Why would you even do something like that for a baka like him!"

"BECAUSE I LOVE HIM!" Sakura was about to say something and then looked at Sasuke shocked.

"What did you say?"

"It's because I love him okay?" Sasuke said. He looked back down at Naruto and then did a few hand seals, he was about to do the unthinkable when all of a sudden he heard a sharp intake of breath. He put his hands to his sides and then looked at Sakura.

"Sasuke," Sasuke's eyes widened as he heard a faint whisper. He looked down at Naruto and almost fainted when he saw those familiar clear blue eyes staring at him.

"Na… Naruto!" Sasuke said as he pulled Naruto into a humongous hug.

"NARUTO!" Sakura screamed as she ran over and gave Naruto a hug as well.

"Um… Guys… breathing is a necessity!" Naruto gasped. Sakura and Sasuke let go of him and looked down at him. He was a bit pale but he was still a bit tan.

"Sorry bout that," Sakura said as she let go of him. She looked at Naruto who was looking at Sasuke and Sasuke was… smiling at him.

"Um… I'll be right back," Sakura said as she walked out of the room.

"What's been keeping you asleep for so long?" Sasuke questioned as he sat on the edge of Naruto's bed.

"You wouldn't believe me… if I told you," Naruto said smiling his bright smile.

"Oh really… try me," Naruto looked at Sasuke as he pulled him in for a heated kiss. Naruto laced his arms around Sasuke's neck and pulled away smiling.

"That was one thing that kept me asleep… I can show you the other when I get out of here," Naruto said smirking.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah," Naruto said as he pulled Sasuke in for another kiss.

"Um… I think you should save that for when you and Naruto get home," Sasuke pulled away as he heard the all to familiar voice.

"Hey now is that REALLY fair? I don't interrupt you and Iruka do I?" Sasuke said smiling at him.

"I'll disregard that for now. I'm glad to see you're awake Naruto!"

"Glad to be back," Naruto said smiling.

"Well, you better hurry up with the healing because we need to start training you again to make sure you haven't weakened,"

"Of course not! I'm always in tip top shape!" Naruto screamed as he jumped on the bed and started flexing.

"Naruto sit back down!" Sasuke urged him.

"Actually it's pretty fun up here!" Naruto said as he started jumping up and down on the bed. Sasuke tackled him down to the bed and straddled his waist. Naruto smiled as he kissed Sasuke who was holding his hands above his head.

"See, Me and Iruka wouldn't do THAT in a hospital!" Kakashi said as he walked out of the room. Sasuke and Naruto smiled as they were locked in a heated battle of tongues.


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