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A/N: I am currently participating in the play Aladdin at my school, (I'm Jafar, go figure). It finally came to the point where I had to write a fanfiction: what if, what if, what if. Things that you never expected to happen, like Jafar dropped the lamp when the genie was about to turn him into the most powerful djinn of all time and never becoming locked inside a lamp for all eternity, Aladdin and Jasmine breaking up, a Sultana instead of a Sultan, E.T.C. ALL CHAOS BREAKS LOSE, in other words, but I have attempted to make sense of my crazy ideas. Bear with me, facts will be changed, as I have not seen the movie in over three or four years.

Chapter 1

An Inlook


"The lamp!" the very street rat that I had been trying to capture for the last eternity cried. I allowed a devious smile to play across my lips. "Yes, the lamp, you foolish boy," I thought gleefully. The hunger for power ate my heart as Iago squawked next to me. The idiotic blue genie materialized into the air in front of me, arms crossed and looking bored, rolling his eyes and such. I narrowed my own eyes. The genie would have been punished any other time, but now, I was in no mood to waste time on such things.

"Your wish is my command, master," he said, sounding resigned. Those words were music to my ears. I couldn't remember the last time that my twisted mind had been so happy. "Genie, no!" the street rat cried. I realized that I didn't even know his name. "Genie, yes!" I said just for good measure, mocking him with every last moment. His face stopped looking like he was constipated and switched to a look of resigned sorrow.

I was feeling completely triumphal then, but that was my mistake to ultimate power: I underestimated the rat. Thinking that I had won, I cackled evilly, carrying on for as long as breath allowed me, always wanting to try out the fanatical laughter. After all, what's the point of taking over the universe if you can't enjoy it, I figured. There was nobody to stop me except the street rat. His love, Jasmine and dressed in red, hung on my every whim and clutched my right arm as I was about to wish for the third thing I wanted…when I realized I didn't even know what I wanted.

Slowly, I contemplated and tried not to look too much like an idiot.

The street rat seized his opportunity and said, "But you're still not the most powerful being of all time, Jafar! The genie is." That enraged me, and triggered my fatal mistake. If I had not made it, then the kingdom, the universe, the princess, all would be mine. That street rat wouldn't be using that impudent tongue of his anymore, because he would be dead.

"Alright, genie," I roared. "I wish to become the most powerful genie of all time!" "Genie, don't do it, I wish for you to be free!" the rat screamed at the same time.

That was when several things happened at once.

The lamp teetered in the palm of my right hand, then flipped and clattered to the ground. It rung twice as it bounced, and then rolled to a rest. The genie started dancing with joy. And I roared in fury and rushed the rat, trying to strangle him with my bare hands.

I never got to him, though, because two delicate hands held me back. I turned in a red hot rage, to find the rat's beloved, the princess, clinging firmly to my arm. I snarled at her, "Let go, Princess." Jasmine smiled, and said, "Not today, Jafar, not today. I will not let you harm Aladdin." So that was his name. I shrugged. Well, at least I could abuse his name properly. I spat at her feet and easily wrenched my arm free. Princesses are never made for wrestling.

"So be it. I will not harm Aladdin…today," I said, trying to be sinister while curling my thin curly mustache around my forefinger. Jasmine fumed at me with pure loathing in her eyes. I secured my wiry fingers around her wrist and dragged her in front of the Sultana, not bothering to be formal. "Tell her you wish to wed me," I thundered. Maybe there still was a chance that I would get to be all-powerful. Jasmine crossed her arms, prying my fingers off of her wrist. "Never."

I narrowed my eyes at her. "You are stubborn, and foolish, to decline my wish, Princess." "I am neither in doing so, so-called Grand Vizier. I am the Princess, you still rank below me," she said, tossing her long hair over her shoulder. Our eyes faced each other down for a moment before I tore them away and shook my fist at the Sultana, who was sitting on her throne watching all of this happen.

"You will pay for this," I snarled at her. "All of you will."

With that, I swept out of the room, my red robes billowing around me.


Later on, I pounded my fist repeatedly on the oaken table in my private chambers, furious. At least the Sultana had let me keep my position here, for what reason, I could not comprehend. My twisted mind calculated another path to world domination as it tried to shut Iago's inane chatter into the background. However, each plan ended in a dead end. Finally, I let up and roared in frustration at the ceiling, "I HATE THIS WORLD!"

"Why?" said a feminine voice. I whirled.

In the middle of my room hovered a beautiful woman. She was pale green and transparent, and being so, inhumane. Her long, ebony locks were braided into a long plait. Her eyes were streaked in kohl, and a pale neon green color with long, black lashes. She was thin and wearing a simple black garment made from a single cloth and pinned at one shoulder with a jade clasp. Her fingers had gold rings on all of them.

"Who are you," I finally managed to whisper hoarsely. She seemed to face an internal struggle for a moment, before answering, "I am Jala, genie of the lamp."

I only gaped. Another genie, the answer to my prayers. I looked down to the wisp of smoke that she ended in, realizing that the dented, small gold lamp that the other genie had come out of was on the floor was where it led to. "But…but…that lamp belongs to another genie," I stammered. Jala smiled wryly. "He was freed by Aladdin, was he not? When a genie is freed, another is bound to take his place."

I shuddered, only then realizing the horrible fate that I had almost condemned myself to by wishing to become a genie. "Well, master?" she asked, obviously irritated. "What will your three wishes be? I can tell that you have been in contact with genies before." I opened my mouth, closed it again, opened it again. "Er, uh…" "Apparently not, you're either mute, or just stupid," she observed with a hint of amusement in her pale green eyes. I growled at her. "Nobody calls me stupid and gets away with it."

Jala shrugged. "Say what you wish. That is my only duty, and you cannot harm me." I collapsed onto my grand bed, realizing that every word she said was true.

"Let me think about my wish," I said to her. Suddenly, I didn't want to rule the universe anymore. It was strange, how I had worked toward that goal for years and years, and suddenly at that moment, I found that I had no wish to dominate the entire world…just yet, anyways.

Jala huffed and blew a long strand of hair away from her face.

"Hmmmm, alright. Kill that street rat Aladdin," I said. "Wish it," answered Jala. "Well, I wish that you would kill that street rat Aladdin," I said impatiently, sitting up. Jala winked. "Got you. And to think that I thought you knew about the wishing rules." "Oh no, not those," I moaned. Jala wagged her finger at me, something that I had come to become extremely irritated at. Well, at least Iago had fallen asleep halfway through this.

"Uh uh. I can't kill anybody, bring anybody back from the dead, or make anybody fall in love with you, for that matter," she said matter-of-factly. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. That's all very good," I said sarcastically. Jala raised an eyebrow. "Didn't your mother teach you some manners?" "What do you know about mothers?" I retorted. Jala fell silent, looking genuinely hurt.

I knew I shouldn't have cared, considering that she wasn't even human and was bound to act on my every whim. But I felt a stab of guilt. However, I didn't know quite how to apologize yet, so instead I fell into an embarrassed silence as Jala gave me one last, reproachful look and vanished back into the little lamp sitting on the floor.

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