By: Dewwater


The origin of the story:

The idea for Differences originally came from the time when me and my friends participated in an Aladdin play that was hosted at our school. I was playing Jafar, and because of the number of kids that were in on the entire thing, modifications had to be made. Jasmine had a handmaiden named Naila, and the Sultan turned into a Sultana. I dropped the lamp off of the stage at the dress rehearsal. And that's how the ideas started…

My "original" characters:

Jala, basically, is my idol. She's not perfect, but she's what I strive to be better at. I also consider "Jala" to be a pretty name, (I invented it, bleh), and green is my favorite color. Combine it all, and you have the sensible one out of the sister-genies.

Haillie is created by the "real world" Haillie's request, even though the book-Haillie seems real right now. She's blond and eccentric and wild, just like .heart.

Sorrah is based off our original play's Naila. I changed her name, (another one of my brilliant inventions), and played out her part a little bit more than it was done in the play.

The Sultana, well, it depends on how you look at it. She could be counted as an invented character, but really she's just based off of the original Sultan with a much more drab personality.

The villains, Raakin, Taabish, and Cadi…I just invented them on the spur of the moment. The people of Differences can't all be good, y'know!

Other people, well, contact me if you are truly interested in that kind of thing. I know I'm not, and I'm writing this.


Differences has been really fun to write.

That's an understatement. I've had my moments of depression, where I threw up my hands, (literally, I hit the bed pole), and decided that the story line was doomed. Others, I typed four chapters in less than two days.

Sadly, the writing experience is now over for me. It was truly most likely the fic that I put the most effort into, out of all the one's I've written, next to "Hold my Paw, We're in it Together".

I'm going to miss the eccentric Haillie and the sensible Jala and the evil and yet human Jafar. SO MUCH. /Starts to bawl/

Goodbye, Jafarcrazy, I hope we meet again soon, and to all of the other readers, thank you SO MUCH for putting time into reading my story. I hope we meet again soon too.

Haillie, well, I'm going to see you every. Single. Day. For the next, what, two years? No worries there, heh heh.

In any case, I'm really sad that this is ending, but I'm hoping to post a new fanfiction soon and will possibly see you guys there!

On a final note, and trying to stem my tears with cheeseballs,


AKA Kami