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The bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming, and the cows are eating quietly in the meadows of Hazzard County, USA. The year is 2000 and all is well as Cooter Davenport drives up the familiar drive way to the Duke farm. He could almost see the bright orange stock car in the barnyard that he and his friends built, raced and annoyed Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane for so many years with, yet he knew the General Lee would not be setting in the drive way because it was stored safely in his garage in town. It had became a weekly routine for good ole Cooter to go check on the farm since Uncle Jesse had passed away. The boys, better known as the Duke Boys, were only home occasionally now. It was always hard for them and cousin Daisy to return to the farm where they had been raised by their beloved Uncle Jesse.

Cooter pulled up to the old farm house, pulled out his keys and walked into the familiar kitchen. He thought of his friends as he sat down at the kitchen table.

First, there was Luke Duke, the oldest Duke cousin, that Cooter considered his best friend. After they had completed their probation for being caught on a whiskey run, Luke had gotten interested in smoke jumping and was now the senior smoke jumper for the forestry service. Luke had become a workaholic spending most of his time at work. When he wasn't at work he shared a house outside of Atlanta with several of his crew. Luke hadn't been back home since he and the others helped to raise money for a new hospital a couple of years ago. He still remained one of Hazzards' most allusive bachelors.

Secondly, there was the slightly younger, Bo Duke. He was only about eight months younger than Luke and ever bit as handsome though he had blond hair where as Luke had dark hair. Both had been very popular with the ladies of several counties and could have taken their pick any time they wanted, but both had remained single. Cooter had to laugh. He guessed Uncle Jesse had these two pegged years ago when he would tell them that 'The chances of them producing a family rated right up there with hogs producing beef!' Bo had became a workaholic in his own right as an upcoming driver on the NASCAR circuit. With the travel involved in the NASCAR business, Bo too hadn't been home since they helped with the hospital.

Then, there was cousin Daisy. Daisy was known to be able to drive like Richard Petty, shoot like Annie Oakley and knew the words to all of Dolly Pardon songs. She had also been the best waitress the Boar's Nest ever had until she decided after a failed marriage to a truck driver that she wanted more out of life and began studying Duke University where she studied Ecology and now lived near Durham, NC where she now worked. She and Enos Strate still kept in touch with each other but after canceling their wedding twice over the years Daisy had pretty much put the possibility of them ever being married out of her head. She hadn't seen Enos since they had all went to California a couple of years ago.

Cooter shook off the memories and finished walking through the house. All was secure, the roof wasn't leaking, everything was just like it had been the week before and the week before that. He shook himself out of his mood as he checked his watch. It was late and his new wife of several months would have supper waiting when he got home. He took one last look, locked the house, quickly checked the old barn and drove home to the Davenport farm that had been in his family for several generations. As he parked the tow truck he saw Alma, Miss Alma to everyone in Hazzard, step out on the porch. As Cooter stepped onto the porch he put his arm around the shorter petite blond woman that he had met while he was a Congressman a few years back. After figuring out that this was the love of his life it hadn't taken long for him to convince the lady to marry him and move back to Hazzard and lead the simple life that they both wanted. Cooter said, "Honey, I'm sorry I'm late. I went out to the Dukes' and, well, I lost track of time."

"You still miss them don't you?" Alma asked.

Cooter looked down at his wife, "Yeah. Yeah, I do. I know it's hard on them to come back here with Uncle Mr. Jesse gone and all but they were the brothers I didn't have. Now, with Uncle Jesse gone Hazzard doesn't even have the annual reunions anymore so there is no reason for them to come back with me checking the house and all."

Alma saw the hurt and lose in Cooter's eyes and began thinking, "Honey, what would it take to put on a reunion?"

Cooter looked at her surprised at her suggestion. "Well, Uncle Jesse always had events like you'd see at County Fairs; chili cook offs, cake baking contests, hog judging, games for the kids, ax throwing contests, wrestling matches, and one year there was an over land moonshine race. He just talked to people, put it in papers, set everything up and sent out invitations to as many people who had left here as he could. I guess that's about it."

Alma just let the moment pass for now. "Sounds like fun. Come on supper's getting cold."

Cooter replied as they walked in the house, "Yeah it was good old fashion fun that kept everyone pretty much out of trouble."


In the next few weeks Miss Alma made a few calls and talked to several people who thought a Hazzard reunion would be fun. As she and Cooter set on the porch swing she asked, "Honey, would you like for us to try and arrange a small Hazzard Reunion? I may not be able to make it as successful as Mr. Duke but I'm willing to try. I really liked the Dukes when I met them." She had met them when her and Cooter married in Atlanta the week after the NASCAR race where Bo Duke had taken his first win at the track with cousins Daisy and Luke in attendance. Well, actually, Luke and Cooter were 'guest members' of Bo's put crew.

Cooter replied, "You are serious, aren't you?"

"If it will get you out of this mood you've been in the last couple of weeks." she replied.

"Well, alright!" Cooter exclaimed.


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