NARRATOR: "Now before y'all think that ole Rosco has turned nice, you had better think again. There was only two reasons he let the Duke 'boys' go. One was, he was just happy he'd caught them after all this time especially with Bo being a NASCAR driver and all. Never mind it was because of a flat tire. Secondly, with everyone in Hazzard County being there it would have probably incited a riot had he took the boys to jail."

Luke walked over to where Dixie was talking with Ms. Janie from the orphanage.

Ms Janie said, "I want to thank you and your cousin for what you did for the kids."

Luke looked a bit confused, "Ma'am we didn't..."

"Don't be so modest. I know your Uncle Jesse raised you boys to help others. With this money the kids can do a lot here next year." she said.

"Yes, Ma'am I suppose they can. Of course, if you put it in a savings account it will draw interest all year and they'll have more." Luke suggested.

Ms. Janie smiled, "Such a smart young man. Thank you again and thank that cousin of yours. I always liked him except when he was trying to chase 'my' girls!" She said as she walked off.

Luke took Dixie in his arms and hugged her.

Dixie replied, "Y'all didn't do that on purpose did ya?"

Luke smiled, "No, but if everyone wants to think that, we'll let 'em. Now let's go find your brother and get the General Lee out of the creek bed so we can change that tire." Luke asked as they walked to find Cooter, "Anything you'd like to do or any place you'd like to go tonight? I have to leave tomorrow, but not early."

Dixie replied, "What do ya say, you surprise me? I'm in no hurry to leave tomorrow either."

As Luke found Cooter, "I hope the wrecker is near by. I don't think we can get the tire changed in that creek bed."

"I don't think so either. I'll go get it. It's back at the garage. Why did y'all go through the creek? Ya had him until then." Cooter asked.

Luke replied, "Why don't ya ask Bo that one."

While waiting on Cooter to go get the wrecker Luke and Dixie figured to join half of Hazzard County in the Boars' Nest for a beer. Crossing the parking lot Luke saw Amy Creavy about to pull out. Automatically he looked at Lucifer on the car carrier, where he saw one of the straps was loose. He didn't think twice about calling out to the driver of the truck, "Hey, Amy!"

Amy Creavy saw that it was Luke Duke that had called to her. He was walking towards her truck with his arm still around the girl she'd meet at the farm. Her temper almost won as she thought of just pulling out, when she saw him pointing to her car carrier. She stopped.

Frankie asked, "What are you doing? He's just playing you."

Amy shook her head, "I don't think so." She opened her truck door silently asking 'What?'

Luke was already moving to the car carrier, "Your main strap came loose. Load must have shifted on you."

Dixie just watched as Luke not only showed Amy the problem but proceeded to undo the straps and redo them for her.

Amy moved closer to Luke when he was done. Unseen to anyone she slipped something into his shirt pocket as she gave him a friendly hug. "Thanks Luke. You know how attached I am to Lucifer! He would have surely came loose on these rough roads." She stressed her next word, "Maybe I'll come back next year." She hopped in her truck and was gone.

Luke put his arm back around Dixie and they went into the Boar's Nest for those beers. Luke stopped at the bar ordered two beers and said, "I'll be right back. I'm going to wash my hands." Once in the restroom Luke pulled out what Amy had put in his pocket. It was a business card with her cell phone number and email address on it. He quickly put it very far in the back of his wallet.


A beer and a changed tire later, Luke suggested quietly to Dixie, "How about us cutting out of here and spending the evening together?"

Dixie replied, "I'd like nothing more."

Luke said, "Let me just make sure when Bo's leaving in the morning." He stood to leave the table.

Dixie reached out and stopped him. "Luke I know you want to spend time with Bo. Just like I haven't seen Cooter in ages. Why don't we all just take off tonight like we used to to the lake or one of the 'camp' sites?"

"Now that's an idea. I'll be right back." Luke said.


The friends and family spent a night relaxing around a fire. Just talking, getting acquainted and reacquainted. By noon the next day found everyone packed and ready to leave Hazzard. As with every reunion, everyone promised not the let it be so long before the others heard from them. Phone numbers, addresses and, now with computers being more common, email addresses were exchanged.

Luke had walked Dixie to her car, "You may not be able to reach me by phone, or cell phone but I try to check my email even when I'm on fires. Base camp usually has several computers."

Dixie had successfully avoided mentioning where she worked only saying that she kept crazy hours, "I know how that is with my crazy hours. Just be careful jumping out of those perfectly good airplanes. And, don't worry, I'm good at finding people whether by phone, email, fax or carrier pigeon if need be, just don't expect me to do all the communicating."

Luke shot her an evil grin, "You are the one who left and dropped out of sight!"

Dixie smiled back, "So I was stupid and hard headed!"

Cooter called from across the farm yard, "Not that I'm trying to get ride of you or anything but I thought y'all were leaving today?"

Both looked at him just a surprised. Dixie ran over and gave him and Alma a hug, "Love ya big brother! Keep him out of trouble Alma."

They returned her hugs as she finally managed to get into her car and pull out for her 'home' with Luke following her to the county line where he'd turn the opposite direction.

Alma looked around the empty farm then at Cooter, "This place sure seems empty already. Ya think those two will make it to the county line without stopping?"

Cooter replied, sadly, "Yeah it is empty." He shrugged, "As for those two, yeah they are one their way, but I think they just might be seeing each other before next year. Speaking of next year. YA got any ideas how to top this year? It was really great!"

Alma smiled shyly, "Yes, it was great getting to meet all your friends. As for next year, we've got all year to plan it. What do ya say we go home and talk about it?"

Cooter replied, "Yes, Ma'am!"


Though I have only went to the last 4 Duke Fests, I hope my view of the Duke Fest 2000 with the characters lives as well as parts of real life from the stars combined was at least a believable if not accurate view. Let me know how you like it! If you have any ideas for the Duke Fest 2001 or was really at it please send ideas. Thanks!