Disclamer:I do not own Ed,Edd,and Eddy or anything of it.

Summery:Nazz is sick and tired of everything that is going on in the Cul-De-Sac and something inside her snaps,so she starts to kill one person off at a time,can the Ed's and their friend stop her before she kills everyone?

Author's Note:This fanfic will have blood-shed,charcter death, and maybe foul words.

Chapter 1:Out of Ammo

(Nazz's P.O.V.)

I just stood there aming the 9mm pistol against Jonny's head,I threw Plank into a woodchipper, tears welding up in my eyes,"I'm sorry, Jonny", I said."I forgive you,Nazz",he said. Then I pulled the trigger.

Just watching Jonny die, just made me want to hurl, and I just took a human life. I just dropped the gun and ran home, I had no idea that the Ed's and the new kidMichel were watching.

(Michel's P.O.V.)

I just watched Jonny,one of my friends,be killed by the girl I loved."Why Nazz,Why",I muttered to myself, and tears were slipping down my face.

"What's wrong Mike?",Double "D",he asked.

"I just saw the girl I love kill Jonny, and he was like a brother to me, we were both care-free,loved the forest,and were attached to an inanimate killed one person, she may kill another, and if she wants to kill another,who's next?

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