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Author's Note:If you read chapter 1, you'll know why this fanfic is rated, this is the last chapter.

Chapter 4:Pull the Trigger

(Nazz's P.O.V.)

"Michel, don't do this, please.",I said,so I could catch him off guard." You know Nazz, I loved you, until I saw you kill my friends,why?",he said."Because I am sick of how everyone treats me",I said."What, everyone treated you with respect and this how you decide to repay them!",he said."Let's settle this",I said as I pulled the trigger on another gun I pulled from my pocket, and it hit Ed in the leg, he screamed and collapsed.

(Michel's P.O.V.)

Ed just got hit in the leg by Nazz, so I said,

"Double "D", you take Ed back to my place and fix him up, Eddy you guard them, I 'll take care of this.", I said."Nazz let's settle this the old-fashioned way",I said and we threw our gear into a bush and I got into my Ninja pose(A/N:In this fanfic, they both know martial arts and kung-fu.)and started to fight it off hand-to-hand fo about half an hour, when Nazz pulled a knife and tryed to stab me, I saw a pipe on the ground, picked up, when Nazz try to slice at me, my pipe hit the blade, breaking it in half. "How the-",she said, before I brought the pipe on her hand,breaking it in three places, then I brought it across both knees,shattering them both. She screamed in pain and fell to her now-shattered knees,causing her to scream again. I tossed my pipe aside and pulled out my revolver(which had only bullet)and pointed it toward her head, and she said"Looks like you won,Michel",she said."If you truly loved a seiral killer like me,you'll pull that trigger". "Nazz, I love you, but all the things you've done is enexcuseable,I vowed that I would always love you, but now, I regretted that I ever made that vow,and I can never forgive you,now I don't love you anymore Nazz,goodbye",I said. Then I pulled the trigger. She died quickly as the bullet pentrated her skull and blew her brains out of her head. I dropped the gun,and I heard Eddy said,"Good job, you ended the life and the reign of a serial killer."

Then we called the cops, and the hospital and they sent some amblunces.

(One week later)(Conuting Michel's P.O.V.)

Well with Nazz gone, everything was almost the same, Rolf was in the hospital,Kevin, Jonny, and Nazz were mourned and buried, and Ed was patched up and I've been helping the Ed's with their scams ever since. If anymore evil wants to hurt more people of the Cul-De-Sac, Me and the Ed's will be ready.