Black Eyes

Her eyes were black. Filled with darkness. The dog flinched at the sight of her, and his tail went between his legs. Slinking low to the ground, he tried to sneak away.

But black eyes found him. And a female voice that should have been sweet and soothing spokeā€¦ and it was anything but sweet and soothing. The voice didn't even sound quite human; it was too thin and sharp and deadly.

The dog whimpered and backed up.

"What's wrong?" the voice taunted him.

He let out a bark of warning - too quick, too nervous - and shifted from paw to paw. He tried to run, but something invisible held him in place. Another bark, too weak.

She reeked of blood. Red and copper and flowers. Maybe that's what felt so off about this human. He tried again to run.

She bent over and bared her teeth at him.

A yip escaped his throat, and then his legs released him. He ran for freedom, and she stood and watched, too powerful to care if a tiny, insignificant dog escaped. She'd burn the town - and everyone, everything, in it too - soon enough.

The dog ran, right out of the town and further, until he could run no more. Until he found people whose eyes weren't all black.