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That night after the crazy morning, me and Sango were the only ones in the shack, because Inuyasha,Kagome,Miroku,Shippo,and Kilala went into the nearest village to try and find some dinner with the money I earned from the farmer at the crack of dawn. "Sango",I asked. "Yes",she said. "Did you really mean that you would bare my child?",I asked.

"Yes, I did, because I love you so much, I would marry you and settle down with after we were done looking for the jewel shards.",she said. "I feel the same way when I'm around you Sango",I said. I layed a kiss on her lips as she layed down to go to sleep and she asked me,"Do you want to sleep with me, I love you and you love me, who cares what the others think, we love each other, so does it matter?"

"You're right Sango, who cares what we do, so I'll sleep with you, as much I love you, I wouldn't give a care what others thought, and I would give my life to protect you, and I would be with, even after the end of time.",I said. So I scooted right next to her, and she snugled right close to my chest and we fell asleep toghether and we didn't give a care what the others thought. As long as she loved me and I loved her, we would be toghether forever.

Now on with the story!

Chapter 4: Revealing to Inuyasha and Kagome

(Kagome's P.O.V.)

We arrived back at the shack, late at night. We walked in and saw Norman and Sango laying under a blanket in the corner of the shack. We thought we would ask them in the morning. "Inuyasha, I need to ask you a very important question.", I told him. "Yeah what is it?", he asked. "Look at Norman and Sango, they love each other very deeply, and I wanted to ask you, do you love me like they love each other?", I asked him. "Ye...ys...yes, yes I do.", he said." I love you, Inuyasha.", I said. "I love you too, Kagome.", He said, then we kissed very passiontly. We parted and laid down in the other corner of the room. Waiting to ask Norman tommorow if he wanted to ever go back home.

(Miroku's P.O.V.)

"Man, I thought Sango loved me instead of Norman.", I thought.

"It must be that I ask every woman to bear my child and I grop her butt." I saw Inuyasha and Kagome lay down in another corner and Shippo and Kilala lay in the middle of the shack. So, I went to the side of the shack and closed my eyes, waiting for morn.

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