Those who dream by night

This story will be forty themes written for Albel and Sophia. The theme list comes from the thirty night's community.

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like my other story 'moments in time' this one will be various one-shots based on the themes listed here. Since the themes are night based I decided that most of these would be dark, drama, angst. I don't think you will find much fluff here, sorry guys.

Themes will not be done in order. The title of each story will be the theme and it's number. To prevent confusion here is the list of themes.

You are never mine to begin with

2. I'm willing to sacrifice anything just for you

3. Find me in the Dark

4. Darkness in my heart

5. Release my darkness; Bring me warmth

6. Stolen Heart

7. First sunlight after the darkness

8. One last date...

9. When all hope are lost

10. Together itsumo (Together always)

11. You will never look at me

12. Your love is suffocating me

13. Paint the night with stars

14. Guardian Angel

15. Telling you the truth

16. You don't know what you have done to me

17. Black Wings; Wings

18. Listen to the music at night

19. Crying all night for you

20. Never leave me again

21. Seeking for you

22. Love you till the very end

23. Like an art piece

24. My heart is bleeding for you...

25. Release of the evils

26. Frozen moment at the first sight

27. I'm souless without you

28. I feel safe with you by my side

29. I will never hurt you

30. It hurt to see you cry


31. Finally together

32. I hate to love, but for you I'm willing to...

33. I feel peace at night

34. It's hard not to love you

35. I'm poisoned from the very moment

36. Don't worry I'll always be by your side

37. Threads of Fate

38. Alone at night

39. Hear the thunder roar and the lightning flash

40. It's just a nightmare

So with that on to the themes!