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Pinintertion Pt. I

Pointless Interrogation

Part I

London, England (Nowhere/Somewhere, Wizarding world)
12:30pm est November 14th 1994

"Mr. Potter, where were you on the night of October 31st?"

Harry, having been brought in for questioning, was about to speak when Hermione hissed, "Plead the fifth! Plead the fifth, Harry!"

"Answer my question, Mr. Potter," his interrogater said. "I was at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," He said. He heard Hermione sigh before muttering to run that he 'should have pleaded the fifth' to which Ron merely stared at her. Then turned to the precedings.

"Why did we find you in Hogsmead then?" - Interrogator
"You didn't," Harry sighed
"Fine... Where were you when the lights went out?"- Interrogator
"In the dark," Harry said confusedly.
"Don't back sass me. Mr. Potter, this is serious! Now, Where were you?" - Interrogator said angrily.
"One, Sirius is not present in this room, and two... In. The. Dark." - Harry

"Should have pleaded the fifth," Hermione said exasperatedly.

"Where was Mr. Malfoy?" - Interrogator
"How should I know?" - Harry
"I ask the questions here, Mr. Potter" - Interrogator
"Thanks for the update, I'll be sure to tune into the 10 o' clock News later," - Harry

"What is taking so bloody long in there?" - Sirius

"Just answer the question, Potter!" - Interrogator
"I don't recall you asking a question" - Harry

The Interrogator took a deep breath.
"Mr. Potter... Would you be willing... To give me your exact location?"

"No." Harry said calmly.
"What" - Interrogator
"No." - Harry
"What do you mean 'no'?" - Interrogator
"Yes" - Harry
"Yes?" - Interrogator
"No." - Harry
"Answer my question clearly" - Interrogator
"Nooo." Drawled Harry 'clearly'
"Why not?" - Interrogator
"You asked me would I be willing, yes?" - Harry
"Yes. So why didn't you answer my question?" - Interrogator
"I did, I said, no" - Harry
"How can you say 'no'?" - Interrogator
"Like this... No." - Harry said exasperated.
"but you said 'yes' when I asked..." - Interrogator. Harry Interrupts.
"No, I said, 'no', then you asked, 'what do you mean 'no', and I said 'yes,', because yes I meant No!" - Harry was annoyed.

"Ron, I told you he should have pleaded the-" "Shhh... Hermione, I'm trying to listen"

"Dumbledore is the headmaster of your school?" - Interrogator
"Yes"- Harry
"Good, I was worried that you were an untamed liar." - Interrogator

Harry merely quirked an eyebrow.

"Do you know where he is?" - Interrogator
"Yes, of course... He's over there" - Harry (pointing towards Dumbledor)
"No, not him... HIM." - Interrogator
"He is to the right of Professor Snape..." - Harry
"No, not HIM, but H.I.M. ! Where is he?" - Interrogator
"Oh, H.I.M.!" - said Harry.
"Well? Do you know where he is?" - Interrogator
"Of course," - Harry
"Well?" - Interrogator
"H.I.M. is on the Power Puff Girls." - Harry
"..." - Interrogator

"O...K..." - Interrogator
"Lets have a short break..." - Minister of Magic

In the back ground as the scene closes. Here's the Minister of Magic asking one Harold James Potter,
"What are the Power puff girls?" in a soft whisper of curiosity.

End Part I