Summary: After "Forever Charmed", the girls and their men decided they wanted to get away from the city. In fact, they wanted to get away from the west entirely. So they moved to the small town we all know and love, Stars Hollow. Totally AU. Luke & Lorelai are together. No April or Anna.

Brand New Life

A/N: My two favorite shows are Gilmore Girls and Charmed, so I decided to write a crossover.

Disclaimer: You ACTUALLY think I own Charmed or Gilmore Girls? Ya, riiiight.

"You guys, we have to hurry. We have to be to the airport in an hour!" Piper said. She had always been the worrywart of the family.

"Piper, relax; we have plenty of time. We don't have to leave for another half hour and we're almost ready," Paige said, rolling her eyes.

"I'm just saying, Paige. Knowing you and Phoebe, we'll be out the door and you'll realize you left something that you need immediately. Then we'll spend half an hour looking for it and end up being late," Piper replied.

"Hey, that happened once!"

"Ya, but then cost us a day of our Disneyland vacation."

"Don't worry, Piper. That's not going to happen this time," Leo assured her.


Half an hour later, they were walking out of the manor, ready to leave. To Piper's delight, everybody had everything they needed. They were leaving the house to Billie. She had become like a sister to them, but she didn't want to leave San Francisco where she grew up.

As Paige, Piper, and Phoebe walked out of the house, and started to climb into the two cars, they stopped to look at the manor. This manor had been in their family since the time it was built, just after the famous 1906 earthquake. The manor had been a home to Piper and Phoebe for more than thirty years. It held so many memories, good and bad.

Prue was killed in the manor. Their beloved and, let's just say it, annoying Grams suffered a heart attack that brought on her death in there. They had vanquished so many demons in there, they couldn't even count. Piper had died or gone into a coma at least three times in the manor. Future Chris had died and faded away in Piper and Leo's very bed.

On a happier note, Phoebe and Wyatt were born in the manor. The Power of Three was reconstituted in the foyer. Paige, Piper, and Phoebe were turned into goddesses in the manor.

The manor was also source of powerful magic. Located in the basement was the Nexus. That's what caused their family to choose this location to live.

The point is, with so many memories, it was hard to leave. However, they did. They all got into their cars, pulled out of the driveway, and made their way to the airport.


After the plane ride, Piper, Leo, Wyatt, Chris, Phoebe, Coop, Paige, and Henry all got off the plane at Hartford Airport. Each couple had a rental car waiting for them. After driving for about half an hour, they came to their destination: A small town named Stars Hollow. They had managed to find three houses for sale all on the same street, which they had bought before they had left San Francisco.

As they drove through the remarkably small town, a few things caught their eyes. One was a short, somewhat bald man being chased by a tall, bony man with a rubber chicken in his hand. Another thing they noticed was a place with two completely different signs. One said Luke's diner, and the other said William's Hardware. But what interested them the most was the large banner that read 'Stars Hollow Cheese Festival!' What an interesting town we've come to, Phoebe thought.

A/N: Ok, so I know that was really Charmed and not much Gilmore Girls, but I needed to get them away from San Francisco. Besides, that was only the prologue. The next will have some good interaction.