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.:Twilight of Escaflowne:.

Chapter 9


The next day, school couldn't have started quick enough. I woke up extra early that morning as I was bubbling with excitement to see Van again…I mean, it's just that he was so utterly fascinating! Not to mention eye-candy—forget candy, he's flippin' eye-chocolate! Decadently rich, dark, chocolate…

I had woken up at the crack of dawn that morning to get ready for school. I had woken up so early, that not even Shoji had left for work yet. I cheerfully made us both cheese omelet's, humming as I cooked.

"What's got you so cheerful?" Shoji pulled me out of my reverie.

"Can't a girl be cheerful during a bright sunny morning?" I asked innocently.

"It's sunny today?!" He asked disbelievingly.

"Of course it is!" I was too happy for it to be another dreary day in Fanelia. Besides, I had a feeling that today would be a bright one.

"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!" Shoji exclaimed. "It really is sunny out! But the forecast didn't say anything about sun…hmmmm."

"See? Never question my judgment. Mom always used to say that I had an uncanny ability to predict the weather. Not to mention my premonitions always seem to come true."

"Sure, sure. Well I better be off Tomi or I'm gonna be late! Have fun today at school!" Shoji called as he headed out the door.

I began to gather my things when I realized that I had not dreamed last night, which is very unusual for me. In fact, I don't remember ever not having a dreamless sleep, and I was kinda disappointed, as all my dreams of late have involved Van…

Just as I was about to walk out the door of my house, a strange, nauseating sensation came over me. My vision began to blur, and before I knew it, everything had gone black


What is this place? I wondered.

I was in a beautiful grassy meadow full of wildflowers for as far as the eye could see.

Am I dreaming? Or is this some kind of vision?

I spun around in awe, taking in my surroundings when I noticed two figures standing on a hill not far off from where I stood. My body began walking towards them of its own accord, and I didn't even notice that I had been moving until I was at the base of the hill from which the strange figures stood.

I was close enough to where I could make out the two figures as a man and a woman. They wore strange clothing like they were figures straight from a history book, but nonetheless, they were both regally dressed. They hadn't seemed to notice me as they were deeply emerged within conversation. I couldn't make out what they were saying, and I couldn't tell what their faces looked like. All I could make out was that the woman wore a beautiful billowy dress that flowed in the gentle breeze. It was emerald green and had pearl accents. Her hair was the same color as mine—honey blond—except hers was long and wavy and flowed down her back. There were wildflowers weaved within her curls.

The man was tall, and dark. He wore a blood red tunic decorated with silver medals and jewels. He wore a long black cape along with black gloves, pants, and boots. As the cape swayed with the breeze, I caught a glimpse of a sword strapped at his side. It's hilt was covered in what I could guess were diamonds as they sparkled in the light, but above them all shone a blood red jewel that was so deeply crimson it was almost black, and in the very core of the jewel was a void that seemed to capture my gaze and pull me in. With some effort, I was able to avert my eyes from the jewel.

My attention was once more drawn to the man in woman and I could see that their hands were clasped and the woman was crying as her tears sparkled in the sun. That wasn't all that had sparkled in the sun, though. I was too drawn in by the jewel to even notice it before, but now that I looked at the two figures, I could see that the man's very face seemed to sparkle. I blinked my eyes and rubbed them as I thought that what I was seeing was just my imagination, but no, when I looked up at him again, he certainly was sparkling! I couldn't make out his facial features, but from what I could see, his hair was raven black and disheveled, and at his ear was a single earring with a teardrop shaped stone that was a bright, pinkish color. I couldn't help but feel like I had seen that stone somewhere else before. I wasn't given very much time to ponder this thought as the man and woman leaned in for a brief kiss and where then parting in opposite directions.

Once more, everything start t swirl and go black.

And then I was back on my doorstep, sitting with my body slumped against my front door frame, and Van was looking frantically into my eyes.

"Hitomi? Are you ok?!" He asked.

I blinked twice before I answered. "I think so…" I looked around him in search of the meadow and the two figures but only saw my front lawn, my beast of a truck, and his Volvo parked on the curb.

"What just happened? I came to pick you up for school when I noticed that you were here, sitting exactly as you are now staring off into space with a blank expression and when I tried speaking to you, you wouldn't respond." He elucidated to me.

I realized that I was a little light headed and my thoughts were slightly fuzzy. I was trying to orientate myself by walking through the mornings events:

I woke up, showered, got ready for school, ate breakfast with Shoji for a change…THAT'S RIGHT! I was all excited about going to school to see Van so I woke up extra early and at breakfast with Shoji and we talked about the weather…THE WEATHER!

I looked up at the sky and was disappointed to see that it was already overcast. I could have sworn that today would be a sonny day…Shoji had even looked out the window and confirmed that it was sonny out so how did it get cloudy and so fast?!

My mind wandered in it's thoughts about the mornings events and my strange vision and I completely forgot that Van was sitting right in front of me until his voice pulled me from my speculations.

"So do you mind explaining what just happened earlier?" He asked.

"I…uh…I don't really know…I was headed out the door on my way to school when I suddenly felt sick, and then…" I wasn't sure if I wanted to share my vision with anyone else yet. I still had to sort things out in my own mind, and I didn't even really know Van all that well, so he might think I'm crazy or something and won't wanna spend time with me anymore and we've already made such great progress in getting to know one another!

My mind raced as I tried to come up with an inconspicuous explanation without revealing what actually happened.

"…and then I think I feinted…" Stupid Stupid Stupid! He'll never believe that! Was that all you could come up with!? Come ON Hitomi!

I looked at him expectantly to gauge his reaction. He looked into my eyes for a few more seconds that seemed like eternity as I realized how close he was to me. His steady gaze and close proximity made my face flush.

He smiled and said, "You should really take better care of yourself. It's no surprise that you have feinting spells after I've witnessed how little you eat." Thank God for my finicky eating habits!

He leaned away and stood up. "We better go less we be late for school." I stood up and grabbed my bag, locked the door and turned around to see him already waiting at his car with the passenger door open. It took me a second to lope down the steps to the car as I pondered how I hadn't even hear his steps in the grass, the ruffling of his clothes, or even the car door opening as I was locking up. Not to mention it was all done so fast, surely he couldn't have reached his car and opened his door all in the span of maybe two seconds? Perhaps I was so immersed in my own thoughts that I didn't even notice. Or perhaps my mind was still a little fuzzy from my vision.

As we pulled out from the curb and headed to school I was still deep in thought, and I guess Van was as well as he turned up the music and didn't even bother to say anything to interrupt my contemplating.

Of three things I was absolutely certain: that vision was no ordinary lapse in thought or daydream and it had to mean something; of it's meaning I had no idea though. Van's actions were slightly off this morning, and he too, had some things that I could tell he was keeping from me. Finally, I had definitely seen that pink stone the man had worn as an earring before. I couldn't recall where I had seen it though. I couldn't get it off my mind. Why was it so familiar? And what did it mean? Why did it stand out most of all from my vision, and what does it have to do with me?


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