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Ch. 1- Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Raven had been gone for a long time... A very long time. She showed up the titans tower door step a few weeks ago. She was very different. Instead of her usual short hair she had back length purple hair. When she got super angry her cloak got white. But they find that out later... For now, let's begin when she came back...

knock knock

Starfire: Who could that be this time of night?

Robin: I don't know... Let's go find out!

When robin answers the door he sees a young woman with a blue cloak wrapped around her body. It's a very windy and rainy night so her hair was wet and dishelved. Her hood was around her face. Robin stood there looking at her for what seemed like forever. She looked up and said "Are you just going to stand there or are you going to let me in?"

Robin: I don't usually let in strangers... Especially on cold nights like this one.

Stranger: Please... I have nowhere to go...

Robin: Thats what they all say.

But Robin could have sworn he'd heard that voice before. Not from a foe, but from a friend. A very close one.

Cyborg: What in hell is going on down here?


Starfire: Please let her in Robin... She is about to freeze to death.

Robin: Ok, but if you cause any trouble I'll throw you out.

Stranger: You can call me R...

Robin: Ok R... We have a spare bedroom upstairs. Be careful not to wake up Andre...

R: Who's Andre?

Cyborg: After one of our old team mates quit, we had to replace her. So we found Andre.

R: I see. I'll try not to wake him up.

R slowly makes her way up the stairs toward the guest room when she hears a door open..

Andre: You shouldn't be here... Get out.

R: Go fill yourself in. Everybody knows I'm here.

Andre: Fine.. I'll trust you. But if your lying...

R: What are you going to do about it?

Andre: This...

Andre leaps forward and changes into a gorilla and grabs her around the waist. Then he starts pulling of her cloak

R: NO!

As R's cloak falls off Robin runs upstairs.

Robin: What is going on up here!

All the sudden robin's attention shifts to the woman... Only now he remembers her.

Robin: Raven?

Raven: No!

Raven tries to run away but Robin grabs her arm.

Robin: Welcome home Raven...