Okay, this is my first official Nightmare On Elm Street fic. It's an idea that I hope hasn't been demonstrated yet. Basically it features the survivors of the Nightmare movies, Jesse, Alice, Maggie and Lori. Nancy and Kristen may come back as spirits or something but who knows. Set 2 years after Freddy VS Jason. Freddy's body was mutilated by Jason so he is forced to posess another human being in order to come back. Alice's son Jacob is also in this. Hope you enjoy it.. this is just the epilouge i will continue If i get more reviews.

Alice hadn't seen him coming. Her eyes had been locked on the wad of paperwork she had been holding close to her chest, when she felt someone knock her right shoulder and she stumbled forwards, collapsing onto to the ground. "Oh, my god - are you okay?" Someone said to her. Alice groaned and picked herself up. Her paperwork was scattered across the ground where she had fallen. Rolling her eyes, she knelt down and began to clear it up.

"Uh, excuse me?" Alice turned her head and saw a young man with short fair hair watching her, an apologetic look on his face. He looked sencerely embarressed, and rightly so, Alice thought to herself. Things had been bad enough that day without this happening. "Uh, miss? I'm sorry," The young man said to her, and to Alice's surprise he knelt down beside her and began to help her. "I was just in a hurry."

"It's fine, really," Alice said quickly, but it wasn't fine at all. She wasn't exactly feeling great and this didn't help matters. "Look, I'll clear it up. You'd best go if you're in a hurry," She said hastily, almost slapping his hand away as it reached for one of her files.

The man smiled, "No, really, I'd better help you clean it up," He replied, and Alice looked at him for a moment and felt herself blushing. Well, atleast he had the decency to help her tidy it up. "What's your name?" He added, looking away from her.

Alice was startled by this, but tried not to show it. "Oh, um - Alice. My name's Alice," She answered him, managing a faint smile, "I'm sorry I was a little snappy before, I've just been having a really hectic day.."

"Really? I'm sorry to hear that," The man said, "I'm Jesse. I was just in a hurry because -" He sighed, "I'm proposing to my girlfriend tonight."

"Oh, that's great," Alice said cheerfully as she picked up the last of her paperwork, "Well, you seem really nice. So, I'm guessing she's very lucky to be with someone like you." She added, biting her lip. Why had she said that? So stupid..

Jesse laughed, and Alice's cheeks flushed crimson, "I guess so. So where do you live? I haven't seen you around here before."

"Oh, just a few blocks down," Alice said conversationally, standing up straight to face him, "I work at the Manhattan Borough High School, it's not that far from here."

"You're a teacher? That's great!" Jesse replied, and Alice beamed. She was glad and also quite relieved to find that he was interested in what she did and liked her on first sight. Most people thought she was strange, like she kept herself to herself, and didn't have or want to have a lot of friends. This wasn't true. Alice longed to be accepted, but she knew a lot of people still knew of what had happened to her those sixteen years ago.

"Yeah, I suppose it is," Alice said, "Where do you work?"

"I'm a lawyer," Jesse said casually, "I'd much rather be a teacher sometimes, It's a pretty stressful job," He joked, and they both laughed. "Well, I sort of have to get going now. But it was really nice talking to you, uh..?"

"Alice," Alice said promptly, "Alice Johnson."

Jesse smiled at her. Alice smiled back at him and for a moment there was something there, some strange connection between them. Alice felt that she knew so much about him already though they barely knew eachother. "Well Alice, remember Jesse Walsh, and maybe we'll see eachother again sometime." Jesse said, arousing Alice from her thoughts.

Alice's smile widened just slightly. "Okay, maybe we will," She stared down at the ground and then looked up at him again, her red hair blowing in the wind, "Anyway, I'm so sorry to have kept you, Jesse." She made to turn away but then looked back at him and added: "Oh, and I hope your girlfriend accepts your proposal."

Jesse laughed and Alice's heart skipped a beat. "You and me both, Alice." He said, and then he was gone.

Alice watched him walk away and then turned around and began walking in the opposite direction. Jesse, Jesse Walsh, Alice thought to herself, and smiled, I'll have to remember that name.