"He doesn't have a weakness."

"Bullshit, that's just what he wants you to believe."

"Then what is it?"

"Well, you guys are the last survivors of Freddy. He thought by wiping out all the kids in Springwood he'd beable to find some way of getting back into the real world. I don't even understand it.. but we think that's it. So it's -"

"Wait a second. Last survivors? What do you mean? Who else survived?"

"A few people did. You're the second survivor, Alice. But there were more after you."

Alice tried to take this in. She was still in shock. Nancy and Kristen were here, explaining all this to her. But they were dead.. how the hell could they be here, now? "How did you guys even get here? Aren't your.. souls, in torment?" She enquired.

"No, you set a few of us free, remember Alice?" Kristen clicked her tounge, rolling her eyes. "Have you forgotten everything that happened before? Or have you just tried to blot it out from memory?" She sighed, "You can't do that, Alice. You've got to face up to him some time."

"Well, it's easy for you, you're dead," Alice hissed, "You don't have to deal with the pressure.." Tears burned in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

Nancy suddenly reached out to touch her, but her hand shot right through Alice's shoulder. Alice shuddered and leaned back. "I'm sorry, Alice," Nancy said sadly, "I wish there was more we could do for you. I can only give you so much advice, then you're on your own."

Alice nodded, appreciating any help they could give her.

"You have to find the other survivors," Nancy said, "You've got to warn them. Make them believe. They'll believe you, they've got to. Or Freddy'll find some way of using you all to get back into the real world."

Alice stared at her in horror. "He won't try to use Jacob again, will he?"

Nancy looked worried. She exchanged glances with Kristen, who finally answered after much hesitation, "It's possible. He could use all of you. That's why you have to find eachother and work together. Before, it was only one person up against Freddy. We think, that if there's a group of you - you could finally finish him off."

"D'you know who the other survivors are, exactly?" Alice asked.

"Well, there are a few," Nancy explained, "I can only give you their names, not their locations. That's something you'll have to figure out yourself," When Alice nodded, Nancy continued, "Well, there's you. But then there's the first suvivor - after me, of course - his name is Jesse Walsh. Freddy used him to actually come into the real world. He actually forced Jesse to kill, using Jesse's body."

Alice's heart skipped a beat. "Jesse? No.. I know that guy. I met him on the street corner this week."

Nancy smiled, "Then you'll know exactly where to find him, won't you?" She said.

"No, I don't -"

"Then after him we have you, The Dream Master." Kristen carried on, ignoring her, "But of course there was your little friend, Yvonne. You'd better find her, Alice. She could be on Freddy's list too."

Alice was stunned at this. She had forgotten all about Yvonne. "No.. Yvonne died in a car crash a few years back." She said, her heart plummeting. Nancy and Kristen suddenly looked uncomfortable.

"Sorry.." Nancy said quietly, then quickly changed the subject, "Then, Maggie Burroughs. Also known as Katherine Krueger. She was -"

"Freddy's daughter?" Alice said, taking the words out of her mouth.

"Yes, Freddy's daughter. She worked at a children's shelter and I believe she still does somewhere in New York, but I can't specify on which one," Nancy said, "She's still Maggie Burroughs, though. But she wasn't the final survivor. There's Lori Campbell. Freddy once picked a fight with Jason Voorhees, but I won't go into telling you about him.." She said, "Not right now, anyway. But Lori and her friend, Will.. they got past Krueger aswell. So altogether there are five of you, Alice. You, Jesse, Maggie, Lori and Will. You have to find them."

"Are they all in New York?" Alice asked.

"I told you, I don't know exactly," Nancy replied, and she began to fade away. "But you can find them, I know you can. If you really believe that Krueger is back you'll find them, and you'll all think of some way to beat him."

"We might not be back to help you, Alice," Kristen injected, staring sadly at her friend, "But if we aren't, good luck."

"Hey, wait a -" Alice began to cry out, but Nancy, Kristen and the other victims were already out of sight. Alice sat there on her bed, duvet pulled up to her knees. She sat there sobbing for a long while before going to Jacob's room. He was awake.

Good, Alice thought bitterly, But how the hell am I going to find them all?