So, my computer has this stupid Trojan virus thing, so my dad is taking in the computer to be looked at and we will not be getting it back for a couple of days. So, I have composed two fics for you. And I have to type super fast because my dad gave me fifteen minutes on the computer until we leave because he is an asshole. That said, this is in Albel POV. Enjoy.

On Eliccor, everyone avoided me.

I was alone.

The people cowered before me.

Feared the air around me.

But then I met you.

You looked at me.

I tried to hide from you.

But you kept looking.

Why you came so near me, I do not know…

… But I am glad you did.

Because I would still be alone.

So now, I cannot leave you.

Really short again. Sorry. And if there any mistakes, I am truly sorry. But I only have a minimal amount of time as I said before. Hope you liked it.