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Note: This contains slight spoilers.


The wails of a newborn baby drifted out to the meadow where Nagare stood. The cool autumn breeze felt refreshing compared to the stifling hotness of the birthing room. One of the maids came rushing out to him.

"Master, the doctor is waiting for you," the maid said breathlessly.

Nagare simply nodded, his blond hair swaying with the light breeze. He glanced up at the full moon that seemed to overtake the sky before he headed into his home. He was greeted by some more maids who were looking ecstatic. Nagare stood outside the door, hesitating before it. His new baby's crying became clearer when the nurse opened the door and motion for him to come in. Walking in he saw the doctor holding a little bundle. His wife Rui was out of sorts due to the drugs. She couldn't acknowledge him let alone the baby she just gave birth to.

The doctor was smiling brightly. "Congratulations! You have a son." He handed Nagare the weeping bundle.

Nagare cradled the baby who had already calmed down, now that he was safe in his father's arms. The baby opened his eyes, revealing beautiful emerald eyes-his eyes. His baby boy has his eyes! The little mop of flaxen hair also made it clear that the child could be no one else's but Nagare's. Nagare couldn't help but stare in awe of his little son. The child was the splitting image of him. He seemed to bore no resemblance to his mother.

Rui. The twin sister of his first wife Kasane. Oh God! He forgotten her for one moment when he stared into his son's eyes. How could he do that? Allowing himself not to think about Kasane and their daughter. How could he, for a brief second, ignored the fact that his baby daughter rested under the great weeping sakura tree as he felt joy for the birth of his second child.

Nagare's sleeve lifted a bit as he held the child and he took a look at his skin. One day it'll be covered with scales due to the family curse. The very same curse his baby boy will suffer when he reaches adulthood. The same damn curse that forced him to forfeit his daughter's life. He doesn't deserve to be happy, not with his true love and their daughter dead. In the end he'll only lose his son as well. The poor boy has no way of knowing that he'll be forced to endure all the secrets of the Kurosaki family.

Nagare knew then that it would be cruel for the boy to have it all only then to have it all taken away from him. He can't let the baby suffer all the same fates as he had. What is that saying? Cruel to be kind. He stared at his son with sorrow. The baby was cooing happily but then looked a little distressed, as if he knew what Nagare was thinking. I'm sorry, baby, Nagare thought. I can't bear the loss of another child, nor can I bear to suffer anymore.

Nagare handed that baby to the nurse, unable to hold him for another moment.

"I need to go back to my study," Nagare said bluntly. He walked stiffly out of the room.

"Wait, Master," the doctor call to him. "What are you calling the child?"

Nagare stood still for a moment before turning to face the doctor.

"Hisoka. His name will be Hisoka Kurosaki."