chapter 26

Helpful Hints:

"…" – talking

'…' – telepathy talking

italics – different language speaking/cell phone talking

bold – actions within the normal talking

underline – thinking

(…..) – I'm talking

"…" – demon talking

-….- - time jump

"…" – flashbacks/dream sequences

"…" – seeing-the-future talking

"Digivolve," shouted the digidestined.

A soft glow went over all of the digimon, making them evolve to the ultimate stage. Yet, Gabumon and Agumon were the only ones who went to the mega form. Myotismon laughed so hard that the laugh sounded mocking. Guardromon sent the first fire attack at Myotismon. Because Myotismon is that powerful, he just batted the attack away. Metalgarurumon ran and bit Myotismon's arm. Myotismon shrieked in pain as he sent a dark wave to send Metalgarurumon into the air. Yet, what surprise the digidestined were the claws that came from the shadows of Myotismon's cloak. "What is that," shouted Davis.

"My new powers," gloated Myotismon.

"It looks like," started Izzy.

"Apocalymon," shouted Sora.

"What," shouted the other digidestined who remembered or who heard stories about him.

"Ha," laughed Myotismon, "You cannot defeat me a third time! I absorbed Apocalymon's powers for this moment!"

"We'll see about that," shouted Wargreymon as he attacked Myotismon to give the others time.

"Ex-Veemon/Stingmon, DNA digivolve," shouted Davis and Ken.

"You too, Aquilamon, Gatomon," shouted Yolei.

"Let's get going, Angemon/Ankylomon," shouted TK and Cody.

"Ex-Veemon/Stingmon/Aquilamon/Gatomon/Angemon/Ankylomon, DNA digivolve to… Paildramon/Silphymon/Shakkoumon," called six different Digimon unison voices.

I lie here paralytic
Inside this soul
Screaming for you till my throat is numb
I wanna break out I need a way out
I don't believe that it's gotta be this way
The worst is the waiting
In this womb I'm suffocating

"Harry Potter," said Voldemort, "Come to die."

"Not likely, Voldemort," said Harry as he positioned his wand to attack.

There were a lot of Death Eaters as McGonagall, Sirius, Remus, Charlie, Bill, Fred, George, Percy, Penelope, Cedric, Oliver, Blaise, Neville, Theodore, and Ginny fought them off. Lucius was about to run after his son and demand him to get the Dark Mark. However, Charlie was fast enough to stun him. The bigger battles started to escalate. The good wizards began to use their training of spirit energy and magical energies to defeat the Death Eaters. One of the inner circle was about to use the Crucio curse on Neville, but Sirius engaged that person to a duel. In fact, he was taunting the person. "Hello, Bellatrix," said Sirius, "I'm so glad that you are here. How's about I give you something that mummy dearest taught me."

"Ha," said Bellatrix, "Does itty bitty Sirius think he can do something that Aunt Walburga never taught me?"

"You were warned," said Sirius, "Spirit Star!"

Bellatrix was so surprise to see something shining within Sirius's hand! It was not the tip of the wand that he processed right now, but his hand! Bellatrix couldn't comprehend what Sirius was doing. However, it was too late to cast a Protego charm as the spirit energy sliced Bellatrix's wand hand off. Bellatrix let out a banshee-like scream as she fell to the floor, losing a lot of blood in the process. This stopped the Death Eaters a little bit as the others cast spells that sent them flying into the air or falling to the ground, unmoved but alive. Voldemort didn't pay attention to his followers as he cast spell after spell at Harry while Harry dodged very fast. "I am immortal boy," shouted Voldemort.

"Do you mean the diary and all your broken souls into objects called Horcruxes," taunted Harry as he fired a spell at VOldemort.

"How did you learn that," shouted an angry Voldemort.

"Someone call Pluto," said Harry as he opened a woman-made dimensional pocket that dropped all destroyed Horcruxes.

"You," started Voldemort before shouting, "YOU! AVEDA KEDAVRA!"

EXPELLIARMUS," shouted Harry as both green and red lights connected.

Feel your presence filling up my lungs with oxygen
I take you in
I've died

"Zeo Ranger One, Pink," called Katherine.

"Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow," called Tanya.

"Zeo Ranger Three, Blue," called Rocky.

"Zeo Ranger Four, Green," called Adam.

"Zeo Ranger Five, Red," called Tommy.

The rangers morphed into their Zeo colors just as the cogs ran towards them and started to fight the other non-morphed rangers. King Mondo rushed in with his sword just in time for Billy to call on his lance andblock it. Being very surprise by this, Billy slashed his lance at King Mondo and made him move backwards with a wound on his robotic body. Tommy ran in and started to fight King Mondo while Billy regrouped with the others. "Ready guys," asked Zack.

"Ready as I'll ever be," said Aisha.

"It's Morphin Time," shouted Billy.

"Mastodon," called Zack.

"Triceratops," called Billy.

"Saber Tooth Tiger," called Trini.

"Yellow Ranger Power," called Aisha.

The battle stopped for a brief moment to see the original rangers transform. The familiar suits made the Zeo rangers happy while King Mondo and the Machine Empire looked on in surprise. As the four rangers attacked the cogs and King Mondo, everyone snapped out of their shock to deal with the menace that was stronger than Lord Zedd and his bride, Rita Repulsa. "When did this happen," asked Adam as he and Zack tag-teamed against some monster.

"Well," said Billy, "According to my memories, it would be Serena's training that triggered the morphing grid of our old powers."

"What," questioned everyone as they looked at Trini.

"He said that our powers came back when we all went under Serena's training of chakra and spirit energy."

"Oh," said Rocky as he killed off another monster.

"Morphinominal," said Katherine as she and Tanya tag-teamed to kill off another monster.

Rebirthing now
I wanna live for love wanna live for you and me
Breathe for the first time now
I come alive somehow
Rebirthing now
I Wanna live my life wanna give you everything
Breathe for the first time now
I come alive somehow

"World Shaking," shouted Uranus.

"Deep Submerge," shouted Neptune.

"Pathetic," said Chaos as he absorbed the powers.

The scouts gasped in shock as Neptune and Uranus's attacks were absorbed. Galaxia and the Sailor Animates charged their attacks and sent them towards Chaos. Chaos laughed at the pathetic attempt to harm his form. He taunted them that it tickled as he sent out yellow beams. The scouts ducked as they remembered that the yellow beams will take their starseeds away. Seiya ran towards the form with Uranus as they tag-teamed to beat Chaos. Chaos laughed as he formed a sword and tried to slash the two scouts. He screamed in pain a bit as the combined powers of the sailor scouts, such as Mercury with Mars, hit Chaos's back. "Jupiter Thunder Crash," shouted Jupiter.

"Venus Love Chain Encircle," shouted Venus.

Jupiter's lightning wrapped itself onto Venus's chain and wrapped around Chaos. Chaos screamed a bit more as the electricity electrified him. Being very angry, Chaos let his anger known. He shot a lot of yellow beams towards the scouts. The scouts, fortunately, were dodging very well than what they did in the past. They ran around Chaos and shot their elemental powers at him, combining the full force of their attacks. Chaos was schreaming as the powers intensified and the yellow beams started to come out more and more. However, one person didn't dodge that fast as a yellow beam hit. Tin Nyanko screamed out as her starseed showed to all. "Tin Nyanko," shouted Iron Mouse as she ran towards her friend.

"Don't," shouted the others but it was too late, for another starseed was shown.

"Who's next," called Chaos as he looked at the angry sadden scouts.

"Star Serious Laser," shouted Star Fighter.

"Star Sensitive Inferno," shouted Star Healer.

"Star Gentle Uterus," shouted Star Maker.

"Deadly Scream," shouted Pluto.

"Silent Glaive Surprise," shouted Saturn.

I lie here lifeless
In this cocoon
Shedding my skin cause
I'm ready to
I wanna break out
I found a way out
I don't believe that it's gotta be this way
The worst is the waiting
In this womb I'm suffocating

"Injustice," shouted Wufei as he shot at Madam Rouge."

"Stay still," shouted Robin as he fought Slade with Heero.

Slade, Madam Rouge, and Brain were very formidable foes. The Brain used his telepathic powers to stop Beastboy and Quatre from hurting him. Madam Rouge kept on stretching, making it very hard for Trowa and Wufei to shoot at her. Slade was dodging back and forth from the attacks that Heero and Robin were dishing out. Cyborg tried to get a good shot with his cannon, but Brain stopped him, making Quatre and Beastboy catch their breath. "It seems that I am more superior to you," said Brain.

"Yeah right," said Beastboy.

"You do not know the meaning of strategically distraction," said Quatre.

"What," asked Brain before he was shot from behind.

Because Madam Rouge was moving around so much, the shots that Wufei and Trowa were doing weren't dodged by Brain. Quatre, Beastboy, and Cyborg did a false attack while the real attack came from two people who were attacking Madam Rouge. Brain sounded shock as he screamed in pain and fell to the floor. Now with Brain out of the way, Quatre and Beastboy went to help with Madam Rouge while Cyborg went to help Heero and Robin. "Give up," said Madam Rouge, "You can never defeat someone as me."

'We'll see about that," said Quatre and he, Trowa, and Wufei shot at Madam Rouge.

"Give up boys," said Slade, "I am far more powerful than you.

"Shut up," said Robin.

"We will defeat you," said Heero as he attacked Slade.

"Cyborg to the help," said Cyborg as his canon blast Slade to the wall, letting Heero and Robin catch their breath.

Rebirthing now
I wanna live for love wanna live for you and me
Breathe for the first time now
I come alive somehow
Rebirthing now
I Wanna live my life wanna give you everything
Breathe for the first time now
I come alive somehow

"Rose Whip," called Kurama.

"Spirit Sword," called Kuwabara.

Hiei apparently called on his third eye. The three looked at Shisui with worry and anticipation. Without giving out anything, Shisui ran towards the three to start their fight. Shisui wasn't really doing anything spectacular, such as changing his personalities. He was quite enjoying the afterlife. Kurama and Hiei could sense this, but Kuwabara was itching for a fight. Shisui used his spirit energy to deflect the oncoming attacks. "This is quite boring," said Shisui.

"It seems as though you do not want to battle," said Kurama.

"Meh," said Shisui, "I was having a grand old time in the afterlife. I didn't' even want to come. But, a command from a god needs to be obeyed."

"Should we just wait until everything is over with," asked Kuwabara as he placed his sword down just a bit.

"And where is the fun in that," said Shisui as he attacked again, sending Kuwabara into the air.

"Damn you," shouted Kuwabara.

Tell me when I'm gonna live again
Tell me when I'm gonna breathe you in
Tell me when I'm gonna feel inside
Tell me when I'm gonna feel alive

"Solar Flare," shouted Osiris.

"Dark Blaze," shouted Seth.

The battle between the gods and goddesses were heating up. Upon realizing that Helios was actually the resident older brother to Gaia, they tried to everything to protect Selene and Helios. However, it wasn't going as plan as they had hoped. Yofuzen had placed a dark barrier around Selene, Helios, and Yofuzen. The others tried to get to them only to do battle with the other gods and one goddess. They were worried for Helios and Selene. "Shinimegami, can you try to get his death threads," asked Ares.

"I can try," said Shinimegami, "I haven't done that for millennia. I may be rusty."

"Don't worry about it," said Shinigami as he was back to back with his sister, "We can do our powers together."

"You think you can destroy us," said Bast, "We are more than enough to come back over and over again!"

"Now would be a good time," said Hephaestus.

Shinimegami and Shinigami nodded their heads. Clasping their hands together, they glowed an eerie violet color. Ares and Hephaestus distracted Bast and Themis with their fire power as Shinimegami and Shinigami found Bast and Themis's life lines. With one swipe of their glowing hands, the life lines became destroyed, leaving a backlash on the three gods and one goddess. The others saw them knocked out, but they couldn't do anything. In the end of each battle, only Isei and Seth were redeemed. Every one of them fainted due to lack of power and reverted back into their normal forms, wishing luck to Selene and Helios.

Tell me when I'm gonna live again
Tell me when this fear will end
Tell me when I'm gonna feel inside
Tell me when I'll feel alive

"You are mine, Selene," said Yofuzen as he pinned her to the black barrier wall.

"I would never be yours," said Selene.

"You think that Helios has enough powers to assist you," mocked Yofuzen, "To rule beside you? Don't make me laugh!"

Selene struggled on the hold that Yofuzen had on her neck. She glared defiantly at Yofuzen as Helios tried to get up from the blast of cold dark energy. Using his sword for support, Helios rose off of the ground. He charged at Yofuzen, but Yofuzen sensed it. Using his free hand, Yofuzen backhanded Helios to the side. Coughing up blood, Helios glared at Yofuzen, trying to get up. "You see," laughed Yofuzen, "Helios is no match for me!"

"Yes he is," choked Selene, "I believe in him!"

"Oh, do you," questioned Yofuzen, "Then stay here while I destroy Helios."

Selene gasped as Yofuzen flung her to the other side of the barrier. She coughed out blood as she tried to get herself up. Yofuzen powered up a black energy orb and threw it at Helios. Helios tried to dodge, but with his injuries, the energy orb grazed his side. Helios grunted in pain, not giving the satisfaction of showing Yofuzen his pain. He looked helplessly at Selene as Yofuzen conjured up a sword. "Time to die," shouted Yofuzen at the defeated Helios.

"No," shouted Selene as the sword pierced Helios's heart and her glowing silver.

Rebirthing now
I wanna live for love wanna live for you and me
Breathe for the first time now
I come alive somehow
Rebirthing now
I Wanna live my life wanna give you everything
Breathe for the first time now
I come alive somehow

"What," shouted Yofuzen as he saw the glowing lights.

"You killed my lover," said Selene as a familiar object appeared.

Yofuzen gasped as he saw the familiar Silver Crystal. He could feel that most of his forces were dead, such as Voldemort by Harry, Myotismon by the digidestined, and so on. He backed up as Selene's injuries were healing itself. He saw Selene trying to get up as the glow became brighter. Selene, with her anger and her love for her friends, tried once more to push herself forward. Yofuzen looked in a frozen daze as he tried to mutter out something. "Y-you weren't s-suppose to have a-access to t-that," shouted Yofuzen.

"Here's a lesson for you, Yofuzen," said Selene, "The Silver Crystal is always apart of me! This is my life energy! And this will be the end of you!"

"No," shouted Yofuzen with desperate black blasts, "I won't let you use that object to rewrite everything that I have done to gain you!"

"You have cruelly killed my lover. You resurrected Chaos to destroy my now fallen scouts. You made things worse for yourself, Yofuzen," said Selene as she raised the object in the air.

"I'll destroy that before you can rewrite everything," shouted Yofuzen as he ran towards Selene.

Selene gasped in pain as Yofuzen plunged his sword in her body. He tried desperately to make Selene lose her grip on the one object that will destroy his work. However, Selene was stronger than that. With the ghost of Helios gently touching her shoulder, Selene made her last stand. Crying out the familiar phrase whenever she defeated a nemesis, such as Beryl or the Doom Phantom, the silver glow grew brighter and brighter. Yofuzen's last cry of 'no' shouted out around the castle as the silver light engulfed everyone, destroying what was left of evil, and hurling the rest back to where they came from.

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