Helpful Hints:

"…" – talking

'…' – telepathy talking

italics – different language speaking/cell phone talking

bold – actions within the normal talking

underline – thinking

(…..) – I'm talking

"" – demon talking

-.- - time jump

"" – flashbacks/dream sequences

"" – seeing-the-future talking

"Did we win," groaned out Amara.

"I think so," said a shaken Trista.

Everyone was in a park full of luscious green grass and tall trees. When they came to, they sat up without pain from the fight they were in before. They were shocked to see no wound from a fatal attack by the evil. To their left, they saw most of the heal-hearted villains groaning as they awoke from their deep sleep. However, they could not find Serena and Jason anywhere. They panicked and searched around their immediate area to find their two friends. "I don't believe it," said Konan.

"Selene healed us, un," questioned Deidara.

"It seems so," said Sasori.

"If you are done wondering about how Selene thinks," said Raven, "We need to go and find her and her soulmate."

"Count us in," said Sensui.

The huge group stood up and started to split up. They searched high and low, but they couldn't find Jason and Serena. Hearing laughter, they turned to see a lake that wasn't there before. Being freaked out, they walked towards the lake to see Jason and Serena having a water fight. Yet, something was different about the two. They were in the water, but they weren't getting wet! "Serena," shouted Hermione as she ran towards her.

"Hermione," said a smiling Serena.

Everyone ran towards the two, but stopped dead in their tracks. Hermione ran straight through Serena! All of their eyes widen as Serena smiled sadly at her friends. The sailor scouts demanded to know what was going on. Jason ghostly wrapped his arms around his lover as he too smiled sadly at his friends. Without further ado, the duo told them the final battle between Yofuzen. The power ranger girls cried on their guy friends' shoulders at the realization that Jason was dead. The sailor scouts cursed inwardly at not realizing that Serena would use the Silver Crystal to defeat Yofuzen. "B-but, surely Zeus and the others will do something to bring you two back to life," said a panicked Sora.

"Zeus doesn't have that kind of power, Sora," said a solemn Temari.

"Sis," said Naruto as he stepped in front of his twin, "You better greet all of us when we die of old age!"

"What are you talking about," asked Serena, "You're immortal! You merged with your god-self!"

"According to the memories that I got from Hermes," said Shikamaru, "We may have merged with our god-self, but it doesn't mean that over time, we will keep our powers as gods."

"Then," said Serena, "I guess, 'see you later'?"

"Definitely," said everyone as they saw Serena and Jason look almost transparent.

"Oh," said Serena as she turned back after walking a couple of steps, "Deidara, Sasori, Sensui, Galaxia, Sailor Animates, and Konan."

"Yes," said the mentioned people.

"You have a second chance at life," said Serena, "Don't blow it."

"laughs slightly I'm sure we can handle our second chance," said Galaxia.

Serena and Jason smiled once more before walking towards a blinding light. There was a burst of light that made everyone shield their eyes. When they reopened their eyes, they didn't see Jason and Serena anymore. Everyone looked so sad when their best friends disappeared. "I guess this is goodbye," questioned Robin.

"No," said Kimberly, "We'll see each other again."

"Don't forget to write to us," said Amy.

Everyone said their goodbyes and separated into their original groups. It wasn't until several years later that they all met up in the same place of Jason and Serena's final farewell. Harry told everyone that Dumbledore was shocked to see all of them alive when they went back to Hogwarts. He was beyond shock to see Voldemort's wand destroyed in front of him. Robin told the others that the Teen Titans expanded to more than thirty people. What shocked everyone were Amy and Taiki. Amy was married and pregnant with Taiki's child. "Congratulations" were heard throughout the groups. "Do you think that Jason and Serena are happy wherever they are," asked Trini.

"I'm sure that they are," said Adam as he placed his arms around her shoulders.

"Look," shouted Kuwabara as he pointed at the lake.

Everyone turned as saw the after-image of Jason and Serena smiling at the group before disappearing once more. They thought they were dreaming as everyone pinched themselves silly. However, that was not the case as there were some screams of pain from the stronger pinches. Everyone turned to each other and smiled. I guess they are watching over us, thought Hotaru as everyone started to play a game of flag tag, separating into eight teams.