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Under A Moonlit Sky

Chapter two

The battle had ended, and the village was in ruin. Not only that but many ninjas and villagers had been killed. Rock Lee had made it back to the village hoping that Tenten and Neji hadn't died in the battle. A fourteen-year-old spiky headed blonde with blue eyes, name Naruto stood next to his two companions, Sakura, a pink haired girl with emerald eyes, and Sasuke, a black haired boy with black eyes.

Sakura walked up to Rock Lee and tried to reassure him. "I'm sure they're fine, Lee-san."

Rock Lee didn't even look at Sakura. He just kept looking ahead at the entry of the village hoping to see them. Suddenly, Naruto, who was pointing at the entrance, yelled that someone was coming.

Everyone who was near got in battle position and took careful precaution as the silhouette of someone who was carrying something on his back approached the village slowly.

After squinting and focusing on the silhouette, Rock Lee yelled, "It's Neji! And Ten…" His voice trailed off as Neji came into view carrying Tenten on his back. By the look on Neji's face, Rock Lee and many of the other ninjas knew immediately what had happened.

As Neji slowly walked through the gates, he suddenly fell to his knees. Everyone rushed over to him and Tenten. Many of the ninjas picked Tenten off of Neji's back and placed her gently on the ground, while others tried to help Neji back onto his feet. Rock Lee pushed through the crowd of ninjas and saw Tenten's motionless body on the ground.

"Neji…what…what happened?" Rock Lee had a hard time getting the words out of his mouth as he looked over at Neji and back at Tenten again.

Neji just stared at the ground, not wanting to say anything, but he opened his mouth and told what had happened.

By the time Neji had finished telling what happened, Rock Lee was on his knees crying, hating the fact that he could be there to help his friend. 'Tenten…she's gone.' Rock Lee shut his eyes tightly as more tears fell down his cheek. Sakura and Naruto cried as well, for they had been good friends with Tenten as well. Then a higher ranked ninja came over to them and told them that there would be a ceremony for all of the ninjas who had perished in the battle. Some of the medic ninjas carried Tenten's body on a stretcher and carried her off to where the ceremony was going to be held. Many of the ninjas had left for the ceremony, including Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. The only ones who stayed where they were standing were Neji and Lee.

"Neji. We should go too." Lee said quietly to his friend as he turned around to head for the ceremony.

"Lee…what happened to Tenten was my fault." Neji said.

Rock Lee stopped walking and turned around. Neji continued, "If I had just stopped her from going, she wouldn't have been killed."

"But…none of us would have known that she'd be killed. Even with her injured leg. She usually always does well even if she was injured." Rock Lee said trying to console Neji in any way.

Rock Lee's consolation didn't seem to comprehend into Neji's mind. Neji looked at the night sky.

"When I saw Orochimaru's shadow behind her. I could have done something. Like run to her and protect her, push her out of the way. Anything! But all I did was just stand there!" Feeling anger flow through him, he hit the object closest to him, which was a rock, and split it in half.

"Neji. Again, it's not you're fault." Rock Lee said stepping towards Neji.

"How would you know!" Neji barked, causing Rock Lee to step back. "Because of me she's dead! She's gone…" Neji's eyes burned even more now and soon tears were rolling down his cheeks and his body was shaking. Here he was, the great Neji Hyuuga, crying like a child. When Neji thought about it, he hadn't cried like this in a long time. The only time he could remember crying like this was when he found out that his father had died.

"Neji." Rock Lee said and bent down to the ground next to Neji. "We should go. Although I don't like saying it, it'd be you're last time of seeing Tenten. So we should go and send her off, don't you think?"

Standing up now, Neji nodded. He had stopped crying and tried his best to keep it that way as he and Rock Lee walked over to where the ceremony was being held. The land stretched farther than the eye could see, with mounds of dirt where the ninjas' bodies were buried underneath, which were their graves. Tsunade stood in front of everyone on a stage. In front of her was a podium made of stone. She made a speech in honor for all the ninjas and citizens who had died in battle, and to those who had survived. The speech lasted for about an hour. Afterwards, everyone was able to visit the graves of their families, friends, classmates, and teammates.

Of course, Neji found out where Tenten was buried and went to her grave. Rock Lee accompanied him and other ninjas like Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke came along too. They all stood near Tenten's grave and cried like so many of the other older ninjas were doing. Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Shino, and Kiba came later on carrying flowers with them.

Sakura looked around and asked, "Where's Hinata?"

"She said that she had to visit other ninja's graves and that she'd come by later." Kiba answered.

Everybody took some and gently placed them on Tenten's grave. Eventually everyone left except for Neji and Rock Lee.

"Lee…you can go if you want. I just want to stay here a bit longer." Neji said looking at Rock Lee.

Rock Lee understood and nodded his head and left. Neji stood there alone. He got down on his knees and staring at the little stone with Tenten's name engraved on it.

Neji took out a little, pearly white stone out of his pocket. Letting out a forced, but small smile, he said, "You always said that it reminded you of me. And that stone was your good luck charm. I really appreciate it…that you let me keep it whenever we fought in battles. What you told me before this battle started, I'm sorry that I never answered." His voice fell into a whisper as he said, "Tenten…I loved you too."

In the shadows, Neji didn't realize that he wasn't the only one in the cemetery. He was being watched by a pair of pearly white eyes. As those last few words were said, tears fell from those pearly eyes and down the person's cheek. As the Neji got up, the person fell deeper into the shadows of the trees and night. Once Neji had left and was out of sight, the person emerged from the shadows. The person was a female with short blue hair and pearly white eyes. She wore a light blue top with dark blue pants.


She turned around and faced the cemetery. As she walked to the grave of her friend, she carried with her a backpack. She made it to the grave where Neji had been a few minutes ago and read the stone with Tenten's name on it. Taking out two little cups out of her backpack, she placed one on each side of the stone and placed two candles in each of the cups. She lit up one of the candles and carefully lit the other candles. The flame didn't last long, but little strings of smoke rose into the air. Soon the grave smelled of cherry blossoms and the girl placed a bunch of flowers on top of all the other flowers that were already lying there. When she had finished, she got up and bowed. Picking up her backpack, she made her way out of the cemetery. Instead of heading back to her place, she walked towards the gates of Konoha. She turned around and took one last view of the village. The glow and light from the moon made the village look beautiful, even if it had just been through a war. Wiping the remaining tears off her face, she turned back towards the gates and made her way through it, and continued walking into the forest away from her village, her home, her family and friends. But most of all, from the one that she loved.

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