A darkened grey wolf looked down at the fox as he spoke to his distant kin, his voice echoing throughout the horizon.

"Even though we may look similar, act similar and even have the same habits, you are not my brother- you will never be one with our tribe!"

"You were adopted by others, not your own species- and that is a great taboo." snarled the lupine beast, his gold eyes glowed an almost harsh dusty yellow.

"Get out, you are now not one of us, you're a scavenger."

The rusty red fox looked up at the great 'brother', his furry lank body panted as above in the untouched azure sky; a great white female bird soared just beyond reach…

And as the animal watched the graceful creature, he swore he would get revenge on his brother, the Wolf… The fox's name was Lite, and his brother was called Dracut.

"Look, master," pointed out the dark curly-haired girl assistant to the evil King, "He stirs," Fie Kung's voice echoed as he stared at theawakening boy in the glass tube, the teenager's eyes were slowly adjusting to the light.

There was a gleam, an almost maniac gleam deep within the young boy's eyes that didn't even seem to frighten the cold Fie Kung, thebrazen King of Flying. All those months watching Syaoran's group had finally paid off…!

But there seemed to be a slight thing to adjust… Where was the water going to be? Clearly the boy couldn't breathe in water...?

"Drain the water," the Flying King commanded as immediately there was a snap of glass breaking… So he didn't need to drain the waterytankafter all, he noted with a sly grin.

Where am I…? What are those blurry things in front of me, they look strangely familiar. Like a face, yeah that was it; they looked like cruel faces looking at me- like I was a creature to be stared at...

I definitely don't want to be stared at, I want to get out! I'M GETTING OUT! The two strange things kept staring at me expectantly as soon as I breathed fresh air, panting.

I flashed them a pure deadly look, a look that told them to stay away from me. Stay away from the danger that lurks for them. Just then the old thing started talking to me slowly and clearly...

"Do you know your purpose, O dark and demoted one, one of the assistants?" Such long words I never knew…

The thing looked like a bag of bones so I decided to tell him.

"You look like a bag." I yelled at him, spitting the words between my sharply formed teeth- teeth that flashed.

"Your purpose," he continued, as though he didn't hear me, "is to find the one who looks like you- provided that you know what you really are. His name is Syaoran Li, and he must be destroyed at all cost. He is a dangerous foe to us of the kingdom."

Images rapidly spun through my mind, a creature that was completely grey- and memories that were half formed in my tender mind. I decided to ask the worthless person my next question.

I pressed onwards.

"And what do I do with this Syaoran? What is my true name?" The old thing grinned unfamiliarly. "You kill him, taking the powerful girl as a prize for me."

"And your name is Kitesune Lite. Your true form is not your current form..."

"And you must find that out for yourself." True form, what did that mean? But I must do his bidding...

So I knelt down as I prepared to shift my form. Suddenly I felt myself smoothly changing into a fox…

It is done, I am Kitesune Lite. And I will definatelymurder the one called Syaoran Li, even if it takes me all my half-long life...!