Kitesune Lite

Author's Notes: I'm sooooo extremely sorry for the lack of updates! I've been busy wiriting other fanfics (including one with 19 chaps). I hope you all like the beginning of this chap! I will update this shortish chapter again when I have time :D YAY.

Lite 'whistled' cheerfully under his breath, passing like water through the crowds of Liaten. His disguise was working as perfectly, he was literally a fox amongst the flock. The crowd unnerved him so, but he let that fear slide past. So what if they were close? Closeness gave protection, the Kitesune reminded himself, and he needed that dearly. Despite his solitary nature, the foxlike human longed for the strange humans to disgiuse him. Vowed for the crowd to blend, covering him. This made the Kitesune safe from other thieves.

Besides his feelings were awakening, a kind of late-blooming happiness that he never knew he had. It amazed Lite, the capability to love creatures other than himself. Perhaps it stemmed from knowing Desert Princess was safe from the original Syaoran - or the emotions of currently human form he was occupying. Anyway, he let his alert thoughts ease as he travelled. As he went along, Lite tucked the note the Sakura had written into his pocket. It was a long list of ingredients the Kitesune is unfamiliar with. He scented the pugent fishy breeze, sniffling eagerly the smells of the market polis.

It was an enjoyable experience. He heard the crowds mill about, braying and shouting.

Without knowing it, the boy was singing lyrics that came directly from his new emotions. And that gave him a deep satisfaction that could never be quenched. He drank deep of the liberating feeling, and inwardly rejoiced. but something white and round was pulling at the corners of his green hood, looking contented. He looked up, a flash of annoyance crossing his face. White bunny creature just sat there on his head - stuffing itself with large dumplings, size of his fist. He let that instinct slide off, Lite must compose himself.
"Mokona likes! Mokona LIKES!" The Mokona cheered happily.