Okay, sothis story re-writes the movie on the basis "there's no five tickets, but six", but this one is slightly different from Mary Sue. The new character is a guy I created for an original fiction, and who's definitely not the "super-customized character", on the contrary, he has many horrible defaults. Well, you'll see that by yourselves, but I need to put a disclaimer: this story is a horror version of the movie, with some violence, cruelty, snakes,and a very, very evil Wonka, so if you don't like it, you might not want to read it. And, just a precision for plot purposes: in my version, parents won't accompany their children inside the Factory, and the Golden Tickets are put in the bars by a machine, and not by Wonka himself. Okay, let's get on !


"I'm going to the park, Mom !" screamed five-years old Violet Beauregard while opening the front door.

"Be home at three," replied the mother's voice from another room, surely from the Beauregard Hall of Fame, where she was polishing Violet's Junior Pie-Eating Contest First Prize, the 125th trophy of the little girl's career. "Don't forget you've got to train for the arm-wrestling challenge !"

"Yeah, yeah," the girl mumbled as she left the house and made her way to the park, "the challenge, another challenge..."

Sometimes, she would get really pissed off by all this endless competition, but that wasn't easy to explain that to her mother...

She arrived in the park and looked for her friends. As she was always overstressed by competition, she passed her nerves bullying her classmates, and for so, she didn't have many friends. Very few, actually. But she had many, many enemies.

It was a hot summer day, and almost all the kids in the neighborhood were playing here. Among them, many were her usual victims. As she looked around, she noticed a small group of skinny four-eyed boys walking toward her. She smiled, sadistically. These guys were her favorite targets. She would have much fun taking them on...

"Hey, pinheads ! What are you doing here ? Aren't you home, with your eyes stuck into somewhat stupid book ?"

In response, they came closer and smiled. What did this smile mean ? Did they turn crazy ?

"My dear Violet," one of them said, "we're so glad to see you. We just had a request."

"A request ? What kind of request ?"

"We ask you to respect us and to ask for our forgiveness for all the beatings you've done to us."

The blond girl laughed her head off ! It was certainly the funniest thing she's ever heard !

"What did you just say ? You want another beating or what ?"

"I see... so you refuse ?"

"Not only do I refuse, but I'll give you a punch or two for lack of respect."

"I advise you not to do that."

She didn't reply. She didn't see the use. Bullies don't speak that much. So, she just clenched her fists and approached the guys to give them the beating of their life, when the front guy smiled wider and said:

"Too bad !"

The boy had one hand behind his back, and when he saw her approach, he threw her the thing he was holding. When she saw the object flying toward her, Violet first didn't understand what it was. It was long and green, like a field rope. She caught the thing in the air and realized it was hard and hot. Whatever it was, it wasn't happy to be held like this, and started struggling furiously to break free. The little brute came worried, until she heard a strong and angry whistling from the "green rope". There, she got really panicked: it was a snake ! It would bite her and she would die poisoned ! With a yell of sheer terror, she dropped the animal and ran away to home, letting a group of hilarious boys behind her: it was the first time in her life that she ever saw a snake in reality, and she couldn't know that the thing that was "threatening" her happened to be an inoffensive grass snake...

Miss Stella Beauregard was attentively cleaning her old cheerleader sticks, in her living room, when she heard the front door being slammed wide open, and a panicked high-pitched voice caught her ears:


The blond woman raced to the entrance to see her daughter in tears in front of her. The little girl immediately jumped on her mother and hugged her tight. All of her muscles were trembling, her heart was beating like drums in a heavy metal concert.

It's okay, she thought. Mommy will protect me from bad boys and ugly snakes. I'm safe, now.

"Violet", said Miss Beauregard to her terrified, sobbing daughter, "what's going on ?"

"He tried to kill me ! He wanted to bite me and kill me !"

"Who ?"

"The snake ! The snake, Mommy, he tried to kill me ! Mommy, I was so scared !"

"The snake ? You mean you were afraid of a snake ?"

The girl nodded. In response, her mother pushed her away and yelled:

"What's that scaredy-cat behavior ? Violet, you know what a snake is ? It's just a big worm ! You disappoint me, Violet."

"But Mommy..."

"There's no Mommy here ! I don't want you to become a pathetic timid creature. Fear is for losers and losers only. You don't have the right to be afraid. You'll do twenty more pushups for this."

The mother got back to the living room, letting a sad and disappointed little Violet here. Why was she grounded like this ? She did nothing wrong, she was just afraid of a snake ! Her teacher said that everyone was afraid of something, everyone ! But not her. Cause she was a winner. She couldn't allow herself to be afraid of something. Already, in her young brain, a promise wrote itself: she would fight fear. She'd never let fear invade her again. Never again.

Five years later, in Atlanta, State of Georgia, one month before the Tour:

Snow was falling hard outside, but she didn't care. Violet was standing, barefoot, dressed in a kimono, in the middle of the fighting area. Around her, five of the best karate masters of the city were laying down, unconscious. She had kicked them away in less than twenty seconds, and she wasn't even tired. She wasn't afraid when the fight began. She didn't feel the fear anymore. Five years after her promise, she had done it. She had managed to get rid of her fears. All of them. At least, that's what her mother thought. Because the little girl didn't want to hurt her mother's pride by telling her the truth. By telling her that there was only one, a basic and primal fear, that she had never managed to get rid of: her deathly phobia of snakes...