Chapter 2: Hokage's Orders

Once the group reached the Hokage's manor, they were ushered in immediately. Tsunade was there waiting for them. She smiled and greeted them. "What's this business about?" shouted Naruto. Sakura quickly responded, leaving a rather large and painful lump on his head. Tsunade's smile faded and her face turned into a sullen frown. "I asked you to come here because I have an important mission for you. It's a B-class mission.A find-and-rescue mission with bodyguard duties."Kakashi sensed that something wasn't right.

"Exactly where are we going?" Kakashi asked. Tsunade motioned and an attendant handed her a map. She unrolled it and pointed.

"You will be going to the Village Hidden in the Clouds. A recent uprising has deposed theruling princess and she is being held captive for execution in a small castle there."

Kakashi raised his eyebrows. "Interesting. Very Interesting," Kakashi thought. Tsunade rolled up the map and stood.

"I wish you luck on this mission. And Kakashi-" she said. Kakashi turned and looked at the Hokage. "Be very careful," she finished. He nodded and ushered his students out. As soon as they had left, Shizune turned to her and asked, "Lord Hokage, I thought that mission was S-classed..."

Naruto howled with delighted. "Yaaaa! We got a mission. Important, she said. Oh yeah!" Sasuke frowned with contempt at the overactive blond. Kakashi's eye (the visible one) turned into an arch, the indication that he was smiling. "Well, I suggest you all get prepared and get a good night's sleep." he said. They nodded and walked their separate ways. Kakashi turned his head back to Tsunade's and frowned. Yes, something was up...

Nightshroud: S-classed! Why you lying- oooh! Almost got carried away! Hmm...this mission isn't all it seems. What is the truth behind it all?

Kakashi: I'm the main character? Wow, I got my own story!

Nightshroud: Uhh...yeah.