Missa: and the recreating begins

Megan: Sucks to be you



"Mind Speak"

Specific word


"Hahahaha, finally I can get those brat's kids for always ruining my plans!" The Dark Sorceress smiles wickedly. She finally found the solution to her long hours of planning.

She must team up with another who also is having a hard time with brats. Lord Voldemort didn't know it yet, but he will help her victory. The Dark Sorceress smiled evilly again. This time it would be successful.

She knew that the Three Mages of Avalon's children would go to this school called Hogwarts but that school seems more locked up than the gateway to Avalon.

"I will get them this time!" she yells into the darkness, her animal teeth bared and her green snake eyes glared at the nearest guard. "Get my foreseeing pool." She says coolly. The Dark Sorceress regains her figure with a quick flick of her blonde hair. Her lightning streak kept behind one ear.

"Let's see what I'm up against." She smiles again. She gave one last cackle into the darkness.

"Mmmmaaaaah…" I let a forever lasting yawn escape my lips. I wake up slowly and start to blink rapidly. A moan next to me made me jump. I look under the green covers and find a rather unusual husky. He's my dog of course and his bronze and creamy white fur waves at me when he kicks. Also a pair of bronze wings stuck out from his shoulders.

My jewel around my neck glows slightly as it hits Tucker's gold jewel in his color. My jewel was round with brown and green colors always swirling inside it. I found mine in the magic glade.

"Ow! Tucker wake up." I try to yell but a croaky voice takes place. "W-what?" he asks. "Time to wake up." I reply. Already I was heading to my closet in search for some clothes. I grab a pair of blue jeans and a plain black shirt from the fairly large closet.

On the wall hung a mirror. Looking into it I check my tan face. My untidy long black hair and light brown eyes stared back. I'm half Native American, so it being the summer made me even darker.

You probably want to know who I am, right? I'm Melissa Char'day, a girl who has amazing powers. I discovered them two years ago when I was fourteen. I am still learning though, it's rather hard. I have the ability to transform into any animal. Mystical or normal. Pretty neat if you ask me.

I'm not bragging but I can't help but be thankful. I also can control a little bit of earth. Only barely though.

Of course I'm not the only unusual person around. My friends, Rachael and Lena, have abilities too. Rachael is an illusionist. Not only an illusionist but one that shows only your fears and can even make them happen. Lena has a knack for potions and water. It isn't like some witch potion but- no, wait it is. It's a rather odd ability but she knows how to make any potion.

Her water power is low in power like mine.

What's even weirder is that my mom and theirs know each other before we were born and what's weirder is that we get along. It's not as weird as magic I suppose though it's still weird.

My mom inherited a preserve and now takes care of it and the many creatures in it. It use to be barely known but it then spread and now it's like Glacier National Park. I have the job of tours though, not fun unless you like people. Which I don't.

The home next to it my parents turned into a 'barn' for some of the more domesticated animals or ones that are ill. We live in the Ravenswood Manor which rocks by the way.

I blow out the remaining lit candles and open the large window from next to my bed. Sighing as a warm breeze hits my face. My view was of the forest and I could see mostly everything. The city faced the other side of the house.

"Melissa! It's time for breakfast!" mom calls loudly from the first floor. Her yelling ability is scary. I have no idea how it reaches the third floor. On the last and fourth floor is a room no ones aloud in but her and her friends. Talk about privacy.

"Tucker, fold in your wings and please keep quiet." I plead to my dog. He smiles a doggish smile. "You know I will." I just glare, not trusting him one bit.

Running down the spiraling staircases with Tucker behind I can't help but pant. That's a lot of steps! "Good morning." Mom smiles from her seat while she enjoys her pancakes with the newspaper. Dad, also known as Zachariah, was making pancakes on the old stove and smiled a greeting, "Nice of you to make your presence here."

"Haha, you're so funny." I smirk, taking a seat with a plate in hand. "Pancakes please." I ask him. He rolls his brown eyes and plops a stack of pancakes on it. I give a squeal of glee and grab the syrup bottle happily. Tucker was taking another nap at my feet next to mom's big dog, Dreamer.

"Once your done eating could you please do the chores?" mom says from next to me. She took a sip of her cappuccino and glanced at me once from the newspaper.

"Sure, if I must." I say, giving dad a look of 'do I?'.

"You must." He teases, flipping a pancake with grace. I groan silently and continue to eat the delicious pancakes. Once done I head outside.

My chores are mostly outdoor chores and I like it that way. I have to care for all the animals in the barn, refill bird feeders, take care of the garden, and sometimes mow.

Tucker already was running ahead of me, snapping at some rabbits near by. I walk in the brown house turned barn and smile at the greetings of hoots, growls, whinnies, ect. From the animals. "Hey guys!" I smile. Grabbing random animal food I get to work.

Grooming, feeding, watering, healing, and petting takes a lot out of you. I had to do the rest though so that Lena and Rachael could come over. Though even if I didn't finish they probably would anyway.

After an hour of garden work I heave a sigh of relief and glance at Tucker. He was playing in the grass where a doe her baby were eating. They paid no attention, knowing they were in haven even if he was there. Tucker, seeing that I'm done, pounces onto me playfully.

"Great, now I'm even more covered in dirt!" I pretend to scowl. "Ah, don't be that way." He whimpers. I grin widely, running back to the house with him right at my heals.

"I beat you!" I laugh loudly. He scowls. "I let you win!"

"You're such a little lair!" I tease. We make our way to the large living room where mom and her friends were in an intense conversation. I stand at the door silently and press and ear to the doorway. "We have to tell them someday!" says Emily, Rachael's mom. "It's bad enough they don't have any guides!" says Kara, Lena's mom.

"Just a little longer, they'll be so angry…" mom says fiercely. "You were always angry at your parents, Adriane, maybe it's passed down." My dad jokes most likely to lighten the mood. With the silence I'm guessing mom glared at him.

"Melissa's at the door." An unfamiliar voice says. They hush suddenly. Embarrassed but I tried to keep looking innocent and naïve. I walk into the awesome room and smile widely with Tucker next to me. "Hey everybody, figuring out if your going out tomorrow?" I ask.

Kara's large pet cat, Lyra, stared at me, with an almost knowing look. I shift uncomfortably in the silence when Kara laughs. "Of course, they want to watch a boring movie again!" she smiles. Everyone nods slowly with weird fake smiles.

Emily held her talented ferret closely and was blushing madly. She looked guilty. Being the good kid I am I leave. "See you guys later, I'm gonna call Lena and Rachael over."

"Bye sweetie," says my mom. Dreamer, Ozzie, and Ariel (Emily's turquoise and purple snow owl) gave me the same stare as Lyra. What in the world were they talking about?

Missa: Short yet simple. Next is 'The Letter' and we get to meet Lena and Rachael! And most likely more.

Megan: Whoot!

Missa: oO I thought you didn't support this.

Megan: I don't but the look on your face was worth the whoot.

Missa: -whacks head with stick- grr.