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Chapter Eight:

Already in September, school has become insanely easy. Thanks to my earthly jewel and lovely wand I was unstoppable! Well, sort of. Those catch ups are pretty intense sometimes.

Also, Harry is so… tired, I guess, all the time. Ron and Hermione are also worried just as much as I am. He's gone, though, every once in a while to catch up on sleep. I think it's mostly stress. I don't know what he's stressing about but it doesn't seem to be doing him any good.

Still, it is becoming rather eerie that nothing has been going on. It's like, for once, no one wants to rule the world!

Now that, my friend, is an AMAZING feat.

Oooh, the biggest news of the whole year though. Lena has finally gotten around to making a portal to Ravenswood, which, may I add, isn't smart to make in the girls dormitory.

Elaine, our strange Sepilan friend, is here at Hogwarts! Of course she has to stay at Hagrid's because there's this weird policy about having large animals in the school.

Strange, yes?

We're all on our way to see her now. These hills are going to be the death of me. I cannot feel my legs, not a good sign I'm sure.

Even Ron, Harry, and Hermione are interested. Except I'm pretty sure Ron's nervous with meeting something that Hagrid became fond of. I swear that boy must have had some bad times at Hagrid's.

Walking down the gravel road to Hagrid's Lena decides to open her mouth. Why is still unknown.

"You know what I just realized?" Lena asks us, hands in her pockets.

"Pigs in fact cannot fly?" I reply sarcastically.

She stops and stares at me. "They don't?"

I roll my eyes, "Continue the question…"

"Oh! Well, its just that I forgot that maybe the animals at Ravenswood were still coming through the portal." That actually is a good question.

Rachael speaks up instead. "No, I had Willow fix it."

"Willow?" I ask, peering over at her.

"Your cat?" Hermione stares in wonder at Rachael.

"I guess. I wasn't there. She just said she would handle it." Rachael blushes a deep red.

We drop it as we see a grazing elk/fox creature in Hagrid's vegetable garden. Is it okay to eat in his garden? God knows what's in there.

Lena and Rachael squeal with delight as they see Elaine. I'm officially deaf now.

"A little louder you guys. You could almost be heard in the Slytherin common room." Ron mumbles. Elaine looks at us. "Who are they?" she motions her large head at Hermione, Harry, and Ron. "Friends from school." I smile. All three give me a weird look.

"What?" I look at them strangely back.

"Who are you talking to?" Harry asks.

Realization hits me. "Oh yeah, you can't talk to magical creatures… hmm, well this is new…" I rub the back of my head nervously.

Rachael and Lena were chattering aimlessly with our strange friend. Elaine had what seemed a smile plastered on her face. "Did you miss us?" Rachael asks excitedly.

"Of course! It's rather dull trying to get everyone situated away from the house. There's no order once you're gone." She replies. "Is our parents okay?" Lena wonders.

Elaine pauses, not sure how to answer. "I think so… I see them often enough to know I guess."

"Yay!" Lena smiles broadly, her blonde hair bouncing along with her.

Hagrid appears from the small hut. He has a strange black creature in his hand. Of course, it's the size of a small dog to us.

"Hagrid, what is that?" Hermione runs over to see. A small, blunted snout peeks from under his thumb. We all walk over to see it.

"This is Jabber. Shy little fella, ain't he?" Hagrid smiles as Hermione puts her hand towards the peeking snout. It instantly went back. "He's the next assignment for class tomorrow." He says to Rachael and me.

Compared to the other creatures we've studied, this thing was the most harmless one. So far.

"What is it though?" Hermione inquires again, trying to coax Jabber from Hagrid's arm. From here he looked like an extremely fluffy pillow.

"A gargoyle, of course! How could you not recognize it? It was mentioned in the book from third year's classes."

As if on cue, Jabber shifted his self and two furry and yet still leathery looking bat wings sprouted up. He finally looked up too. A fox like face peered at us with two sorrowful pale pink eyes. Two small spiraling horns were poking out of the fur.

The gargoyles I heard of were ugly and turned to stone during the day. This gargoyle was so cute. So painfully cute.

Jabber shivered with fright at us.

I nearly melted. The poor thing is scared! All four of us girls awed at him. He quickly put his face back under. "Why are his eyes pink?" Ron points at the baby gargoyle. Leave it to a guy to judge another guy wearing pink.

"Al gargoyles have pink eyes. Some people think it's because it shows they're vulnerability." Hagrid answers with his deep, booming voice. "The girl gargoyles are suppose to have a blood red color, being the dominant sex in this species and all."

"I'd hate to have pink eyes." Ron says, petting the gargoyle gently. I take a better look at the eyes. "They look almost translucent, Ron, so they're barely pink. Besides, I even don't like the color pink and I think this male gargoyle actually pulls it off." I retort sourly.

Ron leans over to Rachael, "Is she always so huffy about stuff?" Lena answers instead. "Yeah, pretty much."

"I do not!" I am completely shocked that Lena is agreeing with this!

Harry smiles playfully, "You actually do, Missa."

"What?! That- that is so not true… Harry, that's so mean!" I fake an anguished whimper.

Harry chuckled softly and returned to his conversation with Hagrid. The nerve!

In my defense, or so I think, Jabber suddenly bites Ron's hand.

"Ow," he jerks his hand out of Jabber's mouth, giving it a shake, "That really hurt!"

"Serves you right." I grumble, taking Ron's place in petting him. I immediately got a soft purr. I smirk at Ron, "Someone here at least is good with animals."

Elaine, still grazing, comments, "It's what you do, girls…" So, what's her point?

"Is there more?" Rachael asks from beside Elaine. Hagrid shakes his head, "Gargoyles are hard to find. I was lucky just to find him." He smiles brightly at the fuzz ball.

Seeing the setting sun I immediately feel that adrenaline rush. Damn Professor McGonagall and her strictness. "Well, I hate to leave you hanging Hagrid," the statement left him confused, "but we have a curfew so ta!" I give him a brief hug, very hard to do by the way.

"Thanks for taking in Elaine!" I smile. "Not to worry, she's in safe hands." He smiled back. Aww, he reminds me of a younger Santa! I hope that doesn't offend him…

Hermione, Harry, and Ron say their good byes to Hagrid while Rachael, Lena, and I say our goodbyes to Elaine.

"We promise to come back tomorrow!" Rachael promised.

"I try to make those weird blueberry tarts that you liked from last summer." Lena proposed.

Elaine chuckled gently within our heads, leaning her own on Rachael's. "You girls spoil me!"

"Who else will?" I question, throwing my arms around her large brown neck. She still smelled like cinnamon sticks. Mmmm… lovely.

"Bye!" We yell as we all start the climb back to the castle. Up the wretched hill again…

Back in Stonehill, Pennsylvania, Adriane Char' day sat in an exquisite red puffy chair; plotting. Even at the age of thirty-five she still looked like the same old Adriane. (Just add on the wrinkles and stuff)

In various other seating arrangements was her old dear friends Kara, Emily, Ozzie (who is still a ferret), Goblin Prince Lorren, (now Kara's husband) Merprince Marlin (now Emily's husband), and Zach (now Adriane's husband).

Lyra, Ariel, Dreamer, and Drake (who had his face forced through an open window) were also there, staring at a pacing Kara.

"Omgosh, omgosh, omgosh!" Kara whined frantically, "My baby's in some strange exotic land with witches and wizards and by the looks of things, being hunted down by the Dark Sorceress!"

"Ah, reminds me of our good ol days…" Zach says dreamily to which Kara throws a glare at. If looks could kill…

Emily didn't look any better but she held herself together. Marlin sat beside her. "Why are they going now?" he asks, mostly to himself. He too was perplexed by this 'Hogwarts' deal.

"They're fine, Kara." Emily says, trying to comfort the Blazing Star.

"I just cannot believe we didn't know about this right away," Lorren says, his green face between his even greener hands. He almost looked like he was going to pass out.

Adriane was the only human concentrating on this situation. Stroking Dreamers ears with one hand and examining the letter in another she tried to put this all together.

Headmaster Dumbledore of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sent the mages a letter of their daughters, explaining that they were there and why.

First thought was it was another trick from the Dark Sorceress or the Spider Witch but neither has been seen for years.

'Why didn't she tell me?' Adriane thought angrily to Dreamer.

'Did you ever tell your parents?' he counters back. Over the past couple years he has gotten pretty smart, like most people do.

'No… though I tried!' she answers. 'Maybe…' she didn't even finish the thought. Adriane bolted up, startling Zach and Dreamer. "We need to tell them." She boldly states.

Kara stops in midstep, "Tell them what?"

"What we are! How do we expect them to tell us about themselves if we can't tell them what we are?" she replies.

Lyra laughs within our heads loudly, 'I was wondering when one of you would suggest that!'

Dreamer snarls at her, 'You couldn't have told us this earlier?!' Lyra hisses back, hackles rose. 'The mages must learn for themselves, haven't you figured that out?'

Dreamer gave a sharp bark but retreated back to Adriane, glaring at the large wild cat.

"So is it decided?" Ozzie asks, twitching his whiskers. "Yeah, we're going to tell them." Zach replies softly.

Missa: I know, not a great chapter but I had to update someday. The next one should be more interesting, I hope… but I do like how I added the grownups into this. Just my opinion of course…