It's strange and yet so amazing how things have changed in just my life. To think, after thousands of years of war between my people and the Serpiente we have peace. Sometimes I wake up and think I'm living in a dream. Although I had to sacrifice my daughter to those people, at least I still get to see her and my grandchild more than I would had their not been peace. Had she, dare I say it, died with the rest of our family.

When I was a young Avian I grew up just knowing war and how to hate anything to do with a Serpiente. I, like many generations before me, married the Alistair chosen for me when I was young. He was a nice raven. Curtis.

Curtis and I had three children together. Because of the war I had lost not only him, but also our daughter Mara and our son Xavier. I wasn't the only one who had lost so much. Many people had been lost in the war, on both sides. The Serpentine had lost their Diente and four of the royal children, if you don't include the unborn child of the girl Sisal.

I remember when the first signs of peace came uninvited into our kingdom via the youngest Cobriana, Irene. She came to ask us to meet peacefully in neutral grounds. The peaceful lands before the Mistari Disa. It was then that the foolish idea was put into the young rulers heads that they should become a Pair Bond.

I tried so hard to get my daughter Danica to change her mind. But she had already become Tuuli Thea, and I no longer had control of her. Then she went secretly to the Serpentine's nest and became Zane's Naga. I was so upset when I found out. I knew she didn't want that. I knew she was just doing it for her people, to spare their lives. But, she was living with the possibility of him striking her whenever he grew angry. Then she came home and announced him her Alistair. I was shocked.

But, luckily for me things changed for the better. Slowly, but surly. They grew to love each other. And, despite all of the problems they faced, they were able to make it through. They were able to keep track of both of the kingdoms and ran them well.

Then Danica came back to Hawk's Keep, nearly dead. But, she lived. It was then that I found out she was with child. It scared me. No Avian had ever had a child with a Serpentine before, and nobody really knew what to expect. I was so worried for her, but she was great.

But, before she had her child, I was granted permission for another Pair Bond, this time he was a crow in the Royal Flight. Gerard. Life started to get happier after that.