You were patient , patiently waiting for the day I would notice you.

But instead I ignored you.

Your voice was so soft like an angels, sometimes I didn't even hear you,
I never meant to hurt you, if I had instead of calling you weird I should have called you beautiful

I always walked by you at most saying hi to you , I was always to busy watching sakura That I never even noticed you.

Everyone knew you liked me but me, that's because I never took the time know you

And now I wish I could make it up to you , Hinata because I love you

Uzumaki Naruto

Ok like I said before this is just a poem to Hinata from Naruto ok I did this out of boredom am also thinking about having Hinata do one to Naruto just tell me what you think and if you feel like flaming me go ahead just try constructive criticism first anywasy review