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Author's Note: This is the sequel to Reload 1, and I'm going to try to make this one better than the last one. Here's the thing, only two people are going to be left,you'll have to read the story to find out who.

The guns I put in the story are real and I don't own them,for real or the people who make them.

Reload 2: The Followers

By:ZombieZapper 101

Chapter 1: The Killing Kankers

(Lee Kanker's P.O.V.)

Man, Nazz is my killing idol, she used the most cool weapons and killed all the people on our "To Die" List and we've been stocking up on weapons and ammo and made a new "To Die" list.

(The List)


(End List)

(Back to Lee's P.O.V.)

After going over the list, we went to our room and went up to a room above our closet to our "Weapons Vault" and got our weapons.

(Charecter Equipment)


Main gun:10 gauge shotgun


Side Arms:9mm pistol (W/Silencer)


Main Gun:M-16

Stealth Gun:Sniper Rifle

Expolsives:C4 and Grenades

Side Arms: .357 Magnum Revolver


Main Gun:Ar-15 and Ak-47

Expolsives:C4 and Grenades

Side Arms:Knife and Hungarian Voros Pistol

Special Guns:Dart Gun and Grenade Launcher

(The Kanker's P.O.V.)

"We're ready!",We said as we cocked our guns.

A/N: This is chapter 1 and the names next to the Kankers names mean the way they specilise in.

Also,Michael is last on the list because he moved to Peach Creak about three monthes when the Kankers thought of the attack. Just submit any suggestions for chapters and when I right Chapter 2, Enjoy!