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Chapter 9: Death to a Kanker (Pt.2)

(Michel's P.O.V.)

We were speeding down the streets towards the trailer park, when Double D raidoed me and said, "We are approching the trailer park, in about one minute." (A/N: They were going about 270 miles an hour)(A/N: They had just re-entered the city, that's how michel made it to the trailer park so the ramp he jumped was about thirty seconds from entering the city, that's why he was so high in the air.) "Perfect!", I said as I saw some old boards in the form of a ramp. "Guys, I'll meet you at the trailer park in a minute, I'm going air-borne!", I said as I headed towards the ramp.I turnedon my turbo boosters and I went flying off the ramp andI was over the trailer park in a few seconds. "WOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOO!" I screamed. I saw the Kankers walking out of their trailer fully loaded, ready to kill anything they see.

I armed my HEMP missles and my .50 cal gattling guns and I pulled the trigger button.

(Lee's P.O.V.)

We just finished getting our weapons ready and were going to set regular bombs inside people's houses and put the dead bodies or remains next to the nuclear bomb. until we started to hear gunshots, we turned around and saw a car firing guns at us, we aimed our weapons at the car and opened fire.

(Michel's P.O.V.)

I just opened fire at the Kankers with my gattling guns, they turned around and started to fire at me. I flipped the switch for my shield and locked on May with two of my HEMP missles and fired. They went straight at her and blew her in half, and the bullets from my gattling gun filled her up with holes.

(May's P.O.V.)(before she was killed)

The car was coming towards us and it fired two missles at me, I tried to shoot them but before I knew it, I couldn't feel my legs and I started to feel constant pirecings on my body. My vision was going black and then the next moment, I was in a firey place and then I saw a sign that said, "Welcome to Hell!" "NNOOOOO!", I screamed.

(Lee's P.O.V.)

May had just been killed, sure she got on mine and Marie's nerves, but she was still our sister. I screamed at who was driving the car, "You Basterd!", and then I opened fire at the car but they were reflected from a shield around it. Right before the car touched the ground, the car door opened and Michel swung around and had a green gun and fired three shots, two hit Marie, blowing her foot and her arm complely off and one blew abowling ball-shapedhole through my hair.

"DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!", I screamed. "Do you know much my freakin' hair treatments cost!", I screamed again, as I pulled out two AK-47s and started blasting in all directions. Michel shot two more shots from his green gun and they both disentegrated both my guns. I cursed very badly and I pulled Marie in the trailer and we shot of the side of the trailer in a armored SUV and sped out of the city.

(Michel's P.O.V.) (After the two Kankers got away)

"Well, that's one down, two to go.", I said. After they got away, Double D and the guys pulled right next to the Interceptor and they jumped out ready to kick ass. "Guys, they escaped, but the good news is, I took down May with the railgun and I have to reload it anyway.", I said as I checked my ammo counter, which was on zero. "We're going to have to go after them," I said as I hopped into my Interceptor. "Suit up!", I shouted as I sped off after the last two Kankers with Ed,Double D, and Alex soon following.

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