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Authors note: I think that Rae and Red X make a good couple. If you don't like it maybe you shouldn't have been looking in the RaexRed X section. Well anyways. TTFN and I hope U enjoy the story.

Chapter 1: Azerath no more...

Ravens POV: Maybe if I didn't go out on that walk none of this would have happened. But I like what my future is now. No more meditation, no more 5am alarms. No more whining emotions. I traded my life for a better one. I'm not saying that I don't occasionally miss the old Raven. So... alone. So out of place. Not that now's any better. (Alone part)

But all this comes later. For now let's focus on the beginning...

"Hey Rae, What's the matter?" BB said. "Nothing, I'm fine." Said Raven. "Why don't you take a walk?" said BB encouragingly. "Take a break from reading." Said BB while handing her the cape she wore that day. " No BB, I don't need to take a walk!" "What's going on here?" Asked Robin. "I'm trying to tell Raven to take a walk because all she's done all day is read that book." BB told Robin.

All the sudden the alarm blared. "Too late for that B, maybe later." Robin said while he ran to see what the problem was. "It looks like we have a jewel theft... Red X." Robin said. "Well let's go!"Cyborg chanted.

When they arrived at the scene of the crime Robin realized something was wrong. "Where is he?" Robin shouted. "Right here..." Said Red X while punching Robin in the back. "Hmm... what have we here? The usual eh? The Robot man... The green monster... The mental alien... and my personal favorite, the beautiful Gothic sorceress.

Raven felt herself blush slightly before attacking. Red X jumped at beastboy and spin kick him in the side. The he jumped over Starfire and threw a freeze disc at her. "Ak!" Screamed Starfire as she started to freeze. "Tsk tsk" whispered Red X. "Your going to pay for that!" Said Robin. "You wish bird brain." "Azerath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven picked up a nearby car and swung it at Red X. Red X dodged the car by inches. He leaped at Raven. He tried to punch her in the stomach but he missed. "Whats's a pretty girl like you doing risking her life out here fighting big bad boys like me?" Inquired Red X. Raven was shocked by the comment. "No, he has a thing for Starfire. This is all a joke... Or is it?" Raven thought to herself. All the sudden Red X pushed Raven down. She landed on her back.

Then he said to her "Maybe you should be thinking about babies instead of killing..." "Azerath metrion zinthos!" Raven shouted. She shot six sharp pinpoints of black energy at Red X. "Oh fiesty!" Red X said to Raven. Robin noticed he was jealous. "No.. I love Starfire. But then why am I so jealous that Red X is hitting on Raven?" He thought to himself. "Well maybe next time Raven... Until then..." Red X pulled Raven close and kisse her. At first she tried to pull away but finally she gave in and returned the kiss. Robin stood wide eyed. Finally Red X pulled away. "See you next time around chuckles." Red X said to Robin. Red X started to run away.

Raven just stood there shocked. Robin went up to Raven and started to say something but Rave stopped him. "Maybe BB was right. I do need a walk." Raven said and started to fly off. Robin started to protest but Raven was already out of site. "Oh well.." Robin said to himself.

On the other side of town Raven saw a rather gloomy cafe and walked inside. She ordered a cup of Herbal Tea. She sat down at a table and started to sip her tea. All the sudden a man in a black ski mask walked to the cashier and held gun to his head. "Give me all your cash NOW!" Said the robber. Once Raven realized what was going on she threw down her cup of tea. "Let the man go, NOW! She said mimicking the robber. " How about no!" He said to her. He lunged at her. It hi her pressure point and knocked her out. "Stupid girl... but she's very pretty..." He said to himself. "I'll be back he said pointing the gun at the cashier. He dragged Raven out to his car... Meantime in the cafe... "Hello? Robin? Yeah this is the "Black Rose Cafe". We've got a problem with Raven...

The robber dragged the body of Raven out to his car. He drove the corpse out to the beach. He threw her into the water. "That ought to about do it." He said. Then he drove off. Ravens corpse floated off. In another hour it landed on an small island close to Jump city. A small cat crawled on Raven and sniffed her for a few moments. All the sudden the cat meowed very loudly. It opened it's mouth and breathed a small shot of blue breath into her. Then it crept away. Raven's eyes flashed open. Just for a momen you could see yellow eyes with slits. "Ugg... What happened? Where am I? Why... All the sudden her communicator went off. "Raven where are you?" Said a familiar but staticy voice. "Even I don't know at the moment..." Raven responded. "Ok, well get back to titans tower." Said Robin. Then it clicked off. Ok... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

Raven tried to take off but it wouldn't work. Once again she tried to take off. But it didn't work. To make thing worse it started. Usually Raven would have loved the rain, but for some reason now she hated it. "GOD WHY?" She screamed. "Well at least it washes off all the mud off my cloak..." She said quietly to herself as she began towards Titan Tower.

An hour later she arrived there. "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" Said Robin.

" I don't even know." she said quietly. "What do you mean you dont know? You have to know!" "Well I don't so will you quit bugging me!" "No, and don't you dare talk back to me!" He said. "What are you, my father!" Raven screamed at him. Out of nowhere he slapped her knocking her backward. All the titans gasped. Robin immediately felt regret biting at him. "Raven..." He said. "Don't you dare touch me!" She said tears welling u in her eyes. "I'm so sorry..." He said to her. But Raven was already running through the halls in search of her room. When she got there she slammed her door. She sank into a corner of her room and cried. Then she realized what she had to do...