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Chapter 8: Kitty Moves

"Uggg..." Raven moaned lowly. "Whats going on, who died?" She looked around. There was a bunch of training equipment laying around, a small T.V. And other essentials. She was bound with a metal pole to a pillar in the middle of the room. She heard a shower going. SHIT! She thought. Then she remembered the night before. Including the kiss. "BLEH!" she hissed while spitting. She had to get out of there.

She looked around. Nothing. This was going to be fun. She began moving side to side slowly. The first layer of wire came undone. Then she threw her chest forward 3 times and she wiggled free of the second layer. She shimmied down the 3rd layer and she broke free. She smiled. Easy as breathing She thought in satisfactory. Suddenly she heard the shower turn off. She looked around for a place to hide.

Shit! There was only a bed. Wait a minute... A window! There was a barred window right above the bed. She hurried toward the window. First she stuck her hand through and began her other hand. "Going somewhere?" A deep voice asked. She turned around. A man with a six pack stood there with a towel around his waist. He had a black mask around his eyes. His hair went halfway to his shoulders. He looked dark. Now Raven might not be Gothic anymore but DAMN. This boy was muscular and in other words HOT! "Maybe." She replied.

She licked her lips and moved slowly toward him. The man smirked lightly. She grabbed his shoulders and looked at him. "Do I..." she said while tapping her fingers on his shoulders. "Know you?" "Maybe." He responded. She had to get out of there. He slowly walked away and turned on a CD player. When he was distracted she looked for an escape route. Damn... There was basically no way out including him being conscious.

She pulled him closer and whispered "Do you want me as much I want you?". He smirked. "Maybe..." He said in a conceited tone. He is SUCH an asshole... But I'm going to have to put up with it for now... She thought to herself. He leaned closer and put his mouth on hers and they kissed. And NOW! She brought her knee up and kicked him where the sun don't shine. His eyes widened as he jerked away. "You bitch..." He managed to squeal. "Hm Hm!" She giggled. She went into the bathroom and found his dental floss and began to tie his hands. "This is why you don't," She kicked him in the stomach. "FUCK WITH ME." She laughed and waled to the window. First she slid her hands and then her the rest of her.

She looked around... again... HA! A motorcycle! She walked over to the and revved it. "Oh, yeah!" She shoved the gas down and hoped on. She took off in a flare of smoke. Her purple hair flew in the wind. Her eyes flashed in the lights. She knew where to find Brian. Abandon Building. Where is the abandon building anyways...

She took shortcuts through alleyways and took freeways. She drove for hours before she recognized the environment. She found the club and ran in. She was still dressed in her robbery clothes. She went to the nearest SUN and bought a black leather mini skirt and black leather boots that went to her knees. Her shirt was a red corset that laced in in the back and had no straps. She put her hair in a messy pony tail and did her makeup Egyptian style. Then she teleported into the club.

Christina Aguilara's voice filled the club. Raven began looking around for X.

Tell me,

Wacha thinkin about when you got me waiting patiently.

In order not to make a scene she began to dance hypnotically. A small circle formed around her. She looked around frantically for X while dancing (Which is very hard may I add). SHIT! I don't see him anywhere! She had to get out of there before he went and did something stupid. She slowly slipped her way over toward the edge of the bubble. All of the sudden someone slipped their arms around her waist. "Paybacks a bitch, princess."