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Chapter 9.

Sometimes you gotta play dirty to get what you want.

Raven kept moving to the beat. She twisted around, facing her mystery partner. He had the shoulder length hair. It was 'slashes'. Unfortuntely she still couldn't see his face. He had on a small black mask covering his eyes. Something was up with this guy. He was almost obsessive. I mean, the kiss in the jewelry store was just kind of makeshift, but this guy knew just how to intimidate her, and he wouldn't leave her alone. What had she ever done to him? (Exept for the whole kick in the sunshine and stuff...) Raven laughed silently. She had a plan.

She began to dance more dirty, little by little. She ground her hips against his, and traced her finger against his back. The song ended but Raven continued to dance. Fighter rippled through the speakers as she made her way as she began more dangerous moves. (To her partner). She pushed him away from her and walked in a circle around him. He walked toward her and tried to grab her but she ducked down and avoided him She pushed her way underneath his legs and quickly got up and kicked him in the ass before he turned around. He landed face forward. She turned him over and stattled his hips. She traced her finger across his chest. Suddenly with her rage welling up she slashed her finger across where the blue slash on his uniform would be. Her nail ripped through his small white T-shirt. It fell off, revealing his bleeding 6 pack. Raven braced herself for the fight to come. But instead, he looked at her smiling. Ravens' smile faded. Something was seriously wrong with this guy.

"Nice try, sweetheart. But I don't give up that easily." He slowly walked toward her. Raven began to panic, until she saw brownish hair and a perfect smile creeping up behind the unsuspecting slashes. She walked toward him and grabbed his waist and traced her finger down it.

"I'm sorry, baby. I just like to play... Rough." She winked at Red X. Slash was too dazed to realize what was happening. She walked away and just watched the show. Red X stood right behind him, but he was too late to realize it. When he turned around Red X quickly punched him in the stomach. Slash fell to the ground, already in pain from the cut on his stomach. People in the club started getting the hint that this was no show fight. It was for real. So now they gathered around and started chanting.

"FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" Everyone in the club gathered around as Nickleback came through the speaker.

I judge by what she's wearing, just how many heads I'm tearing off of assholes coming on to her.

Seems like each night it's getting worse.

And I wish she'd take the night off, so I don't have to bite off every asshole comin' on to her.

It happens every night she works.

They'll go and ask the DJ, find out just what would she say

if they all tried comin' on to her.

Don't think no it's never gonna work.

They think they'll get inside her, with every drink they buy her,

As they all try coming on to her.

This time somebody's getting hurt.

Here comes the next contestant.

Raven smiled and Red X walked by her side. Slash knew he was up for one hell of a fight.

Is that, your hand, on my girlfriend?

Is that your hand?

He lunged at Raven, he had no interest in Red X at the moment. She easily dodged him, holding out her foot in a small attempt to trip him. He jumped over her foot and turned around soon enough to see Red X throw a punch at him. He moved his body just in time.

"So, this is what the infamous Red X looks like behind the mask?" Slash smirked, but Red X looked unfazed.

"I know, isn't it great?" Raven added. Red X beamed.

I wish you'd do it again.

I'll watch you leave here limping.

And I wish you'd do it again,

I'd watch you leave here limping.

There goes the next contestant.

But Robin wasn't ready to give up quite yet. He ran behind Raven, grabbing both her wrists and pinning them behing her back. She laughed playfully and stomped on his foot, forcing him to let her go. She looked at him, winked, and kicked him in the ribs. He fell and slid across the floor. The spectators moved out of his way.

And I even fear the ladys,

Their cool but twice as crazy,

Just as bad for coming on to her.

Don't think no it's never gonna work.

Red X walked to Raven and smiled at her, obviously proud. He held her in a tight embrace, as they kissed, Right infront of Robin.

And each time she bats and eyelash,

Somebodys grabbin' her ass.

Everyone keeps coming on to her.

This this time somebodys gettin' hurt.

Here comes the next contestant.

Robin 'grabbed' Raven. She pulled away, furious. She looked at him, anger flashing in her eyes. Robin couldn't help but laugh. 'It is pretty funny and all, and it felt good. I've always wanted to do that.' He was laughing pretty hard. Half the crowd was whistling and the other was clapping. Some chanted 'BRIAN! BRIAN!' and others chanted 'WEIRD GUY! WEIRD GUY!', and some of the ladys screamed 'ARE YOU GONNA TAKE THAT?'. Raven laughed at their support, all her anger under control.

"I think it's time we end this! What do you think?!" She said, playing the crowd. They all cheered. "RACE!" She threw her arms up dramatically. Brian wasn't nervous, at all. He could beat this punkass any day of the week with little or no fuel. He smirked at Slash, showing his confidence, expecting him to cringe and back out. But not today. Slash had a little trick up his sleeve.

Everyone followed Raven outside, pouring out the doors. Slash and Red X retrieved their motercycles and lined them up on the 2 lane street. Slash got on his bike and put on his helmet. Red X prepared to get on his when Raven stopped him.

"Just what do you think your doing?" She looked at him.

"Racing, you said we should race!" He flashed her a smile.

"I never said you were racing." She hopped on his bike. The crowd cheered at the thought of weird guy and hot girl racing. Slash looked wide eyed at the girl on the motorcyle. This would never work. It was too dangerous for her. But if he backed out now, she would know and hate him forever. He had no choice but to go through with it. Some random girl from the crowd walked up to start the race.

"READY," Robin looked at Raven. She looked confident. She didn't even have a helmet on.