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This is Naruto's thoughts

"This is Sasuke's thoughts"

Now let's get on with the story shall we?


"Sasuke you can get off me now," I said whining. Sasuke smirked and straddled my hips.

"Why would I want to do that my little kitsune?" Sasuke questioned. He leaned down to my ear and I could feel his hot breath and I knew he was smirking. Sasuke held my hands tighter above my head and lifted a hand up my shirt. Sasuke lifted his face from my ear and smiled. I was blushing madly.

"You like that don't you?" Sasuke questioned. I looked at him as he put more of his weight onto me. I could feel his member on my inner thigh. I was blushing even more than I was before.


He smiled and leaned down and we were only a few inches apart –

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Naruto flipped over in bed and tried to ignore his alarm clock. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Naruto was fully annoyed now. Naruto sat up in bed seeing as how he was defeated by the deadly alarm clock once again. He shut off his alarm clock and wiped the sleepiness out of his eyes. It was then that he realized what he was dreaming about. Naruto's eyes widened as he struggled to get the thought out of his head.

Why in the world would I want to dream about that stupid bastard! I'M NOT GAY! But then again he did look hot in my dream and he wa- NO STOP YOURSELF! Why am I thinking like this and about that stupid teme?

Naruto looked down and noticed that his pants were wet. Kuso! Naruto went in the bathroom and took a shower to rid himself of the stickiness. It was then that he noticed that he was going to be late!

"CRAP! I CAN'T BE LATE AGAIN!" Naruto rushed out of his house forgetting that he didn't have a shirt on. Naruto ran through the street's to get to his high school. Konoha High. He ran through the school and bumped into somebody. He fell to the floor and was rubbing his head.

"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING BA-," Naruto was cut off when he saw whom it was that he bumped into. It was none other than Sasuke.

"Want to finish that sentence?" Sasuke questioned glaring at Naruto. Naruto barely heard him because he was to busy looking Sasuke up and down. Wow! Is it me or does Sasuke look sexy today? WAIT A MINUTE! I didn't just think that! And it was true. Sasuke was wearing a black beater with a black blazer on top, he was also wearing some black jeans and black sneakers to match. Naruto could feel a light blush creeping on my cheeks and looked away.

"Are you that much of a dobe that you did get dressed properly today?" Sasuke questioned. Naruto looked up at him and saw him smirking.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto looked down and noticed he didn't have a shirt on. He blushed even harder and Sasuke just eyed him funny.

"Here. I really don't need this," Sasuke said as he threw him his blazer. Naruto grabbed it and looked at Sasuke. He looked even better now than he did before.

"Thanks," Naruto said clumsily as I slipped it on. Sasuke smirked and he walked off bumping shoulders with him. He glared at the back of his head and headed off to his own class. Naruto walked through the door and headed straight to his seat. He looked down but then looked out the window just day dreaming and just thinking.

Why all of the sudden do I have this feelings for Sasuke? Why can't I just be normal like everybody else and like who I'm supposed to and not that stupid teme? What the hell is happening to me? I need someone to explain this to me before I go INSANE!

"Sasuke," Naruto whispered aloud. It was then that a shuriken nearly missed his face and hit the back of the wall. Naruto was stunned but looked up at his teacher.

"Thank you for joining us Naruto. Can you please stay with us during the class?" Kakashi-sensei said. He nodded and looked at Kakashi for a solid minute and then looked back out the window. He heard absolutely NOTHING that Kakashi was talking about. Class ended and he was gathering his book bag and then ANOTHER shuriken nearly misses him. Naruto looks up at Kakashi noticing that he's motioning for Naruto to come towards him.

"What's with the shuriken Kakashi-sensei?" I questioned.

"If I don't throw the shuriken then you don't pay attention. Not that it worked because you were busy looking out the window daydreaming!"

"I'm sorry,"

"Naruto, your grades are slipping and I really don't understand why,"

"I have a lot of things going on okay?"

"Well if it keeps going like this then you're going to have to need a tutor,"


"Get your act together Naruto," he said. Kakashi walked out the classroom and Naruto stood there stunned.


Naruto walked out of class and he didn't notice that Sasuke was standing right outside grinning.

"If that stupid dobe needs a tutor then maybe I can get Kakashi-sensei to acknowledge me as his tutor. This should be fun!" Sasuke walked to his next class eager to see Kakashi when he could.

Naruto walked to lunch still a bit upset that he might need a tutor for his stupid class. I can't get a tutor! I already have to deal with this shit with Sasuke and now I might need a tutor? Why can't my life be fucking easy! Naruto sat down at a table by himself and put his head in his hands. He couldn't think at the moment and wanted to just disappear off the face of the planet.

"What's wrong dobe?" Naruto looked up to see Sasuke staring at him. He looked back down not answering him and Sasuke smirked. Naruto was fed up with everything that was going on with Sasuke even though HE didn't know it. Sasuke walked over to Naruto and bent down next to his ear.

Naruto felt his hot breath on the outer shell of his ear and shuddered. Sasuke noticed this and smirked. "I don't believe how much I can make him move!"

"What's wrong Naruto?" Sasuke asked again. Naruto looked up at Sasuke who was standing so close to him now. Oh god Sasuke… Naruto leaned into him and Sasuke smirked.

"SASUKE!" Sasuke growled as he pulled back and looked towards the noise that was formally known as Sakura. Sakura ran towards Sasuke and clung to his arm. He growled as she lunged onto him.

"Sasuke! I was looking all over for you! Where have you been? Have you been avoiding me?" Sakura questioned annoyingly.

"Of course not Sakura! Why would I avoid someone like YOU?" Sasuke said the sarcasm nearly dripping from his voice. Sakura smiled at him as he said this and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Um… I should go," Naruto said as he gathered his things and walked out of the cafeteria. Sasuke watched his retreating back and gritted his teeth at Sakura. "Damn that Sakura!" Sasuke shook Sakura off of him and made his way towards Kakashi's room.

Sasuke knocked on the door and smiled as he saw his former teacher. Kakashi smiled right back at him and gestured for him to come inside.

"Sasuke! What brings you here? I haven't seen you in so long ever since you left my class last year,"

"Hey Kakashi-sensei… I was wondering if I could talk to you… you know about one of your students?"

Naruto walked out of the cafeteria and into the field that was near his school. He needed to be away from everybody and that was the only place he could think!

I don't understand what's been going on lately! I mean Sasuke isn't like my best friend but he's also not someone that I could like! I can't be gay! I'm failing and now I might be gay too? Great! How the hell am I gonna explain that to everyone?

Naruto sighed and picked up his bookbag back on and walked to his next class, which was again with Kakashi. Great! I get to get MORE kunai thrown at me!

Naruto was walking to his class and saw Sasuke walking out of the room he had to go into. Why was Sasuke in my room? He doesn't even GO to my class.

Naruto walked inside disregarding Sasuke but little did he know that Sasuke was smirking knowing that his plan was going to work. "Naruto has NO idea what I'm going to do!" Naruto walked into the classroom and sat down in his seat behind Sakura.

"Okay class! Today we will…" of course Naruto blocked him out again for the second time in that day. Naruto looked towards the window and saw a bunch of young ninjas training outside. He smiled as he remembered when everything was that easy.

"NARUTO!" Naruto jerked his head back towards Kakashi and smiled a bit awkwardly.

"Yes Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto said laughing nervously.

"See me after class!" Kakashi said as he went back to the lesson. Naruto looked at him and sunk down in his chair. The rest of the class Naruto did his best to pay attention. After class he went up to Kakashi and waited for him to acknowledge him.

"Do you know why I wanted to see you Naruto?" Kakashi questioned.

"Nope, sorry can't say that I do," Naruto said folding his arms across his chest.

"Naruto, you know perfectly well why you're here! You just feel like being hardheaded!"

"Hey wait a minute! You're a teacher! You can't say that to me!"

"Well I'm sorry but if you don't want me to call you hardheaded then why don't you just PAY ATTENTION!"


"NOT ENOUGH TO PASS!" Naruto was about to retaliate but then he shutup and looked at Kakashi.

"I'm going to assign you a tutor," Kakashi said

"Who is it? Sakura-chan?"

"Nope… one of my old students, Sasuke," Kakashi said smirking behind his mask.

"Who did you say?"

"I said that your new tutor is Sasuke,"

"You can't be serious! He isn't even in this class!"

"Yes that is true but he had the highest marks last year! And he's always on Honor Roll!"

"But that isn't fair!"

"Do you seriously want to argue with the person that handles your grades?"


"Okay then," Kakashi said as he packed his thins up. Naruto still didn't like the idea but he couldn't exactly say anything.

CRAP! I can't have Sasuke as my tutor! I will be getting tutored… but not in what I need to be tutored in!

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