Forgetting. It was one thing they never taught her.
They taught her many things. They opened minds to her.

His voice was closed. His mind was open to her.
She wished minds were closed to her. He said,
never forget. His hand closed tightly around hers.

It was snowing. They walked in the snow.
She walked slowly. He walked faster.
She was dragged alongside. It was always snowing.
It was always cold. And he said, never forget.
Never forget. She forgot it was snowing.

She wore red clothes once. She wore red shoes.
The snow was red. Her shoes were red. They walked in the snow
which could not cover the red. She walked faster. He walked slowly.
He dragged her alongside. His hand clenched tightly around hers.
She saw things she could never forget.

She wished her mind were closed.
His mind was open to her. He said,
this is all your fault.
It was the one thing he taught her.

It became her obsession, forgetting.

Author's Notes: The Drakengard series has one of the few instances where I feel the antagonist actually received a fitting and well-executed punishment (that does not involve dying. That's just too easy of a solution). Of course, this can probably be chalked up to the fact that few heroes are as cruel and unrelenting as Caim (heck, he beats some villains in that department too) and wouldn't have the heart to carry it out. It's a pity cavia copped out on it at the very end.

I was trying to achieve a somewhat manic effect; my sis says this came out sounding like a Moebius strip XD;