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Seeing people always having a place to go at night, a place where there's a bed and a warm fire, a place that there's always someone that's glad to see that your home really pissed me off.

I'm tiered of people going home at night with a smile on their faces, when I sleep in the cold, alone and with only hatred in my heart.

I hate them all for this since this is all their fault. They were the ones that shunned me thinking that I was the demon that killed many of there loved ones.

But I'm not that demon, so they should be happy and they should think of me as a hero, because if it weren't for me they would have all died by the paws of kyuubi.

And if it weren't me that had the kyuubi was sealed inside, would they treat that person as the treat me now? I bet they would. And because of that they disgust me.

I thought that by becoming a ninja the pain and anger in my heart would go away. So as planned I graduated the academy and became a ninja. But that's where everything went wrong.

I thought that I would feel better. But instead I feel as I feel before, maybe even worse. Because I was placed in a team where everyhone had a place to go to at night and sleep at.

And I, naturaly, remained alone with more anger filling me every day.

Every day I endure seeing not only the filthy villagers go home with a smile on there faces but also my team members.

This, for me, is too much to endure.

I hate them all….and I hope that one day I will be able to get my revenge.

My name is Uzumaki Naruto and Im a homeless person, I live of of garbage, and I sleep on tree or on benches. I don't hope for much. And I don't ask my self a lot. Except for one thing.

Will I make it to tomorrow?

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