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Chapter 2:

It was early in the morning when naruto woke up falling to the floor from the tree. It was 6 n the morning to be exact for the sun was starting to come out. That day was a shiny day and everything was alive and well except for Naruto. He had huge bags under his eyes that were black as night and his hair was less shiny and he was totally tierd ( you could tell by the way he acted).

"Hungry" he said walking up to the garbage can he used yesterday. He found one piece of candy and a half eaten fish. He took them quickly and ate them as he started his way to the training field where he was to meet his sensei and team.

He had finally gotten there where he noticed that Sasuke and Sakura had already gotten there but he didn't care he just didn't care of anything anymore and he didn't know why but he felt good so he had decided that he was going to stay that way no matter what.

"Oh my god Naruto are you that stupid to even forget to sleep last night."Sakura said with a snarl at Naruto.

"I don't care" was all naruto said towards the very rude comment.

"Oh so now you finally stay quiet! Thank you god for this blessing!" Sakura said as she had her hands up in the shy like people do at church.

"For gods sakes Sakura your worse then Naruto so shut up for once" Sasuke said finally shutting Sakura up in an instant.

'Whats wrong with naruto! I mean I know he went home last night I mean I told him to so he went and what did he do there did he train! God is he that stupid that he will ever beat me' Sasuke thought to himself in his mind.

"I don't care what you say Sasuke and let me tell you that if you need to say something regarding me how about you just tell it to me in my face huh?" Naruto said turning away.

After an hour of waiting narutos bags disappeared but the rings around his eyes remained he looked very I mean very creepy in them. Anyways as I was saying after an hour of waiting kakashi finally showed up.

"Ok I see you are all on time very good that shows that as ninjas you understand you duties." Kakashi said as he dug his nose more in his evil porno book blushing every now and then.

"Naruto I would like it that when I speak you are turned around looking at me" kakashi said not knowing what he had just said. Naruto though as instructed turned around and looked up at kakashi sensei.

Kakashi quickly looked up the book at naruto to see if his student had done as he was instructed.

"OH MY GOD!" Kakashi screamed as he saw the black rings around narutos eyes.

"What is there something wrong kakashi-san" Naruto said with out any emotion showing in his face.

"Naruto you know what how about you go home and sleep for a while… like 2 days yeah that should do it and umm buy some new clothes these look like if your some homeless kid and hello if you were I would have noticed I mean, you would have rings around your eyes you would eat out of garbage cans and you would totally not have a hou-" kakashi said without being able to finish for Naruto had run away.

"Naruto you come back here before Ill make those rings around your eyes permanent" Sakura screamed at nothing and seeing that Naruto didn't come back Sasuke and kakashi got a little worried.

"Was it something I said" Kakashi asked the rest of the team.

"Il go look around my house for I think I saw him run that way" Sasuke said as ran towards the compound quickly hoping that naruto was not going to do something stupid.

After a while of running he quickly got to the compound and started the search for naruto.

"Naruto where are you?" he screamed at the top of his lungs, but got no answer. He just kept on looking around for about an hour and then he found him, he wasn't in the Uchiha compound he was in front of the monument with the names of the people that died in action were written.

"Its all my fault!" naruto started to say with out knowing that Sasuke was there and listening to him.

"Its all his fault, its his fault that the villagers hate me and that Im homeless." He continued to say as he was taking punches at his stomach.

"Its all this damn demons fault and I cant do anything about it!" he finished saying as he fell unconscious on the floor. That's worried Sasuke a lot for one he didn't know what naruto was talking about and 2 cause he had just fallen unconscious to the floor. So Sasuke quickly went over there and picked him up taking him to his house understanding better what and why naruto was digging in the garbage for.

'He's homeless and he didn't tell anyone for he didn't want there pity. And I thought I had it bad. What a dobe for not telling anyone I mean he's going to kill himself like this is if he keeps on doing this to himself.' Sasuke thought to himself as he ran back home so he would take care if him and maybe if he was lucky make to hokage make naruto stay with him.

Once he reached his house he went straight for the bed and put naruto in the bed making sure that he was covered and felt his forehead.

"He has a fever why aren't I surprised?" Sasuke said.

So Sasuke went and got a wet cloth to put on Narutos head. Once he was done with that he went into the kitchen making some food for himself and naruto when he woke up.

After an hour of waiting for naruto to wake up he finally did.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked not knowing where he was.

"Your at my house" Sasuke said to naruto making naruto jump a little since Sasuke practically came out of no were but once he saw that it was Sasuke he put his head back on the pillow and relaxed.

"Why didn't you tell anyone that you were homeless?" Sasuke asked.

"Cause they didn't need to know!" Naruto said with out showing any emotions.

"And why didn't you tell us that you hold the kyuubi" Sasuke asked. This shocked naruto for he didn't know how Sasuke got to know about the demon he held with in him.

"How ….. did…. You ….?" Naruto asked a little paralyzed.

"When you were unconscious you kept on muttering something about the kyuubi so I took a wild guess on all the clue I had gathered and fell to end up with the answer that you were the wielder of the kyuubi" Sasuke said acting like Sherlock Holmes.

Naruto looked down ashamed.

"And for that I decided that I'm going to ask the hokage if you can live with me for I think that you out of all people deserve some to live with (As I said before this isn't yaoi so don't think it)" Sasuke said as he noticed right away the quick change of expression on Narutos face.

"So you want me to live here with you because I have a demon in me and your not scared of me?" Naruto asked as a couple of tears ran down his face.

"Yes naruto I do want you to live with me and not because you have a demon in you but because you're my friend and I'm not scared of you I mean your still a dobe so there's nothing to be scared of" Sasuke said as for the first time in many many years he smiled. And with that they both cracked up laughing.

"Come on dobe I had a lot of food for us by your truly me." Sasuke said making naruto get out of bed and run to the kitchen starving. He then started cracking up again for what he had just seen naruto do as he went down stairs towards the kitchen.

Once he reached the kitchen he saw that Naruto was already there and had done the table so there were plates and all the things you needed to eat with.

"Wow Naruto I didn't know that your that hungry but you need to calm down you still have a fever" Sasuke said acting kind of fatherly.

"Fine dad can we eat yet I'm starving" Naruto said acting like a 8 year old.

That made Sasuke laugh under his breath as he started serving the rice to Naruto with the rest of the food. Once he was done serving Naruto he gave him his plate full of food and noticed that Naruto was waiting for him before eating.

"Wow I didn't know that you had such good manners Naruto" Sasuke said as he put his plate down and started to eat.

At that moment Naruto started to eat but not as Sasuke would have guessed for Naruto was eating normally and politely.

Once they were done Naruto took everything back and started to wash the dishes.

"Theirs no need to wash them and you have a fever so go back to bed and I also have to go to the tea and tell them about that I found you and also go to the hokage so please stay in bed and don't wash the dishes." Sasuke said as he went towards the door also hearing naruto put everything down and go back to bed where it was warm.