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Chapter 1: My Single Dream

Some people say that dreams are mearly things that come to us when we are asleep, they have no meaning. Some think they are signs or our colorful imagination. But I think that maybe dreams are all those things, maybe. Dreams can give people comfort to hard days, or they could be the complete opposite. Whether it's a dream or nightmare, the question that remains is why do we have them? I have tried to figure that out for a long time. Lets just say that my life wasn't as perfect, or actually my family life wasn't. My mother and father already had my sister, Cassandra. My father wanted a boy, but of course they got me. My mother said that she only wanted two children so that it wouldn't be as hectic. My father wasn't pleased with me nor was my sister. I was the...accident. On birthdays they would never do anything for me, I would have to do everything myself. But my mother was the one who made me feel a little special. I'm getting ahead of myslef now, I was talking of dreams, but I'll get to that in a few.

We were on vacation to Bucharest, Romania. Of course I found it a little interesting, but dull. I was 8 at the time and my sister was 17. The city was alright for the time being, but I wanted to explore, see things that no one has ever seen. It was a bright summer day, the wind chilly and trees swayed. My father and sister were out that day, spending time with each other, while I stayed and rotted in our hotel room. My mother was resting and I stared out the window, until I finally had had it with the color green. I was staring at the grass, you can't blame a girl for being bored. I went over to my mother and siad, "Why can't we go out somewhere? I don't want to be cooped up in this place." My mother smiled and sat up on the bed. "Arielle, your father will have a heart attack if we go somewhere without telling him." "It's not fair! I want to go somewhere too! They get to go to other cities in Romania, and I'm stuck here!" I remeber that she out her hand on my shoulder trying to comfort me. "I guess you are right. Your father plays favorites all the time, and you're stuck doing nothing for hours on end. How about tomorrow just the two of us go somewhere, wher they haven't?" My blue eyes lit up that those very words. "YEA! But where?" "How about we go to a place called Transylvania?" I inced closer to my mother, waiting for her to carry on what I hoped to be a story.

"5 hundred centuries ago, there was a king that ruled over this land. He was feared, and he was known to be a bloodthirsty man. He impaled his victims and prisoners of war." "Who is it mama? Who?" "Vlad the Impaler, also known to the world today by Bram Stoker, Dracula." I knew that name somewhere, I just knew. Ever since I was little I watched horror movies, my favorite being Dracula. "Mama do they have castles there?" "Yes they do. How would you like to go?" "I would love to! But like you said can it be just the two of us?" "I promise."

That day I knew it wouldn't be like anyother. I could tell my sister was a little jealous since all she did was glare at me. Transylvania was beautiful. Meadows and flowers with rivers, it was like a dream in itself. I loved it so much, I felt like I actually belonged somewhere. But the village, was dark. Onions were hanged above doors, and crosses were everywhere. It seemed as if everything was rotting away. The sun did not shine there, not anywhere in this village. The people stayed inside with locked doors. I couldn't help but feel a strange presence, but we moved along. There weren't that many castles, maybe two or three. Once we left I felt as if something had flown out of me, but I didn't know what.

My father was waiting for us outside the hotel. My sister had her arms folded over each other, still glaring. "How about we go for a walk, the four of us?" I was reluctant to go, but I had fun with my mother so I decided to go along with them. It was evening now, the stars shining like white balls of fire and the sky pitch black. The silver moon was covered by clouds and it was silent. For a few minutes I didn't see my sister, and a feeling of dread came over me. I was so far away from everyone, and yet I heard something that they didn't. "Mama I think we should leave, something doesn't seem right." "Get a grip Arielle. You can go back if you want to," my father said pushing pass me. I did go back, and I saw my sister with a man wit blonde hair. He was holding something in his hand, maybe a gun, but I didn't know that. I saw my sister casually walk to them, but I couldn't hear the exchanging of words.

Soon I heard six shots in rapid succession, then all was silent. The man bolted out of the forest, blood on his shirt. I ran to the forest, finding them dead. Crying and sobbing for my fallen family, I ran to the police. Over time I haven't been able to figure out what happened and why. Some say that my sister planned on killing the family for money, but I knew they were wrong. She wouldn't kill her father or mother, but maybe to get rid of me. I think that it's stupid, since she was the favorite, and why she would want to get me? Me of all the people...

So I guess this did have nothing to do with dreams. Well actually it does. After the incedent I was put in foster home after foster home. With this I had a single dream, the same one. It all started the day I finally had the perfect home and meet nice people. I lay in my bed the first time it happened, this single dream.

I felt free for one thing, dancing in a long white gown. I looked older, for a strange reason, and I had a silver mask on. I was dancing with a man, one that I didn't know. I was shy and reluctant to go near him, yet somehow he made me feel safe. His black hair was put into a ponytail that was in a gold clip. He had icy blue eyes that were so...magnetic. We were facing each other, hand in hand. I felt cold, but when I touched his hands I felt warmer. He brought me closer to him, and he kissed my hand. I felt myself blush, and he smiled. I put my hand on his right cheek, carressing his skin, and he would kiss my hand again. "Let me take your mask off my love. Let me see you..."

At that point I always wake up. Everytime I have that dream, I feel so safe. As I keep having it I get more confident and I feel as if I have known him forever. I feel loved and sometimes I feel like I'm not an accident anymore. I just wish that one day, I could actually feel like that.