chapter 26: Happy endings

Life with Dracula has been wonderful, and very exciting. Our love life is exoctic...if you could say that, and damn is he hott as hell. It's been three wonderful years since he turned me into a vampire, his queen. I do miss America, my home, New York. Dracula always asks what it is like there, New York. I tell him, it's the most beautiful place you could ever go to. The summers can be hott, spring is beautiful, autumn is on the chilly side but when the leaves change it's beautiful, but I find winter to be the best. The snow gently falling in New York City, Time Square. The sliegh rides in the park and watching ice skaters skate around a huge Christmas tree. It's beautiful, but dreadfully cold, but I doubt I will be able to see it again, no matter how I wish it. We have three wonderful children, suprise isn't it to have children with a man such as he, but he is soooooooo worth it. I love him, and I love them. Our first ones are twins : Chantall Yvonne, and Vladislaus Michael. Chantall looks like me except for her eyes which look more like her father everyday, and she has his cunning personality. Vlady on the other hand looks more like his father, with my sweet side and his father's quick wit and anger. Our other child, Rochell Desiree, has his black raven hair, my ocean blue eyes, and she has both my artistic ability and her father's seductive side. I am greatful to have them, and I am on the way for another child which happens to be a boy.

Dracula is proud in everyway, especially in his first son. I know that they are still young, but he teaches them in everyway possible. I don't miss the old days when I was depressed and angry, maybe even evil, but when I'm around my loved ones I feel like I can be myself. I know now that I am not a mistake anymore, I have my new life, my family and a wonderful husband. I don't have that single dream anymore, now I have different ones, wonderful ones, never a sad or horrifying one. I'm happy and so is Dracula, but he seems to be acting very odd.

Dracula's POV

My life is wonderful and I have the most beautiful woman by my side with three gorgeous children. But Arielle seems sad, maybe even missing her home in America. From what she is telling me, New York sounds wonderful. Myabe for a little suprise we will stay there for a month as a family and explore. Little Vlad came to me this morning excited about the trip. I told him not to tell his mother about any of it, until I told her tonight. ( These kids grow up fast)

Vlad: "Da, can't you tell mama now?"

Dracula: "No my son, I will tonight, I promise."

Rochell: "Daddy pleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeeeeeee tell her."

Chantall: "Yea da, please?"

Dracula: "Well..."

Vlad, Chantall, & Rochell: "Please..."

Dracula: "Alright, I'll tell her, but don't say anything. I want this to be a suprise, and we might be having a new baby so we won't be going until the baby is born..."

Vlad: "Darn. Da, do you think mama will want to stay there?"

Dracula: "From what she has told me about it, I wouldn't blame her. But she will not leave her family behind, I know her all too well."

All three came over to me and hugged me. I loved them dearly, and I was going to tell her. Well I had to, my kids were pulling on my sleeves to hurry up. And there near the fireplace in winter, Arielle sat, baby in her stomach, and reading an Anne Rice novel. She looked so beautiful. I sat next to her, hugging her, and she knew something was up.

Dracula: "Darling, I've been wanting to tell you something..."

Arielle: "Really? What is it?" She gently put the book down on the table next to her.

Dracula: "You know how you've been telling me of New York? I was thinking of going there, all of us, as a family."

Arielle: "Awww, my love...I love you! Come here my little darlings. I'm so happy."

We all went over to her. She had this strange auro around her, a motherly one. We would be going to Ny.

A few weeks later

Arielle had the baby five days ago, and it's a boy! I'm so excited and happy, to hell with it I have so many emotions...yes I know it is unlike me to have them, but I feel like I've changed. Well to get back to the baby, his name is Alexander Raphael. Yes it sounds regal, maybe to some. I love him already and so do the other children. He has his mother's eyes, her hair, and my facial features. He's adorable. Finally the trip to NY is coming, and Arielle is excited. She is her old self, thin and happy. Our children are going to love this place as much as there mother, I hope.

The sights, the smells, though putride, is wonderful in so many ways. Arielle was right, this place is magical. Alex is already talking and walking. His siblings are communicating with him greatly, their love as well as mine and their mother's, is growing. The big city is so busy and full of life. But while we were coming to a street that i cannot remember, Arielle became sad, and then I saw a building. It must have been wher she used to live. We passed it, and We both saw a familiar face. It was her old friend Lyssa with her own family. If you saw the shock on both their faces it would have amazed you. They hugged each other, laughing and giggling of old times. Our children were playing with hers. It was one big happy family, and a very happy ending.